How To Deal with Aquarius Man in a Relationship – Know What He Wants!

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Essential ingredients to making your relationship work with an Aquarius man. Here are some things that Aquarius man wants from a relationship with you.

Aquarians are generally pretty tricky to understand. Aquarius men can be extremely distant, and it’s hard to tell what they’re thinking. It’s probably a good thing to do to learn how to deal with an Aquarius man in a relationship.

These Astrological facts will let you know what’s going on in his head and teach you exactly how to deal with an Aquarius man in a relationship. From the absolute basics of who they are to their deepest thoughts of what they want to gain from a relationship. Keep reading and find out what Aquarius man wants from a relationship.

The Basics

what Aquarius man wants from a relationship

Aquarius men are incredibly energetic, open-minded, and outgoing. They’re mischievous and childish, and always looking for a good time.

They’ll want to be with someone who is similar to them in these aspects of life. It’s not to say that they want to date a clone of themselves, just someone who is interested in what they enjoy doing. This is a key thing when it comes to what an Aquarius man wants from a relationship.

When dating an Aquarius man, try not to compliment him too much. Of course, everyone likes a compliment now and again, but an Aquarius man can sometimes take too many compliments as a sign of obsession, and they’re not typically into that sort of stuff.

Aquarians, do love to be loved, though. If you can casually bring up one of their favorite things to do, they’ll go on and on talking about it. If you make an Aquarius man happy, he’ll always remember you.

Their True Colors

what Aquarius man wants from a relationship

Aquarians are extremely open-minded people. If you’re into something they’re not, they won’t shame you for it; they’ll accept it and ask you to tell them more about it.

They love learning new things. They have unique views that make them seem fascinating to everyone around them.

Aquarius men can come across as distant and cold sometimes, but this is just because they’re deep thinkers. They’re more into the big picture, rather than the details.

Everyone knows that no one is perfect. Aquarians are not an exception. They like to test people to see their reaction. They don’t do this out of spite; they just love to see what their abilities are. They want to know what they’re capable of, and they won’t stop trying to figure out just what that is.

3 Key Points for a Relationship with Aquarius Man

There are things you need to keep in mind when it comes to the Aquarius man when you’re in a relationship with him…

  1.  He takes a while to get comfortable with someone so be patient. Don’t try to rush him or pressure him in any way no matter how frustrated you become.
  2.  Aquarius man wants solitude from time to time. Give him the time he requires or he’ll take it without notice and you’ll think he’s ghosted you.
  3.  Be open to spontaneous activities. Aquarius doesn’t like routine too much and likes to remain open to what adventures he can have. With him you’ll never be bored!

What They Want From a Relationship

what Aquarius man wants from a relationship

Aquarius men are usually attracted to people who have a vibrant glow around them all the time. They want to be with someone who loves life and loves to explore. Coming into a new relationship with an Aquarius man is the best time to truly get to know each other and try new things that you wouldn’t have tried without them before.

Aquarius men tend to be detached at the beginning of a relationship. Their S.O. may be questioning if they’re not interested in them anymore, but that’s not the reason in most cases. Aquarius men are very independent -so independent that they need time alone just to be able to function.

An Aquarius man will look for someone to spend his life with, but later in life. In their early years of adulthood, they’ll want to have fun and explore all their options.

Aquarius men aren’t known to be the dad of the group. They’re fun-loving, adventurous, and all-around great guys, but they’re not ready to be serious with someone until they’ve done everything they wanted to do.

They are definitely the type of people that thinks being in a committed relationship or family will ruin their life. You would think that with all the knowledge they harbor, they’d know that this isn’t true.

Being close to someone in a romantic way will be a new adventure for him. Aquarius men will never tell you if they’re scared, but they might be scared coming into something new and big like this. They will thrive off a relationship, especially if it’s a good one.

How to Compliment an Aquarius Man

Naturally you want to get into the mind and heart of the Aquarius man if you have what he wants in a woman. To do this, do your best to compliment him and make him feel special.

Tell him what a great guy he is, how funny and amazing he is to be with, perhaps even how he makes you feel when you’re in his presence. Aquarius man will eat it up and make him feel as though you care.

When he figures out that you truly understand what a catch he is, he’s going to feel more comfortable being around you and may try to show you who he really is that much more going forward.

