Aquarius Man Predictions For July 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
I know that you are craving the next adventure – and this is why I’m coming with new predictions for July for the Aquarius man, let's dive right into it!

Hello dear readers, how are you? I know that you are craving the next adventure – and this is why I’m coming with new predictions for July, so dive in with me and see what is awaiting our Aquarius man.

During the first week of July, the Aquarius man will be pensive and secluded. He will feel the need to digest and process all of the changes, fears, and ideas by himself. It’s a good time to share new bands with each other and to even go out to a concert or a silent disco.

The second week of July brings forth culminating energies that end up sizzling on the 13th of July like champagne. This is a time for inner workings and deep self-cleanse for the Aquarius man. It’s also a great time to exchange documentary recommendations, vinyls, and interesting books.

The third week is great for open and honest communication, creative dates, and interesting topics. If you two share similar interests and hobbies, now is the perfect time to achieve deeper bonds based on your mutual likes and dislikes. So go for it – open up and communicate, and be weird together!

The fourth week brings forth a mighty New Moon in Leo and beautiful things to his love life. It also brings some family and home drama thanks to Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in Taurus. So, it’s a perfect time to go on a trip to a hotter and dryer place in order to have a good time during this wild transit.

What Is Life And How Did It Come To Be Such As It Is…

During the first week of July, the Aquarius man will feel preoccupied with his work and his health. His family life will also get hectic thanks to Mars moving to Taurus. Since Saturn is Retrograde in his first house, and Pluto is Retrograde in his twelfth house, he might experience big changes on a personal and subconscious level.

This will be a pensive and thoughtful time for the Aquarius man; he will be asked to evaluate (and reevaluate) his lessons, teachings, and perceptions thus far. He will also feel the need to talk about it, or at least he’ll feel the need to self-isolate more through aimless driving and listening to some interesting podcasts.

This is a good time to be pensive with him, to listen to similar topics and things, and to discuss life’s philosophies and points.

He will deeply appreciate discovering new, rad music, so if you have a similar (or great) music taste, then pass on some new jams and songs to him. He’ll need them for his brainstorming and inner musings during this period.

Alien Conspiracy Theories And 70s Rock

The second week of July stores a lot of energy that will be building up to a crescendo in the form of a Full Moon in Capricorn. This will affect his subconsciousness the most – he might feel a magnetic need to isolate himself from the world and to spend the time by his lonesome, in his man-cave or geek den.

This second week is good for taking care of his body, for work creativity, and for opening up to colleagues at work. It’s also a great time to flirt via messages and to send funny memes to each other, especially if the memes are some sort of an inside joke based on the interesting documentaries and conspiracy theories.

It’s a perfect time to exchange gifts with each other, such as books and vinyl records. It’s also a great time to discuss your higher selves, your spirituality, and how life in the flesh has been affecting you recently.

This will be a culmination week, culminating on the 13th, so it’s a good time to be tentative about each other’s needs and unspoken desires.

Romance Week

The third week of July is filled with new energies and commutes. Mercury moves to Leo and illuminates the Aquarius man’s seventh house of love and partnerships. This is a great time to listen to his partner or love interest and to share mutual interests and ideas.

He will feel the need to speak more than usual, and he will want to talk about his hobbies and interesting visions he’s been having for the past couple of weeks. It’s a perfect time for open and direct communication.

Go out and talk about everything and anything beneath the stars. Go to the observatory, and watch videos about astronomy and space travel. Talk about quantum physics and explore quantum mechanics together.

This week serves for you to get to know each other better and to share your philosophies with one another. Be brave and honest in your approach, listen more than you speak, and then say more than you planned. This is a good period to be spontaneous and to fall in love even more.

I Am Ready For Love!

The fourth and final week brings interesting development to the Aquarius man’s love life. This week illuminates the sign of Leo through the Moon, Sun, and Mercury, and it throws a shining light on his love interest!

It’s a perfect time to be brave, to be unique, and to go out in the search of adventure, thrills, and adrenaline. It’s a great time to go hiking in the Grand Canyon or the desert. It’s a perfect time to talk about your unique topics and to share gimmicks and funny stories with each other.

If you act more childish than normal, know that it’s thanks to this mighty New Moon in Leo. The same goes for him – don’t be surprised if you finally see his warmer interior and behavior that usually goes unnoticed thanks to his calm and cool exterior.

His family life will be a hot topic as well right now, thanks to the merry bunch in Taurus. So, it’s a good idea to take a step back from the family drama if there’s any, and to spend quality time with your partner in order to let the storm pass around you.

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Final Thoughts

The Aquarius man doesn’t have this summer month as intense as some other signs – he’s more on the pensive and secluded side – but then again, it is summer after all, and there is a mighty New Moon towards the end of the month, so it all evens out nicely.

His moods are going to be mostly self-reflective, but he’ll also appreciate any and all time you invest in research for his pleasure and sharing of your unique resources about conspiracy theories and astronomy topics.

It’s a perfect month for a desert trip, to go somewhere hot and dry and have a blast, especially if you bring along your own playlist with the greatest hits from every decade. Eat something sweet and sugary during this month in order to keep your serotonin levels up for the task.

Some of these transits are going to feel different for individuals than I have explained here. While generally accurate, these predictions don’t reflect the entire depth of information found within your partner or love interest’s Birth Chart.

I noticed this and saw a perfect opportunity to bond more with my readers. As a result, I created the VIP Consultation service for my readers who desire one on one consultations with me. It’s a way for me to get to know you and for you to gain personalized insight into your relationship.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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