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Aquarius Man Compatibility: How He Matches With Women

Has an Aquarius man gotten your attention? Are you drawn to this delicious guy but not sure if your sign will match up well with his? Here is some info on Aquarius man compatibility with other signs:

Same Sign Chemistry

There is always a possibility that two people of the same sign can work well together. Not all signs but many of them will. Aquarius man with Aquarius woman is one of the possible successes.

These two are on the same level mentally. They intellectually stimulate each other. They’ll have lots of amazing conversation that can last long periods of time. They understand each other sexually and can see eye to eye.

Great Matches

There are some other signs that seem to be an amazing fit for the Aquarius guy. Aquarius man with Gemini woman is one of them. These two love to have a good time and are social together. They’re also both brainy and witty.

Sex will be rather equal and be fulfilling for these two. They know what each other needs. These two should flow rather nicely as long as Gemini sticks to her word and Aquarius isn’t too blunt with what he says.

The next amazing match is the Aquarius man with a Libra woman. These two are a sunshiny pair that lives with stars in their eyes. Since they are both air signs, they both really enjoy being social butterflies.

They’ll enjoy the best of everything together. Sex will be warm and loving between the two of them. They’ll also share many of other satisfying activities outside of the bedroom together as well. There’s not much that can get in the way.

The third match is the Aquarius man with a Sagittarius woman. These two will enjoy many adventures together as they travel and experience new things. They will spend quite a bit of time exploring the world and enjoying each other’s company.

These two think outside the box with every aspect of their lives, including the bedroom where they don’t mind trying new things and finding what works best. Each will need to curb their flirtatious nature before it gets them into trouble.

Another fantastic opportunity would be with the Aquarius man and Leo woman. They are both typically very cerebral and will find plenty to discuss and fill their hours together. Boredom isn’t in this couple’s vocabulary.

Sexually, Leo will want to take the lead and this could cause a bit of a rift between the two if they don’t find a way to reach the middle ground. This may need a little tweaking but these two could make a heck of a match.

Possibilities with Work

Aquarius man has other matches that may work well but may need a bit of compromise and communication. Aquarius man with Aries woman is a possible pair that can work if they can learn to open up to each other better.

These two are both very creative and seek fun times. In bed, they will likely try to find many different methods to try with one another allowing them to enjoy themselves. Sex will be their strongest aspect.

Looking at Aquarius man with Taurus woman could provide another interesting pairing. These two are actually opposites. They’re also set in their ways which can cause some ruffle between them. Aquarius likes spontaneity while Taurus likes routine.

These two will definitely have to learn to talk to each other so that they can find ways to co-exist and have a successful relationship. Sex between these two will also need a bit of work but CAN work out if they’re really into each other.

With Aquarius man and Cancer woman, these two are a bit different mentally but they’re both good at finding some middle ground. She may be a bit too much to handle at times with mood swings.

Sexually speaking, they will get along and will find new ways to excite them. However, at some point Cancer could potentially be a bit overwhelming to the steadfast Aquarius. This will need a bit of work but could still happen.

There is also the Aquarius man with Capricorn woman. These two will see eye to eye on a deep intellectual level. She will likely have a bit more integrity that will make her seem arrogant at times.

Sexually speaking, these two may be less than thrilled. It can be bland and dry unless they really work at it. It can happen but it will for sure need quite a bit of work and communication which is hard for them sometimes.

Not the Best Aquarius man compatibility 

Naturally, there will be some signs that aren’t the best match for the Aquarius guy. However, anything IS possible so don’t lose faith if you don’t see your sign amongst the “best” matches.

Aquarius man with Virgo woman will no doubt get along on an intellectual level. They’re both witty and will enjoy each other’s company. Where they lack closeness will be with intimacy. This will be a troubled area for the two of them.

Aquarius is spontaneous where Virgo isn’t. She may be resistant to try new things which will be off-putting to him. This is a rough connection and some understanding is necessary if there is any hope.

Aquarius man with Scorpio woman is a bit of a tough match. They’re highly attracted to each other and share many interests. However, there are things that won’t gel well such as her lack of logic.

These two will be very sexually attracted and are likely to have hot passionate sex. However, getting along in other aspects of their lives will prove to be quite difficult as they don’t agree on most things.

Then lastly, there is Aquarius man with Pisces woman. These two are intrigued by how each other thinks and operates which keeps their interest in each other. Pisces may push Aquarius too hard and fast which will freak him out.

Sexually the two are very different as Pisces wants a deeper connection and Aquarius wants to have fun. Unless they can fix the disconnect they have, it may not be the best match.


What’s your take on Aquarius man compatibility? Let me know!

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