How To Turn On An Aquarius Man Through Texts

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How To Turn On An Aquarius Man Through Texts (And Mistakes To Avoid When Texting)

So, you have your eyes on a special Aquarius man. He’s sexy, smart, and really does it for you! However, you’re not sure how to turn on an Aquarius man through text. The two of you have been talking back and forth for a while now, but you want to take it to the next level and perhaps see if he’s as interested in you as you are in him.

Though they are known for their witty captions and original comebacks, Aquarius men are some of the Zodiac’s worst and (most easily annoyed) texters. These Uranus- and Saturn-ruled men are all about innovation, spontaneity, and intellectual fun. However, they are also notorious for being emotionally and mentally detached.

So, it can be hard getting a read on what they actually want and what it is they are thinking. The Aquarius man is naturally an independent air sign; he needs to feel free to be himself at all times, even through text.

As an unconventional man, he is not into women who use text messages as a way to have deep conversations, complain, or question his whereabouts. He is most attracted to the free-thinking, progressive woman who understands that he is not ignoring her or messing around — not the woman who texts every hour on the dot when he is away.

So, if you want to know how to make an Aquarius man turned on by text and what things you need to avoid, then please keep on reading to find out more.

Don’t Text Too Often

The Aquarius male typically will take his time when forming a relationship. So, while he’s getting to know you, try your best not to come on too strong. If you text him too often, he will think you’re needy.

He doesn’t like needy women and will find texts too often to be a bit of a turn-off. So, if you’re going to be texting him, make sure that it’s just once in a while and try to make it something interesting.

This man isn’t going to want to get texts like “eating lunch, bored” or “I can’t wait until I’m off work.” This indicates you’re unable to entertain yourself or are incapable of eating lunch alone.

He would prefer one or two texts here and there that says something like “Have a great day today!” or “Hope all is well with you.” It lets him know you’re thinking of him but not dependent on him to make your day.

Many Aquarius men keep themselves busy so don’t be too shocked if he doesn’t reply right away. He may answer within hours or he may forget to answer altogether. Just chalk it up to him spacing off.

Text Him Interesting Things

Mistakes To Avoid When Texting An Aquarius Man

If you know that he’s into something like comic book superheroes, you might text him “have you seen the new movie?” and reference a certain hero you know he’s into. That will get him excited.

Now, if he’s not into that sort of thing, find out what his interests are. The fail-safes are always asking the staple questions like “what type of music do you like” or “what are your favorite genres of movies?”

The idea is to talk about things he’s into and can help make way for future conversations. Again, try not to text too often. If he keeps texting you back and answering you right away, he may actually like you.

If he doesn’t, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you. It means that either he’s too busy or is distracted by something and will likely get back to you later. That means you probably shouldn’t text him back for a while.

By continuously texting him because he hasn’t responded, he’ll see this as a major red flag from you and you’ll be lucky if he talks to you ever again.

Be Flirty Sometimes

There is nothing at all wrong with being flirty with your Aquarius guy. He’s a very physical person and will appreciate a photo of you now and then. This is one of the least uptight of the signs.

He is visual and intellectual so talking sexy and sending a photo will help him get excited about you as well as the possibility of physically being with you. Whether or not you’ve already been together will not matter much.

Saying things like “Good morning handsome” will make him feel good as will something like “Hey there sexy, how’s it going?” will also make him feel as though you desire him.

Let him answer back in his own time. This ensures that you don’t NEED him to answer you. You said what you wanted to say and he got the message. Leave it at that.

Not a whole lot is too taboo for the Aquarius. He likes to be naughty. Whatever you feel comfortable with is what you can text him. You may want to wait until you know him better or you can be upfront.

It’s all in what you want but remember that moderation is the key with him as far as a frequency in reaching out. Phone calls are certainly a step up and of course, seeing each other face to face is the ultimate.

Live Your Own Life

Mistakes To Avoid When Texting An Aquarius Man

I’ve mentioned before that if you text too often, an Aquarius will feel uncomfortable or that you’re too clingy. The other part is that you should be out living your own life.

The more you’re out doing your own thing, the less you will feel the need to text him. This will make him believe you’re doing something you really enjoy and are having a good time.

That makes him feel better than constantly getting texts and giving him a play-by-play of what you’re doing and at what time. He doesn’t need to know the low down of your whole day.

