How Aquarius Men Think When It Comes To Women
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How Aquarius Men Think When It Comes To Women

Are you a woman who is curious about an Aquarius man in particular? Maybe you’re already begun to date one and wondering what is going on in his mind. Here are some helpful hints to allow you to figure him out a little better.

1. Playful Delight

The Aquarius man is very playful when it comes to ladies. He wants to enjoy each and every day as though it’s the only day he has. They seem to have mastered the “living for now” method.

That’s not a bad habit to have actually. However; this could get him into a bit of trouble if he doesn’t make himself clearer. What I mean by this is by being blunt at the beginning of his playful banter.

Many Aquarius men will make friends with women they find attractive or have the possibility to being more. While he takes a long time to commit; he will still play as long as he can.

If he gets to playing with a woman and doesn’t tell her that in this phase he’s simply interested in being “friends with benefits”; she will believe this is heading somewhere while he’s assuming she’s ok with the status.

More often than not, ladies will misunderstand the Aquarius man’s style of play and will think he will grow, change, or become more interested in kicking things up a notch in a relationship.

The Aquarius man will go above and beyond and it will seem as though they’ve committed themselves into a relationship when perhaps they haven’t at all. They will talk about the future, seem sweet, and seem into the woman.

The woman will think “this is it!” and then is heartbroken when the Aquarius figures out she’s not the right one and starts his backing away, cold shoulder routine to brush her off.

While these men are spectacular at having fun with and feeling good; ladies should always try to get them to be forward with their intention. Some ladies may be ok with being intimate friends but many will not.

It’s important to be up front with an Aquarius man if you find yourself starting to fall for his playful nature. He can be really charming and fun to be around.

2. Aging like fine wine

Happy couple drinking outdoor - How Aquarius Men Think When It Comes To Women

Aquarius men tend to take their sweet time when it comes to courting a lady. He wants to make sure that she’s someone that will last the test of time and will always be there for him.

He wants to make sure that the woman he settles down with isn’t the type to be needy or clingy. These qualities are something that makes him run the other direction. He likes independence.

This man likes to have a lot of time to himself and if he gives up some of this time; it had better be for the right lady.

He will take time to make sure the woman of his interest is someone who has her own passions and life goals so that she won’t be reliant on him and what he can do for her. He’d prefer an equal rather than a dependent.

Even if she would eventually be a stay at home wife; he’d like to know she has her hands in projects and keeping herself busy as to not stay glued to his side. So yes; he will take his time and let the relationship simmer instead of boiling full force.

3. Thirst for knowledge

Aquarius men are always trying to learn everything they can about their passions. They also at times take on new passions. This means that they’re just on a lifelong quest to learn as much as they can.

When this involves women; they’d like to be with someone who stimulates his brain. That means he looks for wise and witty women who can supply them with endless possibilities.

He’ll gravitate toward women who can teach him new things or help him spark his passion in his own endeavors. The better she is at coaching him or helping him to learn more about what he wants to do will be greatly appreciated.

This man adores having intellectual conversations with a beautiful woman. If you’re the woman who is lucky enough to have sparked his attention; use it wisely with words of stimulating sentience.

Seducing the Aquarius mind is one of the very best things you can do. It’s likely he’s already attracted to your beauty but when you show him your beautiful brain; he’s going to be wagging his tail.

4. Outgoing and Spontaneous

Aquarius man holding his girlfriends in his arms - How Aquarius Men Think When It Comes To Women

This guy likes to randomly do fun things. That means that if you are a woman trying to capture his interest; you may want to be a bit more spontaneous. Going with the flow is favorable.

If this isn’t who you really are though; you may want to be careful. Aquarius will quickly see through you and he isn’t one to like fake women pretending to be someone they are not.

He wants you to be yourself. He also wants someone who can go with the flow, let him take his time, explore new options, and not be hung up on time or schedules as much.

Going with the natural flow that the day brings will be something the Aquarius man will do. To keep up with him; you’ll need to be just as understanding. He doesn’t like being pushed or pressured in any way.

While he may put up with some amount of this with his job; he’ll likely have a career that allows him to be free to do things in his own time and his own way. More often than not; these types of guys have their own business.

Doing their own business allows them to have their own schedule and this makes them happier in the long term. In every aspect of their life, they want to keep the door open for greater and better things; including love, marriage, and finances. They want it all.

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