Aquarius Man Compatibility: How He Matches With Women

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Aquarius Man Compatibility: How He Matches With Women

Has an Aquarius man gotten your attention? Are you drawn to this delicious guy but not sure if your sign will match up well with his? Here is some info on Aquarius man compatibility with other signs:

Same Sign Chemistry

There is always a possibility that two people of the same sign can work well together. Not all signs but many of them will. Aquarius man with Aquarius woman is one of the possible successes.

These two are on the same level mentally. They intellectually stimulate each other. They’ll have lots of amazing conversation that can last long periods of time. They understand each other sexually and can see eye to eye.

Great Matches

There are some other signs that seem to be an amazing fit for the Aquarius guy. Aquarius man with Gemini woman is one of them. These two love to have a good time and are social together. They’re also both brainy and witty.

Sex will be rather equal and be fulfilling for these two. They know what each other needs. These two should flow rather nicely as long as Gemini sticks to her word and Aquarius isn’t too blunt with what he says.

The next amazing match is the Aquarius man with a Libra woman. These two are a sunshiny pair that lives with stars in their eyes. Since they are both air signs, they both really enjoy being social butterflies.

They’ll enjoy the best of everything together. Sex will be warm and loving between the two of them. They’ll also share many of other satisfying activities outside of the bedroom together as well. There’s not much that can get in the way.

The third match is the Aquarius man with a Sagittarius woman. These two will enjoy many adventures together as they travel and experience new things. They will spend quite a bit of time exploring the world and enjoying each other’s company.

These two think outside the box with every aspect of their lives, including the bedroom where they don’t mind trying new things and finding what works best. Each will need to curb their flirtatious nature before it gets them into trouble.

Another fantastic opportunity would be with the Aquarius man and Leo woman. They are both typically very cerebral and will find plenty to discuss and fill their hours together. Boredom isn’t in this couple’s vocabulary.

Sexually, Leo will want to take the lead and this could cause a bit of a rift between the two if they don’t find a way to reach the middle ground. This may need a little tweaking but these two could make a heck of a match.

Possibilities with Work

Aquarius man has other matches that may work well but may need a bit of compromise and communication. Aquarius man with Aries woman is a possible pair that can work if they can learn to open up to each other better.

These two are both very creative and seek fun times. In bed, they will likely try to find many different methods to try with one another allowing them to enjoy themselves. Sex will be their strongest aspect.

Looking at Aquarius man with Taurus woman could provide another interesting pairing. These two are actually opposites. They’re also set in their ways which can cause some ruffle between them. Aquarius likes spontaneity while Taurus likes routine.

These two will definitely have to learn to talk to each other so that they can find ways to co-exist and have a successful relationship. Sex between these two will also need a bit of work but CAN work out if they’re really into each other.

With Aquarius man and Cancer woman, these two are a bit different mentally but they’re both good at finding some middle ground. She may be a bit too much to handle at times with mood swings.

Sexually speaking, they will get along and will find new ways to excite them. However, at some point Cancer could potentially be a bit overwhelming to the steadfast Aquarius. This will need a bit of work but could still happen.

There is also the Aquarius man with Capricorn woman. These two will see eye to eye on a deep intellectual level. She will likely have a bit more integrity that will make her seem arrogant at times.

Sexually speaking, these two may be less than thrilled. It can be bland and dry unless they really work at it. It can happen but it will for sure need quite a bit of work and communication which is hard for them sometimes.

Not the Best Aquarius man compatibility 

Naturally, there will be some signs that aren’t the best match for the Aquarius guy. However, anything IS possible so don’t lose faith if you don’t see your sign amongst the “best” matches.

Aquarius man with Virgo woman will no doubt get along on an intellectual level. They’re both witty and will enjoy each other’s company. Where they lack closeness will be with intimacy. This will be a troubled area for the two of them.

Aquarius is spontaneous where Virgo isn’t. She may be resistant to try new things which will be off-putting to him. This is a rough connection and some understanding is necessary if there is any hope.

Aquarius man with Scorpio woman is a bit of a tough match. They’re highly attracted to each other and share many interests. However, there are things that won’t gel well such as her lack of logic.

These two will be very sexually attracted and are likely to have hot passionate sex. However, getting along in other aspects of their lives will prove to be quite difficult as they don’t agree on most things.

Then lastly, there is Aquarius man with Pisces woman. These two are intrigued by how each other thinks and operates which keeps their interest in each other. Pisces may push Aquarius too hard and fast which will freak him out.

Sexually the two are very different as Pisces wants a deeper connection and Aquarius wants to have fun. Unless they can fix the disconnect they have, it may not be the best match.