He’ll want to hear more from you and feedback definitely gives him a clue what you think of him as well as what you want. Make sure you rake up those brownie points with Aquarius man by paying him homage.


To sum it up, the type of people an Aquarius man would typically go for are people that are similar to them, but also have a secret, mysterious side to them.

This will give the Aquarius an air of excitement in the relationship, and it’ll keep him interested. Be subtle, be flirty, and be adventurous.

You will pull him in, and he’ll stay with you if you two have a good time together. Aquarius men are easy to catch and easy to love. Once you fall in love with an Aquarius man, no one will compare.

What You Should Do Now

If you are serious about getting this Aquarius man to fall deeply in love and DESIRE a relationship with you, you should do two things:

  1. First, leave a comment on this post with the biggest challenge you are currently facing with your Aquarius man.
  2. Take my Aquarius man relationship compatibility quiz here.

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50 thoughts on “How To Deal with Aquarius Man in a Relationship – Know What He Wants!

    1. Hi Aqua!

      Yes they can certainly be very confusing indeed. They are hard to figure out and they require time, patience, and the willing to bend. They won’t do well with someone who is hard to change or is strict on what they will or will not do. It’s highly advisable to read up on as much as you can. I think you would benefit by checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  1. Not sure where I stand. We have a great time together and then he ‘disappears’ only to pop up again and we just resume. He asks why I don’t contact him but when I do contact him I always feel like I am interrupting him and the conversation are short and a bit abrupt. I am a Libra female (first decan) and he is an Aqua male (second decan). I don’t want to appear clingy or insecure by calling texting too frequently but also don’t want him to think I am not interested by not – trying to find the right balance. Not sure if he’s not sure of me…a bit confused but I am crazy about him – he’s smart, thoughtful and I feel like he does care about me.

    1. Wow Lynn I know exactly how you feel. I’m going through the exact same thing and I feel when I try to tell him how I feel he acts like aloof and ignores it but then subtly flirts with me and hints at things so awkwardly. They’re one of the toughest signs to get through too. Super hard to read but if you don’t over think it the sign is clear. They do require patience I’ve noticed that.

      1. Hi Vanessa!

        They can be hard to figure out yes. The best course of action is by playing it cool via text. When you’re in person though, don’t be afraid to ask him what you do not understand. Just know that you may not like his answer but it will be the truth. Communicate properly! You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    2. Same situation, Libra in love with an Aqua, got so tired of being confused I asked him if I should move on and he said he understands if I do. We have not apoken in a week and I miss him like crazy!

      1. Hi Confused!

        Tell him the truth. Tell him you miss him and you’d like to make a go of it but you two have to learn how to communicate better. Tell him to tell you how he feels so that you’re not left guessing. Trust me when you ask him for the truth in how he feels, he will tell you. You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    3. Hi Lynne!

      Ok so you’ve got to relax when you do message him. Act very casual and don’t be so rattled if he doesn’t answer right away or answers abruptly. He likes to discuss meaningful things in person instead of via text message and yes if you don’t reach out to him, he thinks you don’t like him. I know they are complicated guys. You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  2. Wow, ladies I am going through the same thing. One minute taking about future and the next it’s just me texting and I don’t want to come off as a stalker lol

    1. I am feeling exactly the same as you guys. I want to have a solution for this, this is driving me crazy.

      1. HI Loki!

        Same deal. If you read the solutions I’ve provided above to the other ladies then you may get a pretty good idea of what you can do to rope this guy in. Another thing you need to do is learn all you can. It would help you to read more than just my articles. You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    2. Hi Audrey!

      You will not come off as a stalker if you make your intentions clear to him as far as what you want. You also need to be alright with the fact that Aquarius men like copious amounts of alone time. They need a lot of space. Once you embrace that, you can get them to tell you when they need it so they don’t just disappear. You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  3. So I’ve been with my aqua love for 10 years and listen it’s been bumpyyyyyy
    .Leo girl here and in the beginning it was funnnn but after the 6 month mark it gets serious for them and some what for them. Sometimes I had to mirror his actions and did exactly what he was doing while at the same time not come on so strong. Aqua man has alot of secrets which makes it even more challenging because they are always calculating the next move. Patience adventure, good mind conversation is what these guys get off on. When he talks about family and likes/dislikes that’s when you know your on the right track to coming his important person in his personal life. This is the sign that is worth it because once they love you, they will be there until the end

    1. Hi Gia!

      Thank you for writing in and giving your take on experience with the Aquarius man. Yes, they are one that you basically have to fight for or they will disappear. It’s frustrating and not for the faint of heart. It takes a very strong woman to rope in an Aquarius. You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” if you’d like to know even more.

