Biggest Difficulties To Overcome When Dating An Aquarius Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Many women want to date an Aquarius, but he is very picky when tfinding the one. These're biggest difficulties to overcome when dating an Aquarius man.

Many women want to date an Aquarius man but he will only want one when it comes to settling down. He likes to play but when he’s ready to be serious, he’s very picky. These are the biggest difficulties to overcome when dating an Aquarius man.

His NEED for Freedom

In many of the other articles I’ve written, I’ve mentioned this particular topic many times. It’s really important that you absorb this information. It doesn’t matter what his rising sign or moon sign is with this when you’re dating an Aquarius man.

Aquarius man wants his personal freedom. He wants it more than any other sign. Other signs are willing to compromise on this but he is adamant. If he feels his freedom is being taken from him, he will shut down.

He may also run for cover and you’ll never see him again. This man is a free thinker and a free spirit. While he does want to commit to the right person, he still wants time to himself often.

Most people do want a little time to themselves but Aquarius man wants copious amounts that most other signs do not require. This can make it hard for a woman who wants to spend a lot of time with her guy.

When dating an Aquarius man, be sure to weigh your options when it comes to this type of freedom. If you’re the type of woman who wants to do everything with your man, Aquarius is NOT for you.

Also when you are not giving him his freedom as much as he’d like, this is when he becomes detached and cold. He may force the issue of taking time out for himself.

This would include him not returning texts right away, not returning calls right away, or disappearing for days without a word. This is his way of showing you he will take what he needs.

Now if you’re a woman who understands his needs and is willing to give him the space he requires; he’ll absolutely capture and give you the moon. This is the type of woman he ultimately needs and wants. Are you what he’s looking for?

His Mood Swings

Sad man sitting on the floor

I’ve had many clients write to me about how his moods change. He may seem happy go lucky one day and then really bitter on another. Sometimes it’s hard to predict which mood he will be in.

When he’s not in a good mood, he withdraws or he lashes out. When he withdraws he seems cold-hearted and sometimes gets misunderstood. Women think that his pulling back means he’s done with them.

This is not always the case. He actually is likely looking for time to himself so that he can work out what is running through his head. Perhaps he’s feeling things he isn’t ready to talk about so instead he withdraws to himself.

He may also be rather callous and nasty when he talks to his lady. He doesn’t really mean it, he’s just not thinking straight or he is under too much pressure which pushes him to explode verbally.

Remember, Aquarius men feel things deeper than they are willing to admit. So this makes him seem mysterious in a not so great way. These are the types of action that leaves women confused and hurt.

Communication is always going to be important when dealing with the Aquarius man. Learn his moods and learn when he means it and when he doesn’t. This takes time and why he takes a long time to even commit in the first place.

He is NOT going to open up

Aquarius men do not open up easily and certainly will not do it with someone they don’t know very well. They want to feel secure and now that the woman they choose, is going to stay with them forever.

While dating; he may open up in small amounts but he won’t totally let loose until he’s confident he is with the right partner. I’ve had clients write in that are upset that they cannot get the Aquarius they are dating to open up more.

That is who they are and it’s not going to change. There is no proven method to fast-track an Aquarius to commit or to open up before they are really truly ready. There is always an exception to every rule; however.

There are some that may meet someone and feel instant chemistry within which they uncharacteristically open up sooner. Don’t bank on you being that one though as there is no way to know when or where that chemistry may happen.

Typically it’s very random and can happen to anyone. You may be the one that sparks that in him but if you are not; that doesn’t mean he will never open up to you. It just means he needs more time to get to know you and know he’s safe.

To conclude…


These are some of the most important things I can stress to you when it comes to Aquarius men. They are not at all easy to get into a relationship and they are not easy to be in a relationship with.

However; if you’ve got what it takes such as patience and understanding; you may just get this guy in your corner for the long haul. Just remember to step back and give him time and space.

This doesn’t mean you should retreat entirely if he’s not responding the way you want. If he senses you backing off at any time; he will see this as you losing interest and will leave it alone.

Aquarius will chase after the woman they adore, yes. However; he still has to know that she’s the one. If he doesn’t, it’s not advised to test him and find out if going radio silent will work or not. It’s not worth the risk.

Talk to him and get to know him as much as you can and that may be the best route you can take to winning the Aquarius man’s heart.


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