What’s your take on Aquarius man compatibility? Let me know!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

40 thoughts on “Aquarius Man Compatibility: How He Matches With Women

  1. Personally I don’t agree with the Virgo woman point. I am Virgo, and I am very open to try new things, plus I’m very open and highly sexual. Maybe I’m different to most Virgos – but we are not all prudes

    1. That’s it, I totally agree, as a Virgo I am very adventurous open to trying new things and again highly sexual and enjoy trying new things in the bedroom. Also I’m finding my Aquarius man very quiet and timid although a quick learner he’s very out of his depth and takes things very slow. I’m hoping once he breaks some of his boundaries he’ll become much more lively and open. I’m actually finding him less spontaneous than I am. Do you think once he passes each new boundary he’ll open up and become more adventurous and spontaneous?

      1. Hi SarahLouise!

        Aquarius men can be rather slow at almost anything they do. It’s good he’s a quick learner though. Be patient with him and show him what pleasures he can have with you if he opens up a bit more. I think you’ll find that he’ll start to be more open with you over time. Flirt with him sexually. He may respond well. Give it a shot and you just may get a “rise” out of him.

      2. I’m a Scorpio in love with an Aquarius man. We seem to go two steps forward in our relationship and then one step back. I feel like we’re a couple and then… Making me crazy!

        1. Hi Kat!

          That sounds par for the course for the Aquarius man but Scorpios can do the same thing sometimes. The key to success is really in the communication you two have. You have to make sure you talk to each other about everything that is important and make sure you don’t hold back when you need to speak up. He needs to do the same thing. If either of you holds things in, it will destroy the relationship. If you would like to learn more about Aquarius man, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

        2. I am Virgo who has been friends with benefits with an Aquarius man for 7 years. 3 weeks ago he up and walked out of my life with no real reason. He had gone ghost before but I never really know why, but he always comes back. Of course I fell in love with him so its been a roller-coaster for me, as he never really says his real feelings, except for he can’t love.

    2. Hi Kathy!

      I don’t think Virgos are prudes. I think you all are selective in who you will be sexually active with and who you will not. You have a higher standard than other signs. You also don’t NEED anyone but enjoy sharing time with good people. Being open sexually can also come with a level of comfort. Sometimes these things vary with Moon signs, Rising signs, and of course one’s Venus.

    1. Hi Johanna!

      I understand completely. If things are going well so far then there is no reason to think that it won’t stay that way. Remember to keep things fresh and exciting. The more introduce new things into your lives, it keeps him interested. There is lots more you should know! If you would like to learn more about Aquarius man, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  2. I’m a scorpio and I think the aquarius man is more secretive, they like to hide their true feelings a lot, and will hurt themselves by running into the arms of the Gemini woman and Libra woman that’s very jealous and confrontational. Aquarius man is very caring and don’t like to leave a relationship on bad terms but will deal with a lot of headache. They are very bad cheaters as well. I found out everything about my ex because the women made it known to the world in small details that I can read lol. Scorpio women love hard and are very caring. They doesn’t give up easy but when they do you will never get the good side of them again.

    1. Hi Shameki!

      Yes this sounds like some of the negative traits the Aquarius man can tend to have. Not all of them are unfaithful though. The ones that are probably hurt and not willing to invest themselves fully into someone or if they do, they pull themselves back as to not get hurt again. It’s a sad process but it’s their problem and they have to work on their own healing. If you would like to learn more about Aquarius man, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  3. The comments on each sign were interesting! My Aquarius guy is an Aquarius sun, taurus moon and cap venus, while I’m a Taurus sun, Aquarius rising and Gemini Venus ? those aspects kinda make me feel more hopeful it’ll work out with my aquarius

    1. HI Anne!

      It does seem that you may have the right combinations to get things to work out. Just keep things exciting and fresh with him and you should be able to hold his interest quite well. Give him his space when he needs it and he’ll come back to you. If you would like to learn more about Aquarius man, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  4. I’m a Virgo woman with an Aquarius man. It’s kind of the opposite, I like doing new things he’s more routine. Communication is hard, Virgos are talkers and Aquarius isn’t. A lot in common but communication and diversity is the hard part with these two

    1. Hi Shineice!

      Hmm it sounds like your Aquarius guy has some aspects in his chart that make him more quiet and not so outgoing. Most Aquarius men love to talk and are very active people. It sounds like you two need to communicate better so that you can be on the same page or at the very least, close to it so that you can make sure things go smoothly between you. If you would like to learn more about Aquarius man, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    1. Hi Mara!