If you’re the type that does this typically on social media, it’s not going to fly well with an Aquarius man. He wants some mystery to remain between you. He also wants to know you’re independent and living your own life.

Even if you get deeper involved with him, he will still want you to go out with your own friends, do things you like to do, and have time away from each other. While you’re spending time apart, don’t pick up the phone to text him.

If you want him to miss you at all and appreciate what he has in your relationship, whether it’s at the beginning or in the thick of it, you’ll allow him the courtesy of having a great time without constantly checking in.

One picture with your friends or a “having a great time” pic by yourself is acceptable as long as you don’t continue to text him afterward.

How Do Aquarius Men Flirt Over Text?

You might be wondering if an Aquarius man is flirting with you. It is always difficult to guess when it is over text because contextual things like body language are missing. But I can tell you if an Aquarius man is texting you every day, he’s most certainly into you.

If you notice yourself laughing and in a better mood after you have spoken to him, then it is likely because this is his intention. An Aquarius man has incredible wit and if he tries to make you laugh by sending you witty jokes or funny memes, then he is most certainly flirting with you.

Being playful with you is such a good sign that he wants to make you happy and get closer to you. But if you’re getting no replies or one-worded answers, then the chances are good that he isn’t really that interested in you.

Is Your Aquarius Man Not Texting Back? 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Texting An Aquarius Man

1. Relying on Texting Too Much

If you have something urgent to say to the Aquarius man, don’t text — call.

To the super-focused Aquarius man, calling is more efficient and more in alignment with his hectic lifestyle. As a man who is always open to an intellectual chat but often too busy for a cup of coffee, he would rather you call than text.

Why? Because he’s all about connection. Aquarius men are sociable air signs who can’t help but share their knowledge and give back, and you can’t do that well through a text.

2. He Heard You The First Time!

When it comes to texting, double-texting is a big no-no in Aquariusland. It’s something that you just don’t do — unless you want to piss him off.

It’s not even reading the same message twice that is annoying to the intelligent Aquarius man; it’s the lack of privacy or respect for his time and understanding of healthy boundaries that throws him off.

I mean, maybe send one double text if he has not responded in a couple of hours, but be careful or you will come across as a stalker or, heaven forbid, desperate. Besides, the best way to win over the heart of your Aquarius man is to be independent and stimulate his mind.

Aquarius Man Texting Style And Habits

An Aquarius man’s texting style can vary day to day and from person to person. This is why you should never fall into a routine and expect him to behave the same way every time you text because it likely isn’t going to work out that way.

One day he might not be too busy and can text for hours on end, and then the next day you might not hear from him for ages because he is too busy with important work.

He is an Air sign, so he does appreciate the communication, but he also appreciates his free time and likes to be independent. So, he’s the type of guy whose pace you need to follow instead. Let him set the bar and respond to what he is putting out for you.

Never overwhelm him or constantly text him because this is a sure way to make him run. He just wants to go with the flow and let life unfold naturally.

Instead of being on his case, stop worrying about texting him so much, and start focusing on that beautiful life of your own. Once you stop texting him so much, you allow him to miss you and make the first move.

Just remember that the sexiest thing to an Aquarius man is confidence. So, make sure that’s how you’re coming across. Text your friends when you feel lonely, go for a walk, or write in your journal; just don’t unload your every thought on him.

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You need to play it cool with an Aquarius guy and never put him under any pressure to text you because this will just make him feel like you are desperate and codependent. He goes by his own time, and this is something you need to learn quickly if you want to make this relationship a success.

Give it time and see if a relationship can come from this. Being with an Aquarius man can be really exciting, so follow what your heart tells you.

And remember to keep your wits about you, this guy is super clever and it can be easy to fall for him, so just be careful of your heart.

What if I told you there is still hope for you and your Aquarius man?

He might not be using you after all.

It is important that you don’t lose hope in the situation.

That not everything is lost and there is still something you can do to save the relationship…

You would probably think I’m crazy because to you, it certainly feels like your Aquarius man has given up on you, isn’t interested in you, and that the love you once shared is no longer there…

Trust me, if an Aquarius man ever liked you, then there is certainly hope for the relationship to be salvaged.

Why would he sleep with someone if he didn’t like them just even a little?

