When An Aquarius Man Lies To You — Here’s What To Do

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When an Aquarius man lies to you, it can be a tough pill to swallow. Here are some things you may want to know about Aquarius man lying...

When an Aquarius man lies to you in a relationship, it can be a tough pill to swallow and can turn your entire world upside down. An Aquarius man lying can be pretty devastating. Why would he do such a thing in the first place? 

You might wonder why are Aquarius men so secretive and why is it so difficult to trust them. The reason for this is simply because they are so elusive and aloof by nature. This would make anyone suspicious of them.

So do Aquarius men lie? Or do they just simply choose not to reveal certain things about themselves too soon? Keep on reading to find out why an Aquarius man lies and what you can do about it!

Do Aquarius Men Lie?

Aquarius men hold onto what they perceive as their freedom. If he has to tell you something that isn’t 100% true in order to preserve himself, he’ll do it. Freedom and independence are absolutely the most important things to an Aquarius man.

What do I mean by this? If you ask him, “Do you like the painting I bought today?” and he says, “Oh yeah, cool,”  you can tell by his actions that he’s not that thrilled. This is a white lie. He isn’t trying to hurt your feelings or cause any drama; he knows how women get

The Aquarius man has his own opinion, but he doesn’t feel the need to express it to you for two reasons. One, because it’s HIS opinion, and two, because he may not want to hurt your feelings and cause unnecessary drama or emotions.

Your man may omit things in conversation as well. He may have run into one of his friends you don’t like, or perhaps even an ex-girlfriend. You happen to find out via another source and wonder why he didn’t tell you.

There are two reasons he omitted it: Number one: it’s not important for you to know his every move, and you should trust him. Number two, he doesn’t want drama or an argument with you.

This all ties in with personal freedom. He doesn’t think you need to know every single little thing that happens to him and could find it offensive if you don’t trust him.

Aquarius isn’t a jealous man, and so if you display anger or hostility toward him because he didn’t tell you he ran into an ex-girlfriend of his, your Aquarius man will likely resent you. He feels you should know better.

Why Are Aquarius Men So Secretive? And Can They Be Trusted?

Aquarius men typically hide small things that really aren’t that big a deal, but they perceive them to be things that are none of your business.

He may hide the fact that he has more than one bank account and more than one savings account, he may still be friends with an ex-girlfriend or wife; he may have a bachelor pad stowed away; he may have a vacation home; or other things like this.

While you’re only dating him, these really aren’t pertinent to you because you’re not committed yet. Once he starts to open up to you and feels he can trust you enough to commit, these things might start to come out.

In some cases, they marry and still don’t reveal all the information. Maybe his parents, whom he claims have passed away, are alive and well. Perhaps they’re embarrassing, and he’d rather tell you they aren’t alive.

If the Aquarius man knows that whatever it is he could tell you will cause a huge issue to emerge between you two, he will avoid telling you. The Aquarius guy already avoids doing the dirty deed of breaking things off, but can Aquarius men be trusted?

He’d rather do what he has to do in order to piss you off or hurt you, so that you’ll be the one to break it off. That will include ignoring you until you either find someone else to move on with or just tell him you’re done.

Likewise, he’ll do what he has to in order to avoid any situation that feels overly emotional. Aquarius men do not deal well with emotional outpourings. They are thinkers and problem solvers. Emotions freak them out.

5 Telltale Signs An Aquarius Man Is Lying

Lying in a relationship is obviously a very big no-no. With lies, there are always problems with trust, and being dishonest can lead to a multitude of unforgivable sins. If your Aquarius man lies to you, then what else is he capable of?

And Aquarius men are such good liars because they’re naturally just so aloof and distant by nature. It can be quite difficult to know with certainty if an Aquarius man is lying to you or not. Here’s how to tell if an Aquarius man is lying:

1. When An Aquarius Man Avoids You

Aquarius men are amazing at avoiding any kind of conflict. I honestly believe that these guys are the ones that invented the term ghosting because they can definitely disappear without a trace. 

