Aquarius Man With Leo Rising: Who Is He Really?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you met a confident Aquarius who seems to lavish attention? This isn’t your typical Aqua. If he is this way, he may be an Aquarius man with Leo rising.

Have you met a particularly confident Aquarius man who seems to lavish attention? This isn’t your typical Aquarian. If he seems to be this way, he may be an Aquarius man with Leo rising. Read on for more information on this combination.

Man with Confidence

Both Aquarius and Leo are confident types. They know they have a lot to offer the world and tend. They typically actually DO have a lot to offer the world. Aquarius has out of the box ideas that are amazing!

Leo is the ultimate entertainer and social gatherer. The two combined make this man one of the most confident men you can ever meet. Leo rising will make him crave a bit more attention than the normal Aquarius.

Aquarius is very independent and doesn’t rely on others to lift him up. His mojo runs just fine on his own merits. Leo rising makes him want to be in the public eye more and not quite so independent.

This may become a struggle for him from time to time. One day he’ll want to spend time alone and the next; he’ll be frustrated or hurt that his partner isn’t paying attention to him.

Aquarius doesn’t need anyone to validate his existence or his merits. Leo rising, on the other hand, will make him crave a bit of it. When he doesn’t get the amount he believes he should have; he gets unsettled.

This is one of the more rare types of Aquarius. He’s the type that will absolutely try to do things to make you notice his worth. He will want you to stroke his ego and let him know you approve.

Relationships and Being Physical

Couple in love

Both signs enjoy a physical connection with someone they like or are in a relationship with. Aquarius men are notorious for starting up “friends with benefits” without the other person realizing that is what it is.

With Leo rising; he may not do this as much as he’s going to want more of a lasting relationship of which he can his loyal Leo self. He craves adoration but no one’s attention is more important than his partner’s.

This is where they may differ and can cause him to seem like two different people at times. The really good news here is that Leo rising is a very passionate lover and you’ll never want for more with him.

This isn’t an Aquarius trait so much. Aquarius is adventurous and always looking for something more exciting. However, he isn’t as “in tune” with his lover as the long-lasting Leo.

This Aquarius man with Leo rising mix is a very sexually charged and emotional blend. You’ll be a very lucky woman finding yourself one of these for sure. You won’t need much more than him in and out of the bedroom.

Aquarius men do tend to want to satisfy the partner they are with as does Leo. This is a double “yippee!” Does it get any better than this? I’d think not. Who doesn’t want the royal treatment with sex?

Getting Things Done

Aquarius man with Leo rising is all about using his ingenuity to come up with ways to make money and implement ideas that others only dream of. Leo has the get out there and rock it type of attitude.

The two actually combine with this guy and makes him someone who absolutely will achieve any goal he sets for himself. He’ll be able to properly analyze anything that needs a bit of tweaking.

Intelligence is strong with this man. He knows what he is doing and is well experienced in life. No doubt he will be able to knock any problem out of the park if he uses his intellect.

He may be involved in some sort of science job wise. This could be a physicist, doctor, researcher or something else that helps mankind find solutions to disease or any other problem.

What Is the Aquarius man with Leo rising Looking for?


Again, this man’s brain is amazing. It’s also very sexy and his appearance will no doubt match his brain. He’ll be irresistible and beautiful. You won’t be able to help yourself when you see him.

You’ll do just about anything to get his attention. What he’ll be looking for is someone who is original and unique. He doesn’t like the cookie cutter type of women that look or act like everyone else.

He wants to see a woman who holds her own, has her own sense of taste or fashion, has a witty sense of humor, will notice him for his own merits, and will keep up with him intellectually speaking.

Anything else would have him settling. This man isn’t one to settle. He knows that he wants and he’ll do what he has to do to get it. He isn’t one that will be a wallflower that no one notices.

In fact; he’s often the guy that many women fight over. He’s that good, yes. If you are lucky enough to have snagged one of these men; you truly need to hold onto him.

It will of course; help you to learn everything you can about Aquarius. That’s half the battle. He will always maintain the basic core qualities of his sun sign. The rising sign just enhances his talents and perhaps appearance.


I truly hope that this article helps you to better understand the difference between the Aquarius man and the Aquarius with Leo rising man. He’s a bit unique and a bit wonderful.

He has some flaws like everyone but overall; he’s an achiever, a man of success, and a passionate lover. A full package!

Are you in a relationship with an Aquarius man with Libra rising? What’s he like?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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