Aquarius Man With Sagittarius Rising: Who Is He Really?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you dating an Aquarius man who seems more adventurous? Read more if you’d like to get to know what an Aquarius man with Sagittarius rising may be like.

Are you dating an Aquarius man </a>who seems more adventurous than you could ever imagine? Is he really optimistic with a touch of realistic? Read more if you’d like to get to know what an Aquarius man with Sagittarius rising may be like.

Mr. Feel Good

When an Aquarius man has Sagittarius rising, he’s often very bright and cheery. He’s in such a great mood that the energy he gives off is contagious. You cannot help but find yourself in a better mood.

Just him being in the same room with you will generate so many positive vibes that you’ll feel instantly better with him around. This is an amazing guy to have when you’re trying to lift yourself emotionally.

When you’re unbalanced and feeling low, being around this guy will put you back on track without even really knowing he’s doing it. This will make him that much more attractive to you.

He’s often a very spiritual person and a cheerleader for self-care. Honestly, this guy is typically a leader in a church, physical fitness, new age care, or anything that improves people’s well being.

You can probably find him hanging out a new age bookstore, at a spiritual retreat, or spiritual lecture. He also really loves to travel. This combination is highly adventurous and wants to constantly be on the go.

Tell him about some amazing and fun places, he’s ready to pack his bags and go check it out. Aquarius is already adventurous on his own but with Sagittarius rising, it’s almost doubled.

This guy is likely the outdoors type who loves nature and animals. He’ll often be involved in activities that involve saving mother earth or helping animal rescues in some way.

Who He Is in Relationships

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The Aquarius/Sagittarius rising guy is a super sensitive and caring individual. Sagittarius makes him more empathetic and in tune with other’s spiritual side. Sagittarius is often psychic in several different ways.

Aquarius is empathic in their own way but now doubled up with Sagittarius will make his inner feelings much stronger. Be careful as he’s also likely to know when someone is lying to him or being untrue.

This man sees love as an adventure so he’ll dedicate himself to the adventure as though it’s something to behold and treasure. It’s a life experience that can teach him more for the future.

He’s likely to dive in quicker to a relationship than the typical Aquarius guy. The thing is, he is also quicker to get out of a relationship if he feels it’s not working. Sagittarius is known for not digging commitment too much.

So this could make for complications when getting involved where a commitment is desired. However, if the chemistry is there and you know communication isn’t an issue, then, by all means, it may work very well for the two of you.

This blend will look for someone that will understand when he needs a bit of personal freedom and space. He may often be on the go but if you understand he comes home to you every time, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Just don’t be surprised if he’s more into you when he’s been away from you than when he spends more time with you. Spending too much time together may make you feel good but makes him feel overwhelmed.

He requires much alone time to do his own thing. If you can handle him going off on trips and spending time without you frequently then you’ll be just fine with him.

Sexual Desire

Aquarius isn’t the most sexually driven guy but Sagittarius rising will give him that extra boost and he’s more likely to want to have a fulfilling sex life with the partner of his choice.

If you find you’ve landed an Aquarius man with Sagittarius rising, thank your lucky stars! He’ll always want to have the adventure in the bedroom. As long as you’re the type that can be open and “free”, he’ll be happy with you.

That means he likes to let his freaky side out to have fun. At times this could involve doing adventuresome things like exploring open relationships. That’s negotiable of course. He doesn’t have to have it to function.

He may crave it though as variety is the spice of life. Make sure you two discuss what you both want and then do what is necessary to make it flow. Use toys, role-playing, or whatever you can to keep it an exciting and new feeling.

The quality of your sex life with this man should be rather fulfilling and mind-boggling in a good way. Enjoy it and go with the fun! If you have a fantasy, tell him. He may want to help you accomplish it in a delightful way.

Personal Situation

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What you always need to keep in mind about the sexy Aquarius man with Sagittarius rising is that he’s a freedom loving man. He will not be held back by anyone or anything.

Aquarius is very stubborn and knows what he wants. He isn’t willing to sell himself out for something lesser than what he knows he deserves. The good news is; Aquarius will make Sagittarius rising side be more responsible.

He’ll take the responsibility he has in life and to his relationship seriously. Sagittarius can be rather flaky but Aquarius makes sure things get done. That dominant trait is helpful and useful.

They both thrive in jobs where they can do what they want, how they want, and in their own time. They are often business owners. If not they have jobs that allow them to indulge in travel and excitement.

You can often find these people working as firemen, policemen, pilots, or in the trade industry. There are many other jobs that are possible but as long as it includes being able to travel; he’ll be all over it.


Are you in a relationship with an Aquarius man with Sagittarius rising? What’s he like?

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