Aquarius Man Predictions For October 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly October predictions for your Aquarius man. Things to know about your Aquarius man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweetheart, this is your reading for October for Aquarius Man.

It should be quite an eventful month, because the more outgoing aspects of his personality are triggered, he is more likely to feel quite optimistic, outgoing and eager to be involved in social matters. He’s also quite competitive, however, that hint of arrogance is definitely there, so watch out when he tries to wind you up or introduce controversial subjects, because he does like to get the conversation going any often does it in a way that is quite provocative.

The inner planets are changing signs, there’s a New Moon in Libra and Pluto goes direct in Capricorn for the final time in any of our lifetimes, which is a significant event and particularly important for Aquarius in terms of breaking new ground, making a determined effort to leave the past behind and working with determination on fears and anxieties.

However this month, it’s also important for you to encourage him to be holistic. One of the mistakes he can make right now is having too narrow a focus, details have to be viewed with the bigger picture in mind. So for you guys as a couple, it’s important not to let the small hurdles deter you, try to keep most of your life on track and maintain a forward impetus. Keep the problems in proportion.

Mercury enters Libra – 6th October

Now this is a positive influence that aids communication and also helps you guys to move forward, so there’s an impetus to be forgiving, to see different points of view and often events that arise result in increased perspective and problems can be, solved or outgrown.

This is also a great time to be outward looking as a couple, don’t be homebodies, don’t just focus on family and friends as this is a great time to get out into the community, meet like-minded people etc.

This is not necessarily about hanging out with your friends or your cliques, it’s about engaging more in your community in terms of getting involved in your children’s PTA or other community projects and feeling a renewed sense of vitality and direction in your lives because of that.

Couples who look outward, tend to experience a lift in terms of understanding their relationship in the totality of things. Couples who tend to cling to the past, remain nostalgic, sentimental or very private right now, will suffer problems which tend to snowball and things can really get out of proportion. So get out of your house, get out of yourselves, get away from your own problems and it’s amazing what can happen.

Venus enters Libra – 10th October

This is a great time for forward planning in your relationship and something that you could be doing is planning a big holiday for next year, a celebration or putting a deposit down on an aspirational holiday.

What’s also quite important in relationships right now is putting your heads together to perhaps prepare an event or celebration, maybe a family member’s wedding or your own wedding, but there’s a lot of joy in the whole sphere of planning, researching and learning new things, especially if it’s connected to a project you both feel strongly about.

This tends to be a very good time for new relationships but it definitely isn’t a time when commitment gets broached, it’s more of a time of understanding and having new experiences together, but it’s important to stay independent. Don’t try and be Aquarius Man’s best friend or the center of his universe, slowly become more familiar with him, but don’t try to dominate his space, it’s all about bouncing of each other rather than combining in one love bubble.

Pluto direct in Capricorn – 11th October

This is particularly significant for Aquarius Man because Pluto’s going to be moving into Aquarius later this year and it will remain in Aquarius for 13 to 15 years which represent an extraordinary decade of change, transformation and psychological growth for Aquarius Man. So he needs to almost ready himself mentally for the big life-changing events that are going to happen in the