  4. I am feeling exactly the same as you guys. I want to have a solution for this, this is driving me crazy.

    1. Hi Andrea!

      You might read the comments I just replied to above you. I’ve supplied a great deal of information to help solve these problems with the Aquarius man. He’s a pain in the arse I know but he’s also worth hanging in there for unless patience isn’t your thing. You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  5. Be patient all the tips I’ve read work and things are unfolding into the most awesome time I’ve ever had getting to know someone.

    1. HI Alice!

      Yes, patience is the biggest ingredient for having success with Aquarius man. You have to play it cool and that nothing bothers you. Then he’ll eventually come around. He has to have space and free time to himself often until he’s ready to commit. You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  6. I was dating an Aquarius man for 2 years…we never defined our relationship …very hard to communicate with him and everytime we would get in a argument he would tell me I was being disrespectful and he would get on a dating site…He obviously didn’t want a serious relationship but I ended up falling for him and we were together every weekend for 2 years…I don’t think he was physically messing around on me but yes he would go on the dating site not all the time we were together but specially when we argued. Very immature he was 50 yrs. old…we were doing really good for a while and he wasn’t on the daiting site, reason I know it’s because I had a profile on that dating site also. I would check up on him for the most part….well he had another argument and a couple of days later he was back on the dating site…this time I went crazy and told him off about being on the dating site and other things I had bottled up inside me for a while…He got mad at me because he said I was on the dating site looking for men. I couldn’t understand how he could get mad at me because he was also on there…anyway we have broken up since. We got together for a week and broke up again because he saw me on the dating site, he was checking on me and I was checking up on him…That I guess was the last straw for him…He will not answer any of my text, i have asked him numerous times if we were completely done in so many different ways and he refuses to respond to me…I can’t believe he just wouldn’t tell me we were done that’s all I was asking but nothing….I am devastated because I would never do that to him. I would have said something…I asked him at least 5 times. I thought he blocked me but no he hasn’t so he reads my texts and says nothing…we were dating for 2 years…! How can he treat me like that? Like I meant nothing to him at all…we also had great chemistry..! He is not seeing anyone either so I just can’t believe he just won’t say anything at all, he never had a problem telling me what he thought of me before when he got mad…I don’t know if it hurt him so bad me being on the dating site but that doesn’t make any sense because he was also on there..! That’s just being a selfish hypocrite on his part…I think I’m better off without him but I’m in love with him we had great chemistry and alot of things in common. I miss him like crazy..! I have been miserable for like 2 months…I thought he was mad and would get over it and would text me by now but it hasn’t happened so I’m thinking he has moved on…He has given me the silent treatment before but it only lasted a couple of weeks…! This was more serious of an argument. I’m just miserable…

    1. Hi Maria!

      It sounds like you need to be very direct with him to get an answer as to where he’s at in his head/heart. Ask him “do you still want to work on it with me or no?”. That simple. Either he will tell you forget it, or he will say OK, or he won’t respond. If he doesn’t respond within a sufficient amount of time then you can assume he’s done and you will have to move forward. You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

      1. Hi Beth Ann Belshan!

        I am so sorry, it sounds like things didn’t work out? Gosh I hope that you can either repair it or make room for someone else special to come into your life. Please don’t shut down your heart. Hang in there! Wishing you all the luck and love of the universe!

  7. My biggest problem is trying to figure out if I should tell him how much he has helped me grow as a person and if so then how to say it in a text msg. We work together and are friends with benefits but have talked about possibly becoming more oneday. We only talk at work and the majority of it are in text messages.

