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How to Get an Aquarius Man to Text You and Call You First

Getting an Aquarius man to call and text you first can be difficult if he’s cold and distant, aka emotionally detached. 

But there is a way to get around that.

Known for their keen intellectual nature, leadership skills, and desire for originality and group freedom, Aquarius men are interesting lovers. 

Their unique minds ensure that there is never a dull moment in their little world.

Although dating an Aquarius man can be simple once you establish healthy friendship and genuine interest, I am sharing a few ways that will help you get the connection started, and specifically, how you can get him to contact you first.

Keep reading to find out how!

How to Get an Aquarius Man to Text You and Call You First

1. Build a Friendship 

Before you can have a serious relationship with the Aquarius man, you need to build a friendship with him first.

Did you meet at work, at church, at the grocery store, or through a friend? How you met means a lot to how the relationship can progress and how the relationship began. 

If you can, try to connect with the Aquarius man face to face before you give him your number or start talking digitally (ex: social media, email, text messaging, FaceTime, and talking on the phone). 

For example, if you met at the park, make a point to meet at the park every Wednesday at six until you feel comfortable to expand into something more. 

And if you did meet digitally, try to keep things on the platform that you met for a while.

For example, if you met on Facebook, keep all communications to Facebook until you feel safe sharing more of your personal information.

Give it time to progress (or not) so you know if it is just a fling or if it has the potential to be something more.

As a fixed sign, the Aquarius man is patient and meticulous, he will be impressed by your persistent and considerate nature.

Because of his evolving feelings for you, he will initiate the first move and ask for a way to contact you directly.

Without even forcing him, your friendship first mindset brought him straight to you. 

2. Let Him Know You’re Single 

Letting Aquarius Man Know You’re Single 

Although building a friendship first with the Aquarius man is helpful, it can also be a detriment if he doesn’t know you’re single and thinks you only want to be his friend.

To make sure that your intentions and hard work build a connection with the Aquarius man that won’t go to waste, and to let him know that you want to be pursued, make sure the Aquarius man knows you are single and available. 

When letting the Aquarius man know you are single, you don’t have to make a scene or grand statement, casually mention it during conversation is enough. 

For example, you could say something like, “I’ve had more time to do the things I love now that I’m single.” 

You could also say something more forward like, “In my next relationship, I want my partner to be…”

Once you have planted the single seed in the Aquarius man’s head, he will probably take some time to think about what you said. 

However, the next time the Aquarius man sees you, he may ask you if you’ve ever thought about him as more than a friend. 

If you say yes (and he’s feeling confident that day), he may even ask you if you want to go on a date with him.

3. Flirt With Him 

Flirting With Aquarius Man 

If the Aquarius man knows that you are single and you have a solid connection, and he’s still not contacting you first or reaching out, it’s time to turn on the charm! 

Whether you decide to put on your favorite outfit, your sexiest pair of jeans, or do something fun with your hair, make sure you are dressed to impress. 

Not seeing the Aquarius man in person? No problem. Social media has an excellent solution for that. 

If you follow the Aquarius man on social media, post a sexy picture, and then go like one of his pictures.

Make it obvious to this serious man that you are not playing around. Let him know you want him. Let him know you desire his attention. 

4. Give Him Your Number

If the flirting doesn’t work or if you’ve passed all the other stages, bite the bullet and forget the small talk. 

Be forward with this honest, truth-seeking man and give him your number.

If you’re feeling really bold, you may even go above and beyond and tell the man to text you. 

At first, you may think you overstepped an invisible boundary and turned him off, but give him time to process the fearlessness of your romantic gesture and eventually this wise man will come to you. 

Underneath his rebellious nature, the Aquarius man is a deep lover. He appreciates a partner who is independent and willing to do whatever is necessary if it feels right. 

This type of woman is inspiring to the Aquarius man’s rebellious nature. He will be excited to receive your number and to reach out himself! 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know my top four ways to get an Aquarius man to reach out and initiate contact, what are some ways that you have gotten the Aquarius man to pursue you? 

Share your stories in the comments. I love to chat with you. 

And if you’re curious to learn more about this serious and mysterious Aquarius man, then you’ve got to check out my Aquarius Man Secrets.

Sending you good vibes on your love journey.

Your sister and friend, 

Anna Kovach 

  • I met my Aquarius man on October 17, 2020, on a dating site. We hit it off right away, he continued to reach out to me at least once or twice a week so we can spend time together, we spent New Years with his friends, I had a good time but he was distant and reserved. I asked him when we got back to his place how I felt his mixed signals, he told me he was just tired so I let it go. He continued to give me mixed signals off and on. I know he is going through a lot due to losing his job caused by Covid, and he is stressed trying to find another job. I had compassion and patience for him, he knows I like him so he told me he did not want a relationship so I gave him space by NOT texting/calling him. I have not seen him in two weeks, finally, he texted me Monday, February 1, 2021 evening just to say Hi. I was so happy to hear from him. I hope we can be friends and continue to see each other, I really enjoy spending time with him.

    What should I do moving forward?

    • Hi Blanca!

      Yes that tactic seems to work very well. For some reason they respond better when they are left alone. They do love their personal freedom and so when you give it to them, they come back to you time and time again. Just continue with how you’ve been doing it. Be supportive, caring and remember, when he doesn’t text, wait before you do again. He’ll get there if he really likes you and wants more. Check out my book sometime as you may find it very useful.

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