      Aquarius goes very well with Aquarius until you two may bump heads now and then when it comes to personal freedom. One of you may want more than the other or you both may want more but don’t have the right timing lining up. There are some frustrations but for the most part you understand each other very well and could have a successful union. If you would like to learn more about Aquarius man, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  5. I’m an older Leo woman intrigued by Aquarius man, and he’s great to chat with, So Funny & Smart, although I think he’s just chatting with me like a sister or maybe colleague …. he seems guarded to take a step and yet He shares his emotions about life with what seems like genuine heart.

    1. Hi Autumn!

      Try suggesting to him “have you ever thought of what it might be like if we were more than friends?” that way you can find out if he has ever thought of it or would consider it. Then you know if you’re just friends or if there is potential for more. If you would like to learn more about Aquarius man, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  6. I’m a leo woman and when we first met we connected so deeply that I moved from Indiana to Washington. He flew out to drive me there. We jumped right into a relationship and he did everything to secure me. Explained the friendship he had with the mother of his girls and she made sure I knew all the other girlfriends he had were silly for being jealous of her. Well it is because he drops everything when she calls. At first it didn’t bother me, until he stopped doing things for me yet would still jump for her. I became silly and eventually left hoping he would stop me and show me I was the one. Turns out he didn’t like that I went to my ex, not to be with him but to get my kids situated because they were very hard to live with and it was time for them to try the dad. He ignored me completely did opposite of what I expected. I went back even though he told me to stay because I knew it was hurt and anger talking or not talking. And it was but he staued mad and said he didn’t know if he wanted a relationship after tasting freedom. To be able to go without checking if I felt some type of way. Things for worse and I became angry that he wouldn’t use this as a chance to grow stronger and felt he was blocking our relationship. I know he loves me and he tells me he does. But he is mad and want space. Of course I kept pushing until I left again. And here I am once again at my ex mad that he is blocking this. He tells me he love me
    But I’m too pushy and controlling and he is evem madder I keep doing all the wrong things cuz he doesn’t want to be mad anymore.

    1. Hi Jennifer!

      Yikes yes, freedom does seem to call Aquarius especially when nothing is going right in their lives at the time. He probably feels betrayed by what happened and it’s hard for them to work past betrayal. They can hold onto that for years. You’re going to have to give him the space he’s asking for or you will lose him. If you would like to learn more about Aquarius man, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  7. I met an Aquarian man full of hide and seek.Damn it’s hard work him.He appears and disappears and I dont show him that I deperate.Yoh I don’t want to go there again.

    1. Hi Rachel!

      Yes, it’s hard work with an Aquarius. It takes a very strong independent woman with patience to be with this guy. It’s up to you whether or not you want to put in the work. If not then you should try to find someone you find easier to mesh with. If you would like to learn more about Aquarius man, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

    2. Not actually’met’ my aquarius man in person yet. I’m Aries Sun, venus and Libra Asc. He loves banter and innuendos via msgs which I’m quite up for (of course, as I’m an Aries!) then suddenly goes quiet, only to pop up a few days later. Not chasing him at all. I get he wants to test the waters to see if we can be friends first…… ? Got a date in a couple of weeks time so we will see then if the spark is there?!

      1. Hi Rosie!

        Absolutely wait until you meet him before you decide anything. You’ll know in person if he’s worth pursuing or not. Don’t invest too much until you’re sure he’s what you want and you’re what he wants. If you need to know more about Aquarius, please check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  8. I am a Sagittarius and totally smitten with an Aquarius Man. We met a couple years ago business wise and I was immediately attracted. But he was marries and so am I. We re-connected a little over a year ago and his wife had just left him. Again, all our contact was because of a business reason but we found ourselves talking and talking. I feel I have helped him with the loss, actually he said I have! And every so often we get into this state where I am feeling we just want to be together. I am moving out of my relationship but it will be next year before I am able to be free. He is now dating which makes me nervous but I try to never show jealousy or be nosey. He seems to edit a bit when telling me what he did over the weekend, not lies but maybe downplaying the girl he was with??? Anyhow, I have already ordered your dirty secrets program and pour over it regularly. Any help would be so appreciated, I truly love this man but know he won’t entertain the idea of having a Relationship before I am free and available. Thank you so much Anna for all the info!

    1. Hi Sandi!

      He is probably being careful with you as to not hurt you. He obviously thinks there is something sort of there between you. He’s also trying not to get hurt himself which is why he’s dating around. I would guess that they are rebounds since his ex. When you are ready then maybe he’ll actually be ready to be with you fully. I”m glad you ordered dirty secrets but you may want to also read my main book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  9. I am a Gemini and hold to my word, although he seems to get scared and RUN….or I get jealous of all the other girls. I am dealing with a Libra running after him now…..I blocked him on social media just so I would not be tempted to message him… is so very hard as we are both so highly attracted to each other….