When an Aquarius man starts avoiding you there is usually something up. There is a reason he doesn’t want to speak to you and this may definitely be because he is lying, unfortunately. He hates drama, so instead of facing the facts, he’ll just avoid all conflict because it is easier for him to handle. 

I always say Aquarius men aren’t the most emotionally intelligent guys out there. They are definitely smart in other ways, but when it comes to women’s feelings they definitely have a lot they need to learn. 

So if you notice your Aquarius man is avoiding you by not spending time with you, or answering your calls or texts, then there might be a very good reason for this. And this reason is likely because he is lying. 

2. When An Aquarius Man Is Nervous

Knowing your Aquarius man you can probably agree that he is someone who is usually as cool as a cucumber. This guy really doesn’t get fazed about much in his life. He is always super chilled and nonchalant about pretty much everything.

This is why it might strike you as quite odd when you notice your Aquarius man becoming rather nervous and anxious around you. Especially if you have asked him about something that he seems to be uncomfortable about. 

It is good to keep an eye out for his behaviour and notice when he is acting strangely. His suspicious behaviour is giving himself away. Nervousness is not normal for an Aquarius man. There is something going on and it is quite possible that he is lying to you.

3. When Your Gut Feels Off

As a woman, it is very important that you listen to your intuition. Having that sixth sense will reveal a lot to you if you just quiet down and listen to what your gut is trying to tell you. When you feel that something is off, it probably is. 

It is very important to remember that you have instincts for a reason and it is unusual for them to be wrong. We become so used to not listening to ourselves and then end up in situations that have the potential of hurting us. 

If you have your suspicions about your Aquarius man then it is important to listen to your gut. Of course, if you’re not used to listening to your gut then you may find yourself overthinking and also making stuff up. 

So it is vital that you distinguish between what your intuition is trying to tell you and when you are overthinking and creating things in your mind. There is a very big difference between the two.

4. When An Aquarius Man Gives Too Many Details

It is common knowledge that when someone is stuck in a lie that they will end up giving too many details to make it seem like they are innocent and telling the truth. When you find your Aquarius man going through a long story about X, Y, and Z then there is a chance that he is talking nonsense. 

This tends to happen because he has likely sat and rehearsed the story in his head about why this and that has happened. Instead of just being honest and forthcoming with the truth, for some reason, he feels like he needs to lie with an elaborate story. 

When he starts giving away unnecessary information I would definitely start to feel suspicious as there is no real excuse for him to behave like this unless he is telling you some lies. 

5. When An Aquarius Man Is Inconsistent

Although Aquarius men are usually distant and aloof, they are actually quite reliable and dependable at their core. So it can be rather jarring when you notice your Aquarius man being inconsistent and unreliable. 

Something is definitely going on and it is possible that he is lying to you about something. This is especially the case when you start to notice inconsistencies in his stories because he is probably slipping up and forgetting what he said to you before. 

You may also notice that the stories he tells you are vastly different from what his friends can recall about everything. Something is definitely going on as it looks like he is hiding the truth from you, unfortunately.

How To Deal With A Lying Aquarius Man — Should You Forgive Him?

The choice is yours whether on not you should forgive your Aquarius man. However, I have found that lying isn’t the usual go-to for an Aquarius man. They are usually quite reliable and dependable by nature. 

Also, it totally depends on what your Aquarius has lied about. If it is something small, then there’s no harm in forgiving him as everyone is guilty about telling white lies. However, if it is something quite big then you might want to think twice about this. 

You know better than me what is morally acceptable to you. So it really depends on if you can live with it or not. 

How To Rebuild Trust With An Aquarius Man

If you want to rebuild trust with your Aquarius man then it is really important that the two of you have an open and honest conversation about why these lies have been happening in the relationship. 

There needs to be a willingness from both of you to want to work on this relationship otherwise there definitely isn’t any point in even trying. Sit down with your Aquarius partner and ask him why he feels the need to lie and what you can do to help him not feel this way. 

There may be a reason that you can’t see why your Aquarius man is lying. You might be doing something that is making him afraid, to tell the truth to you. Trust takes time and energy to rebuild so make sure the two of you are on the same page.

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