5 Signs That Your Aquarius Ex Does Not Want You Back

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you still clinging to hope that your Aquarius ex wants you back in his life? What are some of the clearest signs that he does NOT want you in his life anymore? Read on…

Are you still clinging to hope that your Aquarius ex wants you back in his life? Sometimes, holding on just holds you back, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to confront the truth! This helps you to move on and open your heart to new love! What are some of the clearest signs that he does NOT want you in his life anymore? Read on…

Are you struggling to move on? Dreaming of the day that your Aquarius ex will call you and say that he wants to make it work with you again? You’re not alone. I work with many women hoping their exes will have a change of heart. 

After all, letting go of love is no easy task. But sometimes we are simply holding on to a dream of what could have been, rather than what was

It’s possible that your Aquarius ex was not really the one for you, but the fear of being alone was strong. Or maybe you overlooked his less desirable traits such as coldness, an overattachment to his independence, or an unromantic streak. Not to mention his stubborn nature! 

No one is perfect, but there is a perfect guy for you. Knowing when your Aquarius ex doesn’t want you back is a blessing in disguise. It helps you to finally let go and open up to the possibility of a new love in your life! 

Let’s explore some of the signs that he may still want you, and then we’ll explore the signs that he doesn’t want you back.

When an Aquarius Man DOES Still Want You

He Spends His Spare Time With You

Aquarius men love their independence, and their friendships are really important to them. If he’s still choosing to spend his time with you, then you are an important person in his life, make no mistake! 

If you’ve broken up and he still comes over and hangs out, it’s a clear sign he wants you in his life. 

He Still Communicates With You

Being an air sign, Aquarius is all about communication. If he’s still texting and messaging you, he’s likely still into you. Especially if those texts are long and detailed — he wouldn’t spend time talking to you for no reason. Trust me on this one! 

He Talks About the Future With You

Aquarius is a sign that lives truly in the future. He’s always one step ahead of everyone else, which means that if he still wants you, you’re in that future, too. He will talk about a future with you in it, whether it’s distant or near. 

Take special notice if he says ‘one day when…’ Even if it’s just friendly plans for road trips or seeing a concert, look out for signs he can’t imagine life without you in it in some way. 

He Can’t Let Go Of You

The truth is, ladies, Aquarius men are very stubborn. They don’t always seem like it, but they know what — and who — they want. And if it’s you that they desire, there will be very little stopping them from having you! They will fly to the ends of the earth to get you back! 

5 Signs That an Aquarius Man Does NOT Want You Back

1. He Ghosts You

Aquarius Man Ghosts You - 5 Signs he doesn't want you back

If your Aquarius ex ghosts you (when he cuts you out of his life with no explanation), it’s a very clear sign that he really doesn’t want you back in his life. 

Aquarius is the kind of sign that can just switch off with no explanation, which will hurt like crazy but is perhaps better in the long run.

Don’t run after him if he’s ghosted you. Let it be and take this as a message to move on with your life — without him. 

2. He Puts You Squarely in the Friend Zone

If your Aquarius ex is treating you like a good buddy (hint, no romantic expressions or emojis, no references to the past, and no real emotion), you know he has moved on and sees you as his friend, not his lover

Aquarius is the one sign that can just suddenly do that, and it might make you feel very confused indeed! He has a way of turning his romantic feelings off once he’s decided that things are done.

The question is — is that what you want? Don’t be afraid to cut him out of your life if it’s just too painful. 

3. There’s No More Communication

Aquarius men are known to love to talk, always having quick replies and eagerness to shoot their answers back via text or instant messaging. They also love chatting face to face and even on the phone, so if you’re not getting any of this anymore, it’s time to accept the truth. 

Even if that truth hurts, it’s better than having a guy constantly texting you who doesn’t know what he wants. This way, you can take time and space to heal your own hurts and come to terms with the breakup. 

Of course, this also frees up mental and emotional energy so that you can welcome new love into your life one day too! 

4. He’s Happily Single

Your Aquarius ex is likely someone who won’t always move from relationship to relationship. While he might be playing the field after a breakup, he’s usually a very happy single person who socializes more rather than going on the prowl.

If you can see that he seems to be happily single — according to him, to reports from mutual friends, social media, or family — it’s best to assume he doesn’t want you back in his life. Now is your time to go out there and have some fun, too! 

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5. He’s Cold

Aquarius is not typically a warm sign to start with, so if he’s gone colder than ever, you know it’s not helpful to try and win him back, or to yearn for him. 

What does cold look like? It can be the tone of his messages or the way he talks to you face to face — as if he’s a robot. It can even be the way that he presents himself on social media  without much concern for your feelings

Does this hurt? Of course! Can you fix it? No. He’s switched off, and there is very little you can do to change his mind. There’s that stubbornness of his, after all! Don’t try to get back at him — it will only hurt you in the long run!

As much as this all stings to hear, sometimes the best thing is knowing he doesn’t want you back. After all, how else can you let go and move on yourself? 

Have you ever suffered through a breakup with an Aquarius guy? How was it for you?  How and when did you know that the love had died and that he didn’t want to get back together? Share your story with us — it’s completely anonymous.

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    1. Hi Ni!

      Isn’t that a good thing? If he’s trying to win you back then clearly this article wouldn’t apply to you. Make sure that you want him back and you want to work on things with him. If you’d like to know more about Aquarius man in order to help you work through it, check out my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

  1. The Aquarius guy I am talking to just up and disappeared for a month and a half. NOTE: He is locked up. A week ago I recieved a j-pay from him still using his pet name for me and telling me that he loves me and will call me when he gets a chance. What does this mean? I am very confused.

    1. Hi Michelle Pixley!

      I’m sorry to hear your Aquarius guy disappeared. Some of them do that from time to time. Oh wait… he’s locked up? Oh no! Hmm… well if he is telling you he’s going to call you when he gets a chance then that means he’s going to try to get the funds to call you via the lock up he’s located at. He may have been in trouble prior to that as the reason he disappeared on you. I would ask him. He’ll tell you what happened. If you want to learn more about Aquarius man, try reading my book “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

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