Aquarius Man Predictions For September 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly September predictions for your Aquarius man. Things to know about your Aquarius man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts, it’s September and I’m very pleased to bring you the monthly guide for your Aquarius man.

Now we are about to enter the autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere, and of course, in the Southern Hemisphere you guys are all heading for Spring, but the weather becomes very changeable this time of year and likewise, the planets are very fluid. So this month, we have Mercury going direct at the same time as the New Moon, we have Jupiter going retrograde in Taurus and Venus is finally direct in Leo which is very important because Leo is on the cusp of the seventh solar house of Aquarius Guy, so this is particularly relevant for his relationships.

Now the planets triggered this month are Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus and these are planets associated with freedom, inspiration, being invigorated, having flights of fancy and being more whimsical. So the theme of the month is definitely a little bit more romantic, although sometimes we end up chasing illusions and nothing is real – it’s a case of, “Is this the real life, is this just fantasy,” but often it’s wonderful to detach from reality and do things that make us feel inspired at a spiritual and a romantic level.

So without any further ado, let’s have a look at what the planets are doing.

Venus goes direct in Leo – 4th September

This shift is very important, Venus has been retrograde for about six weeks in Leo and this caused some indecision, frustration and lack of effective teamwork in relationships. However, while the weaknesses in your relationship were highlighted, this was also a time where, if you looked carefully, you would have been able to find your strengths.

Often by working through problems and trying to get over hurdles, all relationships actually became stronger and this is what the Venus transit retrograde was all about. Venus is about love, harmony and pleasure, but these things are a lot of hard work because before they come to fruition we have to be more mindful, more caring and more compromising. In relationships, the key lesson right now is that they are all about compromise, and of course if you don’t think it’s worth it you are probably in the wrong relationship, but if you both think that the compromises and sacrifices are worth it, then undoubtedly your relationship is on a good track.

Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus – 6th September

This Jupiter retrograde can cause some strain in relationships, this stress is particularly related to the way he reacts to things as he sometimes reacts with a lot of emotion, but sometimes Aquarius Guy likes to put emotion aside and be totally cool and cold. However, even if he’s acting cold and aloof doesn’t mean he’s feeling that way, often when he’s most vulnerable, he can appear cold, so everything is not what it seems.

Sometimes his reactions don’t display what’s really going on inside, so you need to look deeper. If you’ve known him a long time, you probably know him better than he knows himself and you will have a good read on what’s going on with him, even if he doesn’t particularly want to take your advice. However, in new relationships he can act in a way that’s a little bit baffling.

This is a time when family matters are important, there can be very enjoyable periods of togetherness with the entire family, and there is an opportunity for healing and understanding better the issues between various family members or your respective parents, but there can also be flare-ups too.

New Moon in Virgo – 14th September

A good partnership is built on a coalition of forces, there should be a strong connection, balance and also equality, so it’s very important right now for there to be even match of give and take where you both feel rewarded, but where you also put effort into the relationship. It’s also a time when you understand how much your life is intertwined and because of that, it’s not always possible to go your own way because your actions and your words have profound effects on each other.

Remember that there is joy in being happy and pleased for each other, so it’s important to be able to achieve joy through each other’s successes as well as your own.

Remember the laws of cause and effect in your relationship, do the right thing and be careful of putting short-term point scoring over longer-term harmony.

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Mercury goes direct in Virgo 16th September

This represents a period of heightened desire for Aquarius guy, if you’ve just begun dating him you are going to be able to experience his more charming, persuasive, and charismatic side, and he’ll want to sweep you off your feet. However you do have to be careful because he is already great at persuading people, and although he’s not manipulative, he’s very clever in the way he goes about getting what he wants. So if you’re new to a relationship with him, you can be blindsided by his subtle tactics. So be careful to draw your boundaries and remember to say NO, because he has a way of getting what he wants.

Theme of the month – He should use both logic and intuition in his approach to love, although he’s passionate and excitable he must approach romance with practicality, but also with wisdom, compassion and understanding.

There’s some amazing stuff happening in romance and he should let his hair down, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to destroy new romantic opportunities by jumping the gun.

Do – The new moon phase extends from the 14th of September to the 29th of September this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

The waxing phase is great for property matters, renovation and redecorating. Moving house or house hunting is favored. Good for a staycation or enjoying his own history or culture.
Great for businesses involving research, conservation, food, and hospitality.

