Aquarius Man Horoscope For March 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
We are about to venture into another monthly prediction for the Aquarius man. And it’s the month of spring and awakening, March!

Hello my lovely readers, how are you? Fantastic, I hope, for we are about to venture into another monthly prediction for the Aquarius man. And it’s the month of spring and awakening nonetheless, so all of us are extra excited and super ready for sunnier days and bluer skies.

The beginning of the month allows for resolving serious matters in the Aquarius man’s relationship, which creates a mature opening for further progress and growth when it comes to his love life. Although the transits aren’t promising for a lot of romantic and date ventures, it is, however, promising sound resolutions and mature compromises.

The first Half-Moon around the 10th of March makes him the star of the show. He is on the stage, and the transits have made it to be all about him. This is why it’s a good idea to make all the activities and dates to his liking. He will be more childish at this point in time than usual, and it’s the right opportunity to catch him off guard and learn more about him.

The Full Moon brings an opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper and more intimate level. It’s a perfect time for cozy activities and sensual dates. Don’t be afraid to make the first move and ask him out. If he asks you out first and plans an entire date for the two of you – just say yes and don’t be surprised, he is ready to make his feelings known.

The end of the month transits set the stage perfectly for the coming months, it’s a great time to go adventuring together and participate in exciting dates. The Aquarius man is slowly coming to terms that karma has set for him, and he is emotionally maturing.

This Is Hard, But I’ve Got To Do It

The beginning of the month puts an accent on the Aquarius man’s first house through a Saturn and Mercury conjunction. This means that he will be forced to say what has been on his heart and in the back of his mind for quite some time now.

His second house of income and finances is also activated, and positively at that. There’s a New Moon conjunct the Sun and Jupiter, and this means that a lot of blessings and money pouring is going to come his way.

The Aquarius man’s twelfth house is heavily aspected at this point in time thanks to the Mars-Pluto-Venus and Vesta stellium in Capricorn. This means that his mind will be preoccupied with relationship topics, but not in a very positive way. This is why it’s a good thing Mercury is conjunct Saturn in his first house, for this will allow him to say what is burdening him and there’s an opening for solving his relationship troubles.

Furthermore, the ruler of his fifth house of fun, romance, and pleasures (Mercury) is on cohorts with Saturn, so, although this doesn’t allow for much romance or lovey-dovey ventures of a lighthearted nature, this does allow for problem-solving and situation evolving in a more mature and solid way.

The beginning of the month looks promising for future romantic ventures, it sets the tone for fun times ahead by resolving serious issues and possible problems right now.

Don’t Look Now…

The first Half-Moon brings a nice change of scenery to the Aquarius man’s life, especially when his love life is concerned. The Moon makes a neat conjunction with Lilith in Gemini, his fifth house. As well, Mars and Venus have separated from heavy Pluto, and are now in his first house of self in Aquarius.

This creates a prosperous opportunity for interesting dates and a lighthearted mood. It’s a great time for movie nights, video gaming together, watching bizarre documentaries, and sharing commentary of weird but interesting YouTube videos.

What’s more, it’s also a great time to find out more about him and his personal likes. These transits make him prone to opening up about himself, and he will be more talkative than he usually is. It’s a good moment to be inquisitive about his past and his feelings.

Going book shopping together, indulging in his hobbies, and spending time doing activities he finds fun and intriguing can prove to be the right way to his heart. After all, this time is more about him and the planets throw focus on his likes and dislikes right now.

There’s a time for everything, and I’ll make sure you know when it’s your time to enter the big stage – worry not. But this time it’s all about him.

This Moon Is Making Me Crazy In Love!

The Full Moon on the 18th of March activates the Aquarius man’s eighth and second houses of money, possessions, and sex. Taking into account that the ruler of his fifth house and dispositor of the Full Moon in Virgo is Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, this lunation will be a significant one for him.

His emotions and eroticism will rise up to the surface and he will be more verbally (and physically) expressive of his needs, wants, and desires. It’s a great time to be in each other’s company in an intimate but neat setting. Taking a bubble bath together, visiting a spa resort with a nice suite, or enjoying a couple’s massage is the right way to go during this time.

He will feel the need to ask you out on a date and spend time with you if you’re his love interest or partner. His emotions have risen to the surface and he will want to express them in more than just a verbal way, which is a rare occurrence for the Aquarius man.

If the invitation doesn’t arrive, don’t shy away from making the first move. Ask him out on a fun date that at one point or another includes a more intimate setting where he’ll feel safe to open up about his feelings to you.

It’s a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s bodies and explore mutual pleasures and fantasies. So, if there’s an opportunity for that, then make sure not to miss it. This Full Moon in Virgo is the right moment to get closer to each other and to get to know each other on a deeper and more intimate level.

Born To Be Wild

The end of the month brings light to the Aquarius man’s first, second, and third houses. This means that his feelings will reach a pinnacle and his actions will reflect the destined way in which his relationships have to go from now on.

Money will come his way easily and abundantly. This is a very good time for such occurrences as Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun are all coupled in Aries, his third house of communication and short travel.

This means that if he plans something special and doesn’t mind financing the entire escapade for the two of you – bigger (romantic) works are underway – then he’s getting ready to confess his deeper feelings and to open up entirely.0

It’s a great time to go on a short trip together, to ride around in your car, to watch sunsets in the wild, and to be adventurous. Going on adventures and exciting dates together is the best option for these transits.

Once again, the spotlight is his and the focus is on him, but this will pay off greatly in the long run, for he is undergoing a very important emotional growth and evolution during this time. Stick with him to find out how rewarding this experience will turn out to be!

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Final Word

And there you have it, my friends – March predictions and super easy instructions on how to handle this month’s transits.

Stay safe, have fun, and be positive; March is a promising month and it brings good things to those who have done good in the past. And to those who haven’t… well, it’s never too late to start fighting for the higher cause.

I write these articles so that they apply to everyone who is with an Aquarius man. While generally correct, you could be feeling as if your specific situation was overlooked. I won’t have my dear readers left feeling this way without guidance.

I pride myself on my connection with my audience. I never want you to finish here feeling like you didn’t receive enough help in your relationship.

I created the VIP Consultation services in order to find those that need my one on one, personalized attention. It’s a way for me to get to know you and for you to gain personalized insight into your relationship.

Wishing you love and light on your journey this month with your loved one.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “Aquarius Man Horoscope For March 2022

  1. Wow what u saying its the truth and him dated now for 1year was it the 16th of January…like u said it was fast in the beginning and he pulled away …but sins the 27th of Dec 2021 everything changes…hes more loving and caring…hes a amazing I understand him now…but not trust him stil

    1. Hi Lindsa!

      That sounds wonderful that he’s being more loving and caring. I don’t know why you don’t trust him and maybe you need to work on the part of you that doesn’t have trust or forgiveness. Unless he’s showing you that he still cannot be trusted then you’re just going to end up manifesting the relationship to end via betrayal. Let go of the past and move forward. I’m not saying to take a blind eye but watch for red flags but don’t purposefully make flags where there aren’t any. I hope this makes sense. I wish you all the love and happiness you truly deserve!

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