  10. I’m a Sagittarius woman and I have had a good friend of mine (he is an aquarius) we have known each other for 15 years and when we both ended up single we had an on again off again fling for about 6 months. I fell for him and he gave me all the signs that he really cared about me, well long story short he moved away because of his job and after about a month or two he became distant. And basically ghosted me for about a year. Out of the blue I got a message from him saying how much he has missed me and we have been talking like old times. Should I hold out hope that this could go somewhere or should I just file this under ” not gonna happen?”

    1. Hi Tambry a Vanpelt!

      It sounds like he needed to take a breather and re-order his priorities which put you on the back burner for awhile. Now that he’s back and talking as though everything is normal then that’s a good thing. I think there is still possibility there if you’d be willing to relocate. You have to think about things like this and you have to find out if he’s up for it as well. Tell him you’d really like something to come of this friendship you have. Give him the chance to tell you whether or not he’s also into it. Find out for your own peace of mind sweetheart!

  11. Aquarius guys are weirdos. Psuedos too. Started seeing one a day to my birthday. 27th August. We talked for few days and had sex days later. Then things started changing when I wanted to introduce him to my family for safety purposes. He started acting weird. Once I went to visit, he kept me outside for hours till I left. I was embarrassed. But right now, I’m done physically and mentally. If he calls or text again I’ll use monosyllabic words to communicate with him. He’s childish. Aquarius men are energy drainers.

    1. Hi Gillian,

      August 27th huh? Virgo lady! Sounds like it was way too soon to meet the family. That’s what he thought at least. It made him uncomfortable. Aquarius men move slowly and tend to not want to get to that level until things become more serious with you. That’s a pretty normal thing. I think that he’s just not the right type of guy for you. If you need someone who is more comfortable with meeting your family so soon, you probably need a sign that is ready to move faster sweetheart. Do what is right for you always but please don’t peg all Aquarius men the same way. I wish you all the best!

  12. So I met my aquarius over the course of many years. I am a pisces sun Scorpio rising and aquarius moon. He is an aquarius moon and Leo rising. We also have our Venus in aquarius and our mercury in pisces and our Mars in aquarius LOL

    Also Jupiter I am Virgo and he is Scorpiowhich is a beneficial connection. The houses don’t align as well per se, but the planetary alignment freaks me out. We met with love following quickly as we became roommates with toxic mutual friends. We lived together for our entire relationship and moved out of that house together. One day…..after covid and work related issues, and then some sudden loss related grief, he just pulled away. I had faith that we would communicate if it was that bad but he wouldn’t open up and he dumped me. I pleaded and went on about his reasoning being related to the surrounding issues, not us. He took me back but it was never the same as we were moving separate and the circumstances I over into were kind of awful. He stayed long enough to help me move into my own place, as I had helped him move the first time. I had had a friend for the first move, who was out of town this time. Then he pulled away again I sent some manic texts over romanticized and way more than I wanted to say. I am anxious and he is avoidant, when things are bad. Anywho long story short, I know pisces and aquarius are less than perfect, but the rest of it… works. We need help to break down the communication errors, but I love him. I want to break down the issues and show him that we are best friends and excellent lovers and no matter what I will have his back. I just need some reassurance sometimes so I don’t over react to his absence, as he used to be very very communicative.

    1. Hi Deandra!

      Thank you for sharing your relationship with Aquarius man. Yes, you two need to get hold of your emotions and talk to each other only when you are cooled down and ready to communicate. That is VERY important. You can try telling him you need just a little reassurance from time to time so you don’t worry. I think he can work with that. I wish you all the best!

  13. The Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman section was spot on. That is exactly how it was for me and we did not date but two months. He fell out of love faster than he fell in it!

    1. Hi Honey!

      Thank you for writing in and giving me confirmation that what I wrote is spot on for you. They definitely figure it out pretty quickly if the person they’re talking to or dating isn’t the one. Sorry to hear that this was the case for you sweetheart. You definitely deserve far better and that means there IS someone else out there for you that is right. I wish you lots of love!

    1. Hi Carolina!

      If you check the article, it’s under the “Possibilities that work”. Take a peek sweetheart. If you two can open up to each other then there is hope for something wonderful to happen. I wish you nothing but the best!

      1. Carolina,
        I am in a proof positive relationship Aries/Aquarius combo. We have known each other 6 years, dated for 5, got married this past May on our 5th anniversary together. Our first year was bumpy because we had to learn each other’s communication styles. Once we got past that, we have been smooth sailing. Take heart and hope, it can work beautifully.

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