    1. Hi Erica!

      Yes you should tell him you are grateful for his help and inspiration as it helped you to grow. I think he will absolutely love that. Say it exactly that way. It’s perfect. It may spark up a new direction between you. Go for it! You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  8. Me and my aquarius crush have known each other since Middle School. Its like we always have a thing for each other but we don’t pursue. Except recently we hung out and it was the best time and he said we should so it again and he will message me to hang out, but he hasn’t. how long do i have to wait for this mysterious man.

    1. HI Gab!

      Reach out to him then if he hasn’t reached out to you. Don’t wait on an Aquarius or you’ll wait forever. They have busy minds and can get caught up in other stuff. So tell him hi you were wondering when he’d like to get together. It’s a good and gentle reminder. You might benefit from checking out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  9. I’m experiencing my first Aqua man and as a Cancer who loves consistency and stability this is rough!

    He seems so great and we saw each other practically every day the week we met. He brought up family, kids, etc and said he can see me in his life long term. Then a week later he’s so distant and forgetful and I’m initiating the convos.

    I asked if he was still interested or should I make my exit and he said he’s still interested he’s just moving slow with me because he’s been busy (family/kid talk in the 1st week is slow?). I just said okay cool and haven’t made any contact in about 4 days but what’s next? I don’t want to keep reaching out and seem clingy becauseI value space. But I don’t want him to think he can just disappear for solitude without a heads up

    1. Hi Hanna!

      Alright so he actually did truthfully tell you that he’s been busy. That’s pretty typical. Aquarius can sometimes be a workaholic. They love what they do and they love making money. No contact in 4 days? Not that big of a deal but if you feel you need to then reach out to him and ask him how he’s doing. Try to be casual with it. He’ll appreciate it. If you would like to know more about Aquarius man, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  10. Hi,

    I just got married to the Aquarius man. Its almost an year. He was very good and communicative initially but now all of sudden he has ghosted me and we hardly spend time together only when i say or ask for it… as he has alot of work now days. When I talked to him about all this he says nothing is wrong with us its just I’m super busy now days with work and not giving you some attention, I found out that he is spending alone time too and also watching porn and masturbating but when I confronted him he said he will stop doing it but he hasn’t stopped it yet. coz of this our physical intimacy is also zero now days. It happens only when I initiate. what to do? how to reconnect with him?? I’m 100% sure that he is detached with me and we have 0 connection right now.

    1. Hi Neha!

      It sounds like he could have an addiction problem with porn. When he’s actually blowing you off in order to watch it, he’s not giving your marriage a chance. He feels more emotionally and physically fulfilled with the porn. Porn is normal for most people but when they actively seek it out instead of being with their partner, there is a problem. I would tell him you would like to have sex too so don’t blow you off! Try to bring the excitement back into your marriage by perhaps trying new things, new lingerie, or something that is different than what you are used to. Also check out my series “Aquarius Man Secrets” to reveal more information.

  11. The hot and cold thing is crazy difficult to handle. We have an arrangement set up where certain days were not okay to talk on, because of other commitments we each have and other people who are around us those days, but yet when I don’t message those days, he says he’s surprised he didn’t hear from me. I remind him of why I didn’t message him and he seems fine, but then the same thing happens a couple weeks later. It’s like he completely forget what we talk about, but then he gets upset at me if I do message during times we said we wouldn’t. I feel like it’s a bit of a double standard, very wishy-washy, very confusing!

    1. Hi Anne!

      It sounds like he’s no good at adhering to a schedule. Aquarius men don’t like being told what to do or when. That could be part of the problem. Even if he agreed to it originally, he may be getting bored with it and is trying to change things up. You should talk to him about that specifically so that you two can come to an agreement that will work because this routine isn’t working very well. Try reading my series for more information “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  12. Hi there. Capri girl with aqua man. We both have known each other for over a decade and he finally asked me to be in a relationship with him.

    However, during the first few months, he seems to distant himself which I’m not too sure why. I told him about how i feel but he reassures me that he definitely wants to be with me and to take things slow.

    Being with him as a friend and in love is so different. Like, I’m with someone that I don’t even know.

    Also, keeps telling me he’s busy with work and not able to make plans with me. But when i was his friend, he would drop by to my place and we talked all night. Soo weird of this guy!

    I’m trying to mirror him but of course, I’m not that patient type of person. Some times I’m not sure if he’s sure enough to be with me.