There is still a lot you can do to fix the relationship with your Aquarius man.

And to make him see you for the woman you truly are!

<— Check this out

You may feel like you are at your wit’s end, but I promise, where there was once attraction, there is certainly still hope.

It is just up to you and whether not you are serious enough about doing the work to get the results you are looking for…

And you can do this without running to him and begging him to love you again.

Everything is up to you, you have him in the palm of your hands, so it is about time that you start believing that.

Remember you are an empowered woman, so treat the situation as such!

<— Check this out on how to fix your relationship with your Aquarius man

Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


25 thoughts on “How To Turn On An Aquarius Man Through Texts (And Mistakes To Avoid When Texting)

  1. Don’t send one word texts. Aquarius are great communicators and a ‘closed answer’ represents the end of the conversation.

    Just saying ?

    1. @David: Not in my experience or that of others close to me who are married to one or in a relationship with one. They don’t communicate, run from anything that makes them uncomfortable, especially when they know they’re at fault. And they give the most vague non-answer responses…..irritating. They are terrible at relationships. They give fixed, i.e. no growth, new meaning
      And when I tell you I have loved this person for 30 years…..

      I may sound bitter; I’m really not. Just forthright: men aren’t given to maturity

      1. Hi Lee!

        Thank you for chiming in. I need to point out that not all Aquarius men are the same. Their moon or rising sign could change their personalities significantly. That means that because you’ve experienced a bad seed or two, you really shouldn’t close yourself off and peg them all to be the way yours was. Understand that each man or woman are different. We all have all 12 signs in our birth chart.

    2. Hi David!

      I’d say that depends on the man himself as far as what he likes or doesn’t like. Some Aquarius men themselves answer with one word responses or reach out with very little which confuses the heck out of women. It’s all in what people are used to and what they prefer. Cheers!

  2. I have been dating an aquarium man for almost a year. He persue me for 7 months before we started dating as I was not attracted to him initially. I am a Virgo woman. He can be very controlling very persistent when he want someone e.g asking for money to help him out. Very selfish. On the another hand protective and loving . He wants to move in with me . I am not ready for that as still getting to know him as he is looking for accomadation . Just lost his job .he has gone on holiday to see his mum and siblings. He is not contacting me any more

    His things are in my garage and left some stuff in my garden.

    1. Hi Norma!

      Sorry to hear you’re going through this mess with your guy. As a Virgo woman, you really need to trust your gut. It’s already telling you what is true. If you know you are not ready and he’s pushing you then something is very wrong. Don’t do what you are not comfortable with or you will regret it and will be resentful. Do what you need to do. I also agree with the other person who commented. He may be using you. Be careful and don’t allow him to do this. You deserve far better than this guy.

  3. I met this aquarius man at a conference for work. He saw me and asked my director about me at the time I had just broke off my engagement.

    My director told me about him he is alot older than me. He’s never been married nor has kids. He told my director that I really caught his eyes and if he could help him out by trying to get my number before he left back to Rome.

    Yes he’s not from my country. So my director who is almost like a father to me had a talk with me about him and literally sold him to me. I was more sceptical at his star sign than his age as I have been with older men before.

    However I dated an aquarius for 6 years it was the most difficult relationship ever. He was in love to the point of obsession, he put me on such an unrealistic pedestal it was crazy put me through hell in order to earn his love. Only after he dumped me and when he was ready to patch things up and I refused did he profess his undying love for me. That relationship left me scarred but I’m a taurus we are optimistic when it comes to love even though we tread lightly.

    Anyway I liked what my director was telling me so I gave him my email because that’s what he asked for. Unfortunately he had already left when we started contacting each other. We would email each other even though he would disappear for a week or 2 then contact me out of the blue. After a month he asked for my number then he started calling me here and there. Then in December he got a WhatsApp and began contacting me on WhatsApp we wouldn’t talk much I pretty much followed all the rules on this article because of my experience with my ex and things were going Great.

    He finally told me that he always thought that he’d never have kids nor settle down but after he saw me and with our interactions he’s more than convinced that he wants to have kids and settle down with me. He asked me to get off the pill I had to go for a check up on my ovaries.

    He seemed committed that’s until the full moon happened in early Feb I got sick and was put on heavy meds that started making me very paranoid I would see him online and would wonder who he’s talking to. I would chain text and then feel guilty and apologise but he will tell me that he’s always delighted to hear from me but I would not believe him because he will take forever to reply even though he’s online.