Healing and forgiveness is important in the family arena. Great for travelling to family reunions. Good for researching family history.

This is a great waxing phase for making new friends as a couple and traveling to large events with friends and colleagues. Good for activities that are very innovative or scientific.

Avoid – Not a suitable time for marriage and engagement. Not the best waxing phase for marriage counseling and initiatives to reignite understanding and cooperation in love are favored. This period is less suitable for teamwork. Not a good time to choose new advisors or professional business partners.

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Week 1 – Bohemian Rhapsody

This is an excellent time for brand new activities in his life and for being a little bit out there, so if there’s been anything which he’s been wanting to do for a while, he should grab the opportunity, it doesn’t necessarily have to involve romance, but often doing things that are close to his heart and following his inspiration leads to great romantic opportunities.

This is definitely a time when he should embrace novelty and the unorthodox in love, he shouldn’t worry about ticking boxes or looking for a certain type, he should rather throw himself into the social scene and whatever will be will be.

It’s a great time for him to try and interact with people that he doesn’t normally associate with, so joining new clubs and organizations that represent hobbies that he hasn’t tried before is an outstanding way to be exposed to different personalities and to get away from his usual cliques, because that is the key to love.

Week 2 – Cheerleaders for Each Other

This week there should be quite a strong attraction between you and Aquarius Guy, he’s more amorous and he is rather enticed by what is pleasing to the eye and to the ear. So it’s important for you to use your sensual charms to turn him on and that is done by the diplomatic choice of words, being a good entertainer, having good social skills, and being someone who’s he proud of and that also means making an effort in your choice of clothing and perfume.

This is also time in your relationship where you guys must encourage each other to do their very best, use communication to boost each other’s self-esteem. Communication is such a powerful tool, it’s not just about discussing problems, exchanging ideas, or having a few jokes with each other as the use of communication is incredibly powerful because when you enhance your partner’s self-worth you become indispensable to them.

Communication shouldn’t just about be about topics like: when will we get married; when will we have children; what are we doing this weekend etc. Communication shouldn’t always be about ‘need’, it should be positive and should reinforce the strengths in the relationship, it should also be about looking for proactive ways to tackle weaknesses in the relationship.

Week 3 – Softly Softly

During this week, you guys have to be particularly careful with finances. It’s not a good time to go out and buy anything really big and important. The problem now is that you’re both very emotional and quite sentimental as well, so often your decisions financially have far too much of an emotional element and logic can go out the window. Sometimes you are so eager for something to be true that you want to jump on board with it, when if you sleep on it, you’ll realize it’s too good to be true. So it’s vital right now to be sensible with money and to delay large expenditures.

It’s very important right now to be sensitive to each other sexually, if there are certain things that are triggers or that each of you don’t like, don’t push the issue, this is not a good time to start delving into taboo subjects to do with sexual matters.

It’s also a time when he has to be mindful of his past, he’s more likely to be triggered by things that happened in previous relationships and so the more you understand about why his previous relationship ended and the shadow that has cast, the better. However, if he doesn’t want to talk about it, it’s best not to press him on that issue, but do watch out for subtle signals that will at least give you some clues.

Week 4 – Your Relationship is the Priority

The key to relationship success this month is for you guys to set an ‘intention’, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a date night or special event, it just has to be a set time for the relationship to be prioritized. Make sure that the date is in the diary and the kids are going to be with the grandparents or friends and work is going to be set aside.

The good thing about planning a time without an agenda is that neither of you will develop any negative ideas about the time itself because what you’re doing with that time isn’t arranged, however you can agree not to talk about the kids, family, work or anything stressful.

When the time arrives you should go with the mood of the moment and use it as an opportunity to connect, it’s so easy to lose connection in a relationship, so merely setting this intention to spend time together free from distractions helps him and yourself to get to know each other again and to have a forum to say things that usually never find time to be said.

In Closing

There are inevitable ups and downs, sometimes bubbles are burst and often there are sudden events that cause unpleasantness, which is why you guys have to look to achieve reconciliation and better understanding. This is not a time to look to settle scores or score points with Aquarius Guy, try to be bigger than that.

Help your Aquarius man to see the broader picture and to let go, sometimes he can hold on to things, so this is a great opportunity for him to reassess relationships within the family and events in the past and come up with a positive new attitude towards them.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Aquarius Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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