    1. Hi A’isha!

      You never know what a relationship is going to be like until you’re actually in it. It’s definitely different from just friendship. Things change and sometimes it’s good though sometimes it’s not. Yes, you have to get to know the lover side of him as it is definitely not going to be the same as a friend. Aquarius men are typically very busy guys but if he really cares for this relationship, he will find time for you. You will have to decide for yourself if he’s enough of not. Read more about him in my series “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    1. Hi Gianna!

      I am sorry to hear there are trust issues. I don’t know if you mean from him or for him. Aquarius men don’t trust people until they are certain who they are. That takes time. Also if he’s been burned before he will question things a bit more. If he’s the one you cannot trust then you’ll have to talk to him about the issues and flat out ask him what the deal is. Communication will make or break your relationship. You have to fess up to your feelings. Check out my series for more help “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  13. Been in a casual relationship with my aqua guy for a year but I fell for him! Played it cool an never told him! He went distant on me an I called him out on it. Told me he had been in touch with his ex an had to end things as it was fair on me but then told me 99% of the time he wants me! Haven’t heard from him since! What do I do?

    1. Hi Clare!

      Ouch! So he went back to his ex or wanted to. That stinks for you. What more can you talk to him about? Even if he did want to be with you, he got in touch with her and hasn’t talked to you since. I think that is a very clear action on his part of showing you that he is trying something different. If you need the closure though, tell him that you want to know if there could ever be something between you. Either he will ignore it or he’ll give you an answer. You could try telling him you developed feelings and now aren’t sure what to do. He should respond to that. If you’d like to know more about how Aquarius men think, try reading my books on Aquarius Man Secrets.

  14. I’m in a relationship with someone but have developed strong feelings for an aqua man. Initially we had a fun, innocently flirty friendship but that changed as he started flirting more heavily with me months ago. Nothing has happened physically with us, but I have found myself thinking of him all the time. It’s all very confusing for me because I’m a Leo and like attention and don’t like when he’s cold but also don’t mind having my space and giving him his space….BUT I’m also in a relationship with someone else so I’m like why am I even thinking of and considering this aqua guy?! I’m just wondering if he’s interested in me because I’m “unavailable” and why he would even try to start something with someone who is taken since he’s such a great guy and so high-minded and I wouldn’t have expected him to go after another guy’s girl?

    1. Hi Monique!

      If you think of him all the time it’s because you’re not happy with the other person and probably should either try to focus on fixing that or get out of it. Don’t try to move on with someone before you’re doing with the one you’re with. It will be disastrous for you. I say this because sometimes Aquarius see this type of set up as a game. It’s safe because they don’t have to commit to someone who is already committed. Once he gets you, he probably won’t want to stick with it. Try getting single again and then try approaching him and see what happens. You should check out my books on Aquarius Man Secrets for more information.

      1. I just hit the 6 month mark dating my aqua guy.. I am a cancer and have been reading how unlikely it is that we’re a good match 🙁 We talked and laughed and opened up to each other for hours every night at the beginning of the relationship and fell in love really fast. I’ve never felt so close to someone and I was convinced he was my person. Now I find myself really sad all the time because I want him to spend quality time with me and make plans and often I can’t even get a hold of him. I need my alone time too and can appreciate that he might need even more but how do I know he’s not having second thoughts about me and distancing himself further and further? I feel like he doesn’t do any of the nice things he did for me at the start of our relationship. I’m stuck in a sad place wondering if I should let him go or if there is a way I can get those original feelings back with him that were so good.

        1. Hi Katherine!

          The reason it typically will say that on websites and books is because Aquarius can sometimes come off as insensitive or cold with the way they talk or dull out their opinions. They can be hurtful and you being a sensitive Cancer will find him very brash. If you cannot get ahold of him though, he’s doing that on purpose. If he really cared, he’d be engaging with you and making the time for you. Ignore him for awhile and see what happens. If he does care about you and want you to be in his life, he’ll come back around. If you keep trying to reach out to him, he’s going to blow cold. Please consider checking out some of my Aquarius man guides. It may help you. I wish you the best!

