Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility: Is This Perfection?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman get together, it can be a ground breaking union. Keep reading for more information on this amazing match.

When an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman get together, it can be a groundbreaking union. Aquarius is an air sign with the strangest planet, Uranus – known for it’s the North Pole that faces the sun and its moons orbiting around it backward, as its ruling planet.

Therefore, Aquarius is a quirky, intelligent, and innovative sign. Aquarius’ second ruling planet is Saturn, which rules logic and reason. This can work favorably in the relationship of Aquarius man and Aquarius woman, making both partners rational thinkers.

It can also make the partners cold and distant if not balanced properly, though. When two of these forward thinkers form a partnership, it is an impressive alliance, particularly of the mind.

Independence Unlimited: Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

In a couple of Aquarius woman and Aquarius man, one kind of has to wonder when or if they ever actually spend time with each other. He is so incredibly individualistic. He is also incredibly busy trying to save the world. Well, the great thing is that Aquarius is so individualistic that you can’t exactly pigeonhole a man or a woman born under this sign that way.

What’s Under the Hood

For most people, the most mysterious thing about Aquarius men is right on the surface. For you though, you completely get his fierce individualism contrasted with his humanitarian vision, which may come across oddly to most everyone except yourself. The ultimate question for you is if his particular passions are compatible with yours. Let’s have a look at the Aquarius man and Aquarius woman combo, shall we?

Moon Sign Important with Aquarius Man attracted to Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

You’re totally in on his quirks and eccentricities, but is his career, his hobbies, his passions compatible with you? The best place to start is to look at the Moon sign. This is where the moon is at the moment of someone’s birth. It shapes the emotional landscape and daily habits of everyone. This is what’s going to tell whether you two will ever get to see much of each other on the day in day out basis.

It will also provide clues into his emotional state. I know, you’re thinking, “What are these emotions you speak of?” Well, Aquarius women, we all have them, including you and him! Just as the Moon’s in the sky; Venus, Mars, Mercury, and so on, as well. Anyway, you’ll want to know what makes him tick, what sets him off, and where that one neat trick came from, right?

Ordering one of my Custom Compatibility Reports between you two is a great way to get your peek behind the scenes to see what’s eating at him without the messy fallout of one of his turns, especially how any of it relates to you, if at all.

One thing to know: the more birth data you can give me on him, as well as on you, the more accurate the report will be, and the fewer generalities I’d have to speak in. You may have to find a clever way to get this information from him since he could well know what’s up and get sketchy with you if you use a direct approach.

“Well, That Escalated Quickly!”

That stoic and aloof thing is all part of the Aquarius male charm, at first. But for you, dear Aquarius lady, it can get a little old after a while. You love feeling connected with him, but during these times, you feel awfully separated. Then, BOOM, he releases a flood of reasons and theories that could make Alex Jones and David Icke look tame. For you, if you happen to be in the same mood, that’s just fantastic.

If you happen to not be in the same mood, or a mood that’s amenable to such an outburst, well, it’s argument and debate time. As you well know, both of you are experts at that essential life skill. The question is, how heated is it going to get by the end of it? That’s where that Moon sign would come in awfully handy.

Give Him Emotional Space

When it comes down to it, getting to the bottom of his emotional turns takes way too much energy for you, and often enough, the Magneto-like tirades, once you get there just, aren’t your bag. And that’s okay. You realize that you can’t share absolutely everything, and there’s a big wide world out there to explore.

The big trick for you to understand is that you can’t give him too much space with his personal utopian ideals. The one big threat to your relationship is your mutual individualism and lone adventures, leading you two to drift apart. It’s true that both of you are devoted to each other. It’s also unique kind of devotion.

The thing is, you two need to check in with each other fairly regularly and communicate. Normally, it’s not something you have to work on, but if his storm clouds become enough of a non-interest to you that the communications start flagging, you could find yourselves living very different lives.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

For both of you, it’s not even a little bit strange to live double or even triple lives in this relationship. Side lovers can be a thing for either or both of you, and simply put, you two truly grasp that you don’t own or even have a majority stock on each other. And sometimes, the passion of the new, shiny thing can outshine the fading passion that comes with a lack of communication.

Consider it as a matter of taking a break from his intensity, and if it becomes more like being with him is taking a break from your life, it might be time to talk about counseling.

The Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman in Bed

You may have well met your match in passionate adventure-seeking with the Aquarius man, Aquarius lady. You see, they’re kind of horn-dogs, really. They can go at it just about anywhere, anyplace, and anytime and generally- more than once. Aquarians have enormous sexual appetites and demand partners that can keep up. Of course, they aren’t slaves to their libido, either: he can go without if he needs to; he just prefers not to.

