Aquarius Man With Capricorn Rising: Who Is He Really?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you dating an Aquarius who seems super ambitious yet super stubborn? If he is an Aquarius man with Capricorn rising, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Are you interested in or dating an Aquarius man who seems super ambitious yet super stubborn? If he is an Aquarius man with Capricorn rising, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Read more here to find out what he may be like.

Aloof and calm exterior

It’s likely that this man will seem somewhat unemotional. He seems to be calm, cool and collected as though nothing in the world bothers him. He carries himself confidently and with certainty.

He’s likely to be involved with anything having to do with humanitarian work. This can be about making things better in the environment, working with animals, or working with finding cures for diseases.

It may also be with working with people directly in social work, assistance, or other forms of help to mankind. Aquarius with Capricorn rising may be stubborn in his belief system at times but he’s is also open-minded to ideas.

Aquarius can often be seen spacing off and seemingly in another world. He has a lot of ideas he’d like to incorporate in some way and the Capricorn energy will certainly help him to accomplish his goals.

Problems can occur when he thinks he doesn’t need anyone in his life. So when the right woman comes along, he may enjoy her company but he’ll often remind himself that he doesn’t need anyone.

He’ll shut his emotions off and appear to be very callous, pompous, and rude. This makes it hard for him to relate to other people. Aquarius is social while Capricorn isn’t very much.

He’ll have inner turmoil trying to decide when the timing is right to be social and have fun with other people and when it’s time for solitude. Work will not likely ever be much of a problem.

He’ll always be striving for his dreams and desires in life. Love, however, will be a bit of a struggle for this guy.

Dipping into relationships

Portrait of young tourist couple looking at the views in the city - How Does The Aquarius Man Act When He Is In Love

So what is the Aquarius man with Capricorn rising like in relationships? Well, remember how I told you he can appear cold and callous at times thus causing him to seem as though he’s unreachable?

Aquarius with Capricorn rising can be a hard guy to pin down. You’ll never fully know when he’s going to go out or when he’s going to want time to himself until the time comes. He’s not going to go to any particular place with regularity as far as being social.

So, you’ll have to figure out his habits and what he likes. Perhaps getting him to go with you alone somewhere may find a certain appeal for him. You will definitely have to let him know you’re into him.

Aquarius man isn’t good at guessing and like the Taurus man, he doesn’t like to waste his time pursuing someone who may not like him. He figures if you like him, you’ll do what you have to in order to make sure he knows it.

He likes independence

I wouldn’t recommend becoming clingy, however. He is all about independence and personal freedom. He’ll want a woman who is good on her own but wants to spend her spare time with him.

When he does find the right one, Aquarius with Capricorn rising will commit himself and be a tremendous caretaking type of partner, husband, or even father for future children. That doesn’t mean you should become complacent.

If he fell in love with you for being independent, you had better keep that going on for yourself or he’ll see you as a failure and that is no good for the Capricorn rising Aquarius.

Ambition is what turns him on and what likely drew him to you in the first place. Don’t give it up and give him a reason to want to exit the relationship. This is where you get into trouble with cheating and spending copious amounts of time alone.

What is he like in bed?

This guy is likely going to be a super freak. Capricorn Ascendant man is a closet freak and will unleash it all with the right person. Aquarius is good at trying new experiences and thinks outside the box.

That combination will make him want to try everything at least once, maybe twice if he’s lucky. If you are looking to experiment with someone who won’t judge you or will be as freaky as you are, this is your guy.

However, if you’re a bit more reserved and traditional, you may have your work cut out for you. Capricorn ascendant man will look for excitement and ways to appeal to his sexuality. If you aren’t doing it for him, he may turn to other sources.

I don’t mean cheating necessarily but it could lead to problems with porn, strip clubs, or any other variety of sexual outlets. Just know that he craves excitement and freakiness.

Keeping a man of this magnitude may be difficult if you aren’t open-minded or kinky yourself. That’s something you’ll need to consider if you get involved with an Aquarius with Capricorn rising man.

He’s a pleasure seeker. You’ll never want for anything in bed for sure. Anything you want to do; he’s probably up for it. Share your fantasies with him; he’ll get a kick out of it. He may share some of his with you.

Dominance in life

Businessman walking on the stairs and using smartphone outdoors - How To Draw In An Aquarius Man Via Text

Aquarius man with Capricorn rising is tough to the core. He has the innate ability to be a leader and take the role of inspiring others to get tasks or goals accomplished. He knows what it takes to accomplish dreams.

You’ll often find him in situations where he can teach others to go for their own goals. This would be as in owning his own motivational type of operation or business. He may run a yoga studio, weight lifting,

Personal trainer, or other positions that promote health and well being. He is a humanitarian so though he may seem cold or callous at times; he does care about people and their lives. Aquarius men are natural activists.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Rising Celebrities

It’s always fun to know people who have these aspects. It’s even more interesting to know which celebrities have these particular sun and rising signs. There are both men and women.

The men who have Aquarius with Capricorn Ascendant signs include the handsome actor Paul Newman, actor Elijah Wood, singer and songwriter Bobby Brown, rocker Michael Hutchence, stunning Hollywood actor Clark Gable, superstar Brandon Lee, and handsome actor Tom Selleck.  

The gorgeous female Aquarius with Capricorn rising list is pretty darned neat! They include such faces as French Aristocrat Anne of Brittany, actress Florence Henderson, historical Rosa Parks, and French model Nabilla. How cool is that?


Are you in a relationship with an Aquarius man with Capricorn rising? What’s he like?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

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