Why My Aquarius Man Sometimes Seems So Cold?

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Why Does My Aquarius Man Seems Cold?

Why my Aquarius man sometimes seems so cold? Many women ask me why their Aquarius man seem s cold toward people? Keep reading for more information on why the Aquarius man is who he is.

His Ruling Planets are Saturn and Uranus

This alone is a reason why he can easily be detached and at times; unemotional. He’s independent and doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve like some other signs which makes him seem unreachable.

Uranus also rules Aquarius. This makes for Aquarius to be spontaneous or even at times; random. He may be completely unpredictable. This is what makes him change plans when you least expect it.

It’s also what makes him unemotional out of nowhere or when you really didn’t see it coming. These two planets make him hard to understand, hard to read, and random.

He doesn’t like anything or anyone impeding on his freedom. Aquarius wants to do things his way, when he wants, and can sometimes change gears out of nowhere. He may be in love with someone one day and then a week later decides they are not the right one.

This man can be downright frustrating! I’ve had many women write in that are confused or hurt that their Aquarius was so hot and heavy then out of nowhere just stopped responding to their texts or phone calls.

More Planetary Knowledge for Clarity


Now you know why and what he’s made up of. Saturn is a deep impacting logical type of planet. Its job is to make people dig deep into their own psyche and discover what they need to do in order to make life more sufficient.

Saturn doesn’t make it easy for anyone really. It feels like a band-aid being ripped off very slowly. Dealing with Aquarius is much the same, isn’t it? He’s very logical and intellectual. He’s also analytical as well as has a tendency to over think things.

Aquarius man will always be thinking about everything all at once. This sometimes makes him moody or cranky. He can take offense at nothing if he’s not careful. His bad mood makes him say or do things that he wouldn’t do if he were calm.

These men are much like Aries in that he’ll chew you out if he’s mad and then he’ll give you the silent treatment until he calms down. If you try to chase him down, you had better watch out.

He doesn’t play nice when he’s moody and it’s probably best to hand him a snack or drink then walk away. Otherwise, you’re going to hear an earful. If you weren’t the one that tipped him off, he’ll vent about what did.

He Is not Always Nice

Aquarius man will go off on a roll. That means he’ll say what he’s ticked off about then keep adding things to the pile “and then this happened”.. “and then that happened”… “then you did this”… “then so and so did this”.

Now adding Uranus into this mix makes him have varied moods at any given moment in time. You can never really pinpoint what mood he’s going to be in (sounds much like Gemini).

What doesn’t normally set him off suddenly does make him upset. He may also just jump up and take off not telling you where he’s going. Aquarius may text you every single day then one day you hear nothing from him.

He doesn’t like routine and this is definitely a Uranus trait. He wants to live life via each moment at a time rather than always planning things out or allowing life to get stale.

Crazy Combination

Half length of young handsome Aquarius man standing on a balcony outdoor

When you combine Saturn and Uranus both, you get the Aquarius to a “T”. It should make more sense to you why he is the way he is. He has these two planets ruling him and influencing him.

He has other planets that influence him in different ways of course and if you look at things like his rising sign or cusp sign if he’s on the cusp, you’ll see how the data lines up with how your Aquarius guy acts and who he is as a person.

What doesn’t change no matter what his moon is, no matter where his other planets are located, he is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. That will always stay the same and this is who he is.

Yes, he can learn and improve himself for sure as he does still have free will. However; there are foundations of which he has to work with. If he can learn what Saturn does for him; he may be able to use it for the positive.

Watching where Saturn is at any given moment will also give information on what he’s going to go through for the duration of where it’s located. It’s the same with Uranus.

To be with an Aquarius man takes a whole lot of patience, understanding, and openness to his random nature. Knowing he’s not into routine tells you what type of guy he is and what type of woman he craves.

He wants a partner that will be a “go with the flow” type of lady or the type of lady that will understand that he needs to do his own thing when he’s in the mood to thus letting him go without argument.

What He Needs

To survive or learn from his life lessons, he needs the freedom to explore and learn for himself what he can change and what he has to accept about himself. As far as it comes to the partnership, he wants someone who can compliment him and his life.

A woman who is independent, strong, and isn’t moved by his antics will win his affection and heart for the duration. Have your own life outside of him and allow him to have one outside of you. That will be the ultimate in closeness. Even if your Aquarius man seems cold sometimes, he’ll appreciate you as a person and as a life partner.


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