How To Know If An Aquarius Man Doesn’t Like You
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How To Know If An Aquarius Man Doesn’t Like You

Are you into an Aquarius man but not sure if he’s giving you the silent treatment or maybe legitimately doesn’t like you? Here are some things you can compare to figure out whether or not he doesn’t like you.

1. Radio Silence

If an Aquarius man doesn’t like you; he will cut back on texts if not completely stop altogether. He will not call you, he will not write you, he will not visit you, etc.

Much like a Taurus; he’ll ice you out if he doesn’t like you. If you still receive a text every now and then, phone calls or any other interaction; he may just be upset with you or is busy.

Aquarius men keep busy as they want to make sure their career succeeds and that everything he’s working hard for is leading him to his dreams. When he’s busy he sometimes gets to slacking on communication.

So if you aren’t sure if he’s mad or if he really doesn’t like you; if he still talks to you in any form at all; he’s either mad or just busy. It may behoove you to find out by asking him how he feels

The thing about Aquarius men is that if you ask them for truth; they will typically tell you. It’s up to you whether or not you’re ready to hear that truth. They’re good at saying things like “ask me the truth, I tell you no lies”.

2. Unavailable for you

Handsome Man In Hoodie Holding and Looking At Mobile Smart Phone Outdoors - How to know if an Aquarius man doesn’t like you

If he starts making himself so busy that he no longer has time for you; he may have decided that you’re not the right one. Either that or he’s mad. Even though he may be very busy, he will typically make some time somewhere to say hi.

When he keeps making excuses of why he cannot hang out, why he can’t call, or why he doesn’t talk much; he’s probably not into you. If you have been dating and this happens; he’s figured out that you aren’t the right one for him.

Now in the case that you are not dating and you’re just into him; he doesn’t know you’re into him and therefore doesn’t place you as a priority. When an Aquarius man is interested in you; you’ll know it.

He’s sort of straight forward so the best thing to do is just in some way let him know that you’re interested otherwise he may be none the wiser thus ignoring you just due to a lack of ignorance to the situation.

If you’re in a serious relationship with him and he starts blowing you off; you’ll absolutely feel it and know that he’s either trying to get rid of you or he’s really ticked off. Either way, if you ask him; he will tell you.

3. He will no longer chase you

In the case that an Aquarius man had interest in you and suddenly acts as though you don’t exist; he doesn’t like you anymore. Aquarius men do not like being chased as that looks like desperation.

He will typically be the aggressor when he’s into someone. If you find he has backed off and completely cold shouldered you; he’s done. Again though; if he still talks to you but in lesser quantity; either he’s thinking about things or he’s busy.

Whatever you do; don’t try to go after him or grill him. He’ll take this as you chasing him and things will not go well for you. He will at that point ice you out or he’ll chew you out and you’ll never hear from him again.

Aquarius men are not nice people when they’re angry. They use their words in a way that it pierces through you like a spear. The best thing to do is not approach them with any sort of attitude.

The best way is to calmly ask him how he feels about where things are with you two and allow him to tell you. He will likely be honest with you. At that point; you’ll know if he likes you or if he’s done.

4. Analyze this or that

Upset couple not talking to each other after argument - How to know if an Aquarius man doesn’t like you

Aquarius is the champ at over analyzing everything. With that said if you did something that really ticked him off; he’ll pull back to think everything over at several angles.

While he’s doing that he’s likely not to talk to you much; if at all. If this is the case; you’re going to just have to wait until he calms down then try to have a rational conversation with him so he can tell you what he’s feeling.

If he’s analyzed you as a person and how you may or may not fit in his life; he will respond accordingly. That means if he thinks you could work out well for him; he’ll come back to you with open arms.

In the case that he’s decided you’re not appropriate for his lifestyle or future; he’ll either cut you to the core by telling the truth or he will just disappear. It depends on what his integrity level is at the time.

He has his own set of morals and high standards. Sometimes he doesn’t think it’s necessary to tell you that he’s just not into it anymore and you never hear from him again.

5. If all else fails

The Aquarius man isn’t good at being cryptic. Either he will avoid you like the plague if he doesn’t like you or he’ll be a verbal mess and actually tell you he doesn’t like you.

If he does tell you he doesn’t like you; he’ll tell you the exact reasons. That’s the thing about these men. They can be brutally truthful at times and there are occasions where you wish they were less “open”.

There shouldn’t be any time that you don’t know whether or not he likes you. He’ll be really obvious one way or the other. It’s just a matter of what you’ll accept or not.

Paying attention to his normal behavior will help you understand him better.

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