  15. Hey so I’m a Libra female and I started dating an Aqua male. We’ve been friends for 7/8 years and recently rekindled and it became romantic. We spend every day and night together. I used to be a dancer and he has very strong morals against that. We had a heated discussion about it today and I of course had to fight for him and I thought things ended okay. Then he told me he needs space to reflect. I responded with ‘I respect that and understand’. We’ve only been dating 2 months and I am just so lost, I don’t know if he will come around tomorrow or am I gonna have to wait for a long time? Is he done with me or does he just need some space to process everything? It’s confusing and I don’t want to pry considering. SOS!

    1. Hi Lana!

      Ok so your relationship is still new and so it takes more time and understanding between you two for it to continue. He has to figure out where he stands and if he could ever be alright with your past. Aquarius men can be finicky with this sort of stuff. They try to sort of integrate how you were with who you are and it just scrambles their mind to a point where they drive themselves nuts and then call it off. They think way too much and it makes it hard for them to have a relationship with a terrific person who had a different past. There is no way to know if he is done but you should try to check up on him by sending him a message that says “how are you? I hope you are doing well”. Try it and see what happens. I wish you the best!

  16. Hi Anna,

    I’ve been in touch with an Aquarius man (Pisces moon) for a couple of months now and we’ve met up and got on really well. So far he seems a perfect match for me, we have a lot in common (I’m a cancer with scorpion moon). He seems to be the perfect gentleman and whilst he has been on his own for a long time and is independent with an established life, so have I. So at the moment I’m quite happy to let him take the lead and go at his pace at the moment and he’s showing a lot of interest. I know though that as soon as I start to develop feelings I worry so much that I’ll get hurt, it can change the relationship and I sabotage it by over analysing. Reading other comments I can see the Aquarius man can often make a lot of effort in the beginning then go cold and distant. So now I’m left wondering if he’s too good to be true right now? Should I brace myself for the distancing or him to disappear suddenly?!

    1. Hi Kate!

      It sounds like you need to start working on your fears. Healing is needed. Have you ever tried guided meditations or “I Am” videos? They help a lot for things like this. You have to get right with you instead of worrying you’ll get hurt. Love is always a risk but you have to be willing to take it or you will lose out and the one you love will slip away. They can go distant but it doesn’t mean they don’t care. You’re preparing to be let down but you should be thinking of all you do like about him and looking forward. It’s a retraining your thought process that’s needed. It’s healthy for you and you’ll be happier. I wish you all the best!

  17. After nearly 3 yrs with an Aquarius man he started disappearing going out of contact for days on end, its messed up. I think we all need space sometimes but frankly theres a line between having some space/time to yourself and being immature, inconsiderate and running hot & cold/mucking someone about.
    Its not actually that hard to say “hey,just needing some time to myself right now, ill give you a ring on [___day]” or something similar.
    Im not sure how common it is for Aquarius men to give the silent treatment to their partners and just disappear on them or even ghost them but I know im certainly not in a rush to date another Aquarius any time soon!!!

    1. Hi Centaur!

      Aquarius LOVES an excessive amount of personal freedom. Not all of them but a lot of them do. The hot and cold thing is pretty normal for them. You have to be REALLY important to them in order to give you more access. You’re right, it’s not hard to say they need time to themselves and they really should say it. The thing is, they somehow think they shouldn’t need to. Call him out on it sweetheart. Tell him you need better communication and if he needs a bit of time to himself to let you know so that you don’t worry so much. He should improve but if not then you can certainly move on. It sounds like maybe you did but if you do get with another or make up with the one then you’ll know best what to do. I wish you well!

  18. Hi Anna, it’s Danielle here, update on my Aquarius man well he’s become my best friend and he feels the same way and I’ve been very patient if anything he’s taught me patience I look at your book Aquarius man secrets to keep as a guide for me our relationship is progressing nicely and I did tell him a couple weeks ago that I felt it was time for us to meet and see if there was more to this relationship than just a friendship and we did meet and it was a wonderful day. And as a typical Aquarius who is sorting through his feelings I am giving him his space and we’ll see from there. Thank you for all your guidance your books have been a world of help.

    1. Hi Danielle!

      I’m surely not used to you writing in via comments but I do always enjoy hearing from you. I am happy that my books and consulting has been helping you to get to where you want to be with your Aquarius man. They can be quite difficult sometimes. As always, I wish you nothing but all you deserve!

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