5 Secrets To A Happy Marriage With An Aquarius Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Does marriage with Aquarius men work all the time? Let’s dive into the key things to maintaining a happy marriage with an Aquarius man. 

Hello, honeys! I’m so happy to be back with you today. My little community of people here with a mutual fascination with the stars totally brings me life and fulfills me every day. Today, I wanted to discuss some questions I’ve gotten about marriage with an Aquarius man.

Aquarius men are independent and individualistic. He’s typically a little offbeat but overall, very charming. He’s the type of guy who looks out for others while maintaining boundaries where needed.

Aquarius comes with a unique set of challenges that seem to get under the skin of some partners, I have discovered. But I see relationships with Aquarians work all the time! If you have the right information then you’re a lot better able to nip problems off at the bud.

Let’s dive into the key things to keep in mind to maintain a happy marriage with an Aquarius man.

5 Secrets To A Happy Marriage With An Aquarius Man

1. Give Each Other Space

The one thing that I see tripping up partners with Aquarius energy is not understanding space and distance. Aquarius is an outsider of the Zodiac, but Aquarius doesn’t really mind. Aquarius participates when they feel that it’s important and they’re usually welcomed into the fold when they choose to.

In relationships, this can feel lonely if partners are not on the same page. Aquarius can be detached as well, and may not actively engage in your strong emotions if they come out around him. Aquarius tends to let others feel their feelings while they give them space.

Learning to embrace space and to be willing to give him more of it will help him miss and appreciate you more. Learning to appreciate each other more for who you are as individuals is important.

2. Understand That His Friends Are Important

How To Have A Healthy Marriage With Aquarius Man

The Aquarius is a sign that’s heavily associated with friendships and community, which means that these aspects are inseparable from their personality. Aquarians are highly social in some ways (and a total loner in others). While their partnership is important to them, they’re tied with the significance of friendships.

Being insecure with his very diverse friend group would be the first way to drive the Aquarius from you. This is why I always recommend treating his friends as your own friends. This is the best way to secure a place in his heart. If you’re cool with his chosen family, then you might as well be part of it yourself.

He may take offense if you try to restrict access to friends for any reason …even if they’re women. Aquarius is open-minded and honest. He can identify with any number of people and objectively look past cosmetic features. Aquarius’ are not prone to lying in relationships, so if he is with you, then you can assume he doesn’t have others on his mind.

3. Social Activism

A marriage with an Aquarius could shine a light on your humanitarian side. Humanitarian activities and Aquarius’ go together like PB&J. Even if they’re not physically marching on the streets, they’re sure to have strong opinions about the current state of the world and how it affects our future.

Being willfully uninformed will not impress an Aquarius. He’ll want you to be as passionate about the state of the people of the world as he is. He’ll be able to relate better to someone who has as much concern for your fellow man as him.

Being with an Aquarius could consist of lots of talks about being a global citizen. The two of you could easily be a couple that others know to be the couple who stands for something. Putting in the effort by your partner’s side to improve the lives of others is an ultimate act of bonding.

4. Being Tolerant Of The Weird

Aquarius Man And Marriage

Aquarius is a sign of eccentricity, so being a bit of a weirdo yourself helps you in relating more easily to your Aquarius guy. He is willing to be himself no matter who is watching. As a result, he tends to act out the parts that other people hide away. It can make him come off as a little wacky because others don’t understand as well.

Being that person in his life who understands his quirks will reassure him that he’s safe to be himself around you. He’s always himself, but he can typically expect reactions to him being himself. A marriage with an Aquarius works best when there is an understanding that no one will be judging the other, no matter what.

The best part of this is that you can feel free to be yourself around an Aquarius as well. In a marriage, it works best to be able to show your partner all parts of you without fear of judgment, and you truly have that with an Aquarius man.

5. Living In The Future

Aquarius seems distant, but if you ask why, you’ll find insights into how he views his world. A lot of Aquarius’ speak bluntly and create space between themselves and others because they were way too present with enough people’s emotions that they began to feel very bad about all the negativity they were consuming.

They realized in many cases that directing conversations to the future and how things could improve for the person instead of wallowing in the stressful present could take the pressure off of them when dealing with emotions they don’t know how to handle.

Being able to look towards a better future is the best way an Aquarius knows how to cope with the present. If you give him room to be able to imagine a better time, then he’ll be able to share his deepest hopes and dreams with you; something he longs for people to understand.

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Wrapping Up

Aquarius men are admittedly not the world champs at intimacy. However, if you’re married to one, I know that your love for him doesn’t depend on constant intimacy. A general faith and trust in one another to always come back to each other no matter how far you go from each other is a great way to secure success with an Aquarian marriage.

Being open to new ways of loving and prioritizing your friendship with your husband is actually the key to having a better marriage together. This goes for all kinds of relationships, but especially yours. Appreciate your husband as your partner and friend who will allow your marriage to bloom.

Now, as you may know, there is a LOT more to marriage in Astrology than just the Sun sign… different points in the charts of you and your partner align and interact in ways unique to the two of you. As such, I couldn’t possibly make a personalized account of every Aquarian marriage here.

However, I am always welcoming my readers to allow me to assist in decoding the relationship chart of you and your partner. Whatever questions about the nature of your relationship you have, I am confident I can steer you in the right direction.

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “5 Secrets To A Happy Marriage With An Aquarius Man

  1. I’ve been with my Aquarius for nearly 3.5 years. We have a great time when we are together (2/3 times a week – days and nights – usually at his house), but he has become distant when we are apart. He has mostly female friends that he spends time with (none of which I have met). They spend time with him and get close to his kids – meals in/out and bowling etc, but I am not allowed to meet his kids. He says the women know about me. We are ‘friends’ on Instagram but he won’t allow me to be friends on Facebook. And when I raise the issue he goes quiet for a day or more, as if to punish me. I have met his close family, mum and sister, but his ex wife is still very much involved and has his mum to stay and goes to visit her. I would like to get married but at this moment in time I feel like walking away, as I feel so disrespected and undervalued. Will he change in time or am I wasting my life. I am mid 40’s, he is early 50’s, and his kids are young. Please could you advise?

    1. Hi Clare!

      He has so much going on that he’s not interested in a committed relationship. He has females around him that fulfill his friendship needs. I totally understand why you feel disrespected. I would walk away honestly. Trust me… if he cares, he will come back around to you to make it work. If not then you won’t hear from him which tells you he wasn’t invested. You deserve the sun and the moon sweetheart and I definitely wish that for you!

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