    I finally lost it and my insecurity was showing. I was basically unraveling I went to my doctor cause I didn’t know what the hell was going on turns out the medication I was on were opioids and I was going through withdrawal symptoms I was even craving weed and I haven’t smoked weed in years. I was getting worried about ruining my chances so I just told him I needed some time to myself because I was going through a mental health crisis due to the meds I was taking and I needed space to get myself together.

    He read but never replied. I was freaking out because I really like him and we have such a special bond. After not contacting him for 3 days I sent him a cute animal video because he’s an animal lover he only replied the next day with a laughing emoji and said thank you.

    I’m just glad he has at least replied and hasn’t ghosted me but I also don’t know if I have ruined my chances and if there’s anything I need to do to redeem myself?

    Ps: for now I will keep my distance as we are currently in the midst of a mercury retrograde so I don’t want to make things worse, but please tell me guys do you think I still stand a chance if yes what can I do on my part to rebuild our bond like before? I will appreciate all feedback thank you.

    1. I dated an Aquarius for almost 5 years. My best advice (and this may sound awful but it works) is treat him like sh*t. Ignore him completely if he reaches out, send one word replies or just act like you don’t really care. Go on and live your BEST life. Try to stop thinking about him. Actually TRY to move on. He’ll pop back up when you’re finally starting to get over him. That’s how their brain works. When I dated my Aquarius I was super confident, had my own life, an amazing (and hot) group of friends, a great job, etc. He found me to be super mysterious and literally became OBSESSED. I’m also a Taurus so I can relate to you on a few levels here! I wouldn’t always prioritize him (sometimes I did but if I had plans with friends I would commit to those plans). I did my own thing, lived my own life, and let him be a part of it. He treated me like a princess. He did everything for me. Literally followed me around like a puppy for years. THEN he started to criticize me for not giving him enough attention and for not being ‘sweet’ enough. So I did a 180, started being super sweet and more affectionate… started prioritizing him over everything else in my life, cooked for him more, made more travel plans with him, all that good stuff, and what does he do? Goes out and cheats on me MULTIPLE times. Gets caught, doesn’t even apologize. Actually has the audacity to somehow turn it on it. Gaslights me like no other. Starts treating me like sh*t. The nicer I was to him, the worse he treated me. It’s sad but sometimes this sign is like this. They get bored of ‘nice.’ They need spice. I’m not saying go out and be a total b*tch. But also don’t be a doormat. It sounds like you’re a total catch and an Aquarius doesn’t simply walk out on someone like that.

      1. Thank you for your response, yep you are totally right and I know I’m supposed to do this but damn I hate that I have to bt mean to get his attention. He is actually a little rude to me in terms of how he replies to me, calls me when he wants but I can’t do that his one worded replies. I guess I will start doing that. Be a total bitch, hope he’s ready.

      2. Hi anonymous!

        I don’t know about treating him like garbage. I do agree with making yourself less available and letting him miss you enough to chase you. That can be an effective tool to use. However, it can also backfire and cause him to ghost you. Your guy sounds very extreme and unless you want to play head games back and forth you probably should just tell him what you need and expect. If he cannot meet those demands then you need to walk on and find someone else who will not give you so much stress. He may not be worth all the angst you’re putting yourself through. I wish you the best honey!

    2. Hi Lizaan!

      Thank you for sharing your story. I think that as long as he still has contact with you then there is still hope. It’s only when they ghost you or totally cut you off are they done. I’d give it some more time and see where things lead. Stay calm, don’t point fingers, don’t accuse him, etc. Don’t bottle your feelings up though honey. Just make sure when you talk to him you’re in a calm state of mind and are being logical. He’s more open to listening and talking to you. If you feel it just becomes too much then you may have to consider walking away. Don’t let him make you a doormat. That’s not acceptable. I wish you all the best!

  4. Thank you for your response, yep you are totally right and I know I’m supposed to do this but damn I hate that I have to bt mean to get his attention. He is actually a little rude to me in terms of how he replies to me, calls me when he wants but I can’t do that his one worded replies. I guess I will start doing that. Be a total bitch, hope he’s ready.

  5. Oh and I can so relate to him cheating and blaming me for it. Your ex sounds like my ex but this man is older I was so hoping that he was evolved but the more we interact the more I see he’s still a kid at heart..

  6. So I met this Aquarius guy at a party in December and I’ve been pursuing him but I’m only interested in having sex. I’m an Aries btw… but anyway it’s March and things are going hella slow. When he texts me I try my best to not appear needy but I honestly feel like I don’t know much about him still and I don’t understand why he’ll randomly reach out to me because I feel like he knows I want him sexually but he won’t budge. I don’t know what’s going on with him and me? How do I figure out where we stand and if he’s still interested ( we’ve made out btw so I know he’s attracted to me)

    1. Hi Alisa!

      If all you want is sex then you should tell him that. If he isn’t willing to do that then he’s looking for more than you are and you should probably move on. Be blunt and see what he says. There are some Aquarius men that do not mind having a friends with benefits situation. Give it a shot. It might work but if it doesn’t you will need to go on about your own path. Hope you get what you’re looking for sweetheart!

  7. I met an Aquarius guy and found him very polite and easy going. Second meeting I chatted freely with him. He called and his buddy who rents a room here was moving out mid month. My phone service was shut off the day he was supposed to call and meet up. I’ve been following Tarot card readings for myself w this pandemic going on. I read his and mine. I’m a Capricorn female. Every reading is like a see saw about what I’m pushing away from with former Capricorn boyfriend; who’s virtually just a user and has been away since Oct. 2019. I told ex Capricorn to get lost. End of story. He’s got the intelligence of a cardboard box, no feelings, no common sense.

    1. Hi Noel!

      I’m not really sure what you’re asking here. If you’re still in communication with the Aquarius you like then you need to keep going forward with that. You mentioned seesaw. You two need to be more open with each other so there is no confusion. You two need to stand on the same ground and know where things are headed. Talk to him. A real heart to heart! If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  8. Hey guys , i have loved an aquarius guy for 3yrs and between those period he announced to most of my college friends saying i am beautiful . Later we became best friend at college and i started flirting with me . During tis pandemic he will be the first to say good morning to me and the last to say good night and i always reply tho he even tells me what he was doing and so on but now he seems distant ( i am a gemini woman) . He takes days to respond or sometimes he just sends me emojis and simple words like Kay . I love my freedom and knowing my zodiac we don’t always commit but i want to . Sometimes it feels like he is pushing me away and the next he is bringing me close . I feel sad

    1. Hi Laura!

      You should tell him you’d like more of his attentive behavior. Tell him you miss him talking to you more. He may not even realize that you are feeling disgruntled and won’t know until you say something. Just tell him you miss him and it just may encourage him to speak up.If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man, you may want to read my book “Aquarius Man Secrets” for more helpful information.

  9. Hi Anna well my aqua man seems to very occupied when it comes to me , i tried yesterday to ask him whether he watched a particular movie and he responded very quickly than usual(he likes movies )but if i ask him how he was doing he will read my message but not respond . The aquarius are very hard dealing with but i love him no matter his behaviour and attitude

    1. Hi Laura!

      Well when you aren’t asking a question, they don’t feel the need to reply. That’s how the operate with texting. If you want more answers, you ask him more questions. Otherwise you shouldn’t expect him to respond.They are difficult but as I said, I think if you read “Aquarius Man Secrets” you’ll learn far more than you can imagine.

  10. I just started dating an Aquarius man and its been a rollercoaster already and it’s only been a month! He came on hot and heavy with the compliments, texts, calls, video chats like I couldn’t even breathe but I loved it. He was attentive said he was dating with purpose. He planned a romantic first date and things started to kind of turn very intimate fast. I was hoping that was not all he was about but I also loved feeling desired. We ended up having sex and now he is less attentive. Pet names here and there, compliments sometimes and not nearly as much communication just a few basic texts daily and short video chats. I miss the person I met and don’t know what to do. I asked him how he thought things were going and he said good, great pace and that no one was rushing the other person into anything.

    1. Hi Kay!

      I think he’s getting comfortable with you and is relaxing. Aquarius won’t work as hard to keep up when they know they have you. Just tell him what you said to me… tell him you miss how things were. He’ll either tell you he cannot for whatever reason or he’ll work hard to get back to that relationship you started with. Give it a shot!

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