Now one thing, you’re rare among the signs in that you can simply dive into the sack with an Aquarius man and not be put off by his eccentricities there. Half the thrill for you is simply in the experience. But you love talking about the things you could and would do with him, and so does he. 

Easily another half of the adventure is talking about it, and maybe a scene plays here and there. Such is the erotic scenery between the Aquarius man and Aquarius woman sexually speaking.

Your Aquarius Man in Love

Aquarius man and Aquarius woman love compatibility helps you two get on famously in the sack that much is obvious. But is it love? Perhaps as much as can ever be expected from Aquarius, it’s highly likely. But there are some things to understand about Aquarius: their love seems very impersonal, and at times, they may actually need to be reeled in to make you feel special every once in a while. And, as you well know, it works the other way around.

A restriction is never a happy place for either of you, but you may find yourself doing that exact same thing to him. Two words: “STOP IT!” Neither of you like it, and as much as you like security, this kind of behavior will never work.

They Are Extremely Communicative

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

In case you didn’t notice, you and he both are stellar communicators. You have a gift in word choice and vocabulary that can raise villages or raze them. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to forget in the wake of our own hectic schedules that we need just to sit down and talk. Or stand on a podium and talk (yes, I meant to say stand ON a podium!).

And it’s a give and takes kind of talk that he likes, if it’s not participatory, he’ll occasionally throw out the jaw-dropper to make sure that you’re paying attention if you’re not engaged in the conversation. You know, having your own distant moment.

His Distance Isn’t Disloyalty

You’ve probably gotten quite used to him coming and going as he pleases, to him being there, but not there. But maybe you can’t quite help but wonder why he has this tomcat thing going on. Not as if having lovers on the side is necessarily outside the bounds of your relationship, but every so often, you as well as everyone else, can feel insecure about his loyalty and about whether he’ll come back to you eventually.

This is not something to truly concern yourself with, because come back he will, over and over again. He may indeed need to have a day or two of sleep when he arrives, but rest assured, nothing is going on that is a threat to you and your security. Well, unless you’ve found yourself secure in another relationship…but that’s a whole other ball of wax that we’ve already talked about and probably will again.

To the Aquarius man, the world is a big, huge place, with lots to explore and do, lots of ideas and information, lots of social ideals that need nurturing or destroying, and yes, lots of other women that need to experience his type of lovemaking. But in the end, it’s never been about you, against you, or in place of you. He’s a rambling soul, and he needs to roam.

What He Likes

The best way to think about an Aquarius man is to think about them as the ultimate individualists. This kind of makes a “general guide” difficult, but, at the same time, not really. You will find that understanding that he wants to be unapologetically himself and paying attention to the things he expresses helps you tremendously.

One area that you may find trouble with, though is that he’s also looking for a mate who can help him maintain balance. For you, there are times when your passions get the better of you and balance is very hard-won, so, working to center yourself and allow a little wiggle room will help you a great deal here. Like I said before, if you’re both out caterwauling (separately) all the time, there may one day be no one to come back home to.

Remember, both of you love adventure and are extreme individualists, and your greatest risk of separation is having too many of your own individual adventures and drifting apart. Sharing the same interests is of vital importance, and while I would never advise giving up yourself and your interests for his, trying things out his way more often will help keep the two of you cemented together.

How You Appear to Him, Aquarius Lady

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

Enough about him, let’s talk about you for a minute. More specifically, how he sees you. In you, whether he believes in astrology or not, he feels that he has found a soul mate. That you’re an old soul, and that both of you are ultimately cut apart from the rest. That the two of you are “circus people.” And yeah, he has probably said that to all the girls, but he means it with you.

Patience isn’t something that runs strongly with either of you, but there is something of a “soul mate” understanding with each other that’s hard to describe otherwise. It’s a Zen-like assurance that everything will work out with each other, eventually, somehow, some way. You don’t even really have to think about it, much like you would with patience.

Sexually, there could hardly be a better match for you than the Aquarius man. He’s open, explorative, and altogether game for the things you like to do, or would like to do. The main problem that comes up is that he might need just to shut up and just do you sometimes. That, or you two could find yourselves exploring as many possibilities as you can at once, and neglect everything else.

I know, it sounds kind of odd to say that, given that neither of you is particularly slaves to your passions. I mean, he could keep the movies going 24 hours a day, stop what he’s doing to “scratch the itch,” and then the next day, your house could look TV Evangelist approved. And that’s the thing, you both love indulging to the extreme, but you never actually NEED it, as an addict might.

One of the great things about the two of you in the sack is that it’s never quite the same thing in the same way at the same time. Routine is a word that never really comes up. That’s not to say that it’s a constant stream of fantastic sex; it usually is, but not always. Sometimes, it’s just flat out lame and clumsy. Which is a good thing, if you think about it, because a steady stream of awesome eventually becomes mediocre, and who wants that?

Emotionally Speaking

The problem lies in the fact that you both have a strong desire for love, but as you are individuals, you probably have different approaches in seeking that validation. You may be more adept at communicating your needs than he is, and that’s something that can create an issue: but, if you understand that between you there is a very different expression of masculine energy, that can help.

Your role here may be in helping to energize him to change and do better, whereas he may enable you to think bigger and open your mind to quite a lot. A balance of that will help prevent the odd sort of back and forth tremendously.

Bringing an Aquarius Woman and an Aquarius Man Together

Trust is a big thing for both of you, but you need it in different ways. We all do, and that’s part of what makes this crazy thing called love so…crazy. The great thing is that you two can (usually) talk to each other about nearly anything. While he may not be quite as much in touch with his more chaotic emotions as you are with yours, communication is something the two of you are great at.

The problem here comes when you two have differences of opinion, which can be aggravated by the basic assumption that since you’re so much in each others’ heads, you should agree on everything. When conflicts arise, you may not always know the best way to bring them to resolution, simply because you weren’t prepared to NEED TO.

This also comes with the emotional charge of betrayal when it occurs, because it’s easy to make the assumption that the other is “on your side” from your connection. This brings up the potentially scary situation of him seeing you as illogical or irrational. These are traits that he abhors and are the quickest turn-offs to the Aquarius psyche.

One of the most important things to remember is that everyone argues from time to time. Even the most perfect relationship is going to encounter conflict, and this doesn’t need to derail your progress. With an Aquarius man, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you are heard and taken seriously.

9 Steps Towards Resolving Conflicts With an Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

1. Recognize that your anger is a valid feeling.

When you are angry- you deserve to be able to state your feelings, but you also bear the responsibility to keep them from being destructive.

2. Talk over issues before you get angry.

If you can address things as they happen rather than allow them to build up and blow up- you’ll be more able to resolve the problem without fallout.

3. Don’t yell if you can absolutely avoid it.

If you find yourself displaying even righteous rage, you may be putting a tone on things you don’t intend to. If you feel yourself getting into a towering frenzy, it’s best to pull back and center yourself.

4. No threats or ultimatums.

First off, it’s important to understand that not every disagreement is a threat to a relationship- and you shouldn’t be using emotional blackmail. If you find yourself or anyone else threatening to end the relationship over a disagreement: you need to step back in a big way.

5. Lists are for shopping, not confrontations.

If you find yourself trying to address ONE issue, but suddenly bringing up a sort of catalog of past mistakes- stop it. You have to deal with the issue on the table, and that only. This holds particularly true if you find yourself bringing those things up in defense of a problem he has with you. While yes, those issues deserve resolution: stick to one thing at a time.

5. “Hypocrite” never wins an argument.

It never comes in the interest of saving a relationship, and it can never be resolved. We’re ALL guilty of things we accuse from time to time.

7. Work out a procedure.

Sometimes, the structure is just the thing- allow each other five minutes to talk about your feelings uninterrupted and then, take a break. Then, come back to discuss things after you’ve had time to process what you’ve heard them say.

8. Abusive behavior is never okay.

While you may get angry, while he may get angry- an occasionally accidentally slammed the door or letting slip with name-calling is one thing. If these things are a constant within your relationship, however: it’s important to understand that these are abusive behaviors and should not be tolerated.

If you’re the one who does it- find better ways of expressing your anger and healthier ways of working them out. If he’s the one who’s doing it, when calmer heads prevail, address that and make sure you have firm boundaries against such things. Physical violence, on the other hand, is never, ever an accident and should never be tolerated or accepted. There is NO excuse for that.

9. Refuse to argue when angry.

Any engagement is engagement- if you feel yourself getting into an angry state or you note that he is, just stop. Both of you will need to take a step back and allow each other to cool off. If he asks for that- respect it. If you ask for it, he should respect that


You can get a much deeper look at your Aquarian man, and even better, if you have all of his birth details, that is, time, day, month, year, and place of birth, order one of my Custom Compatibility Reports. This unique look into what makes the two of you (and no one else!) tick can enlighten you on so much that I can’t cover in this current place. Be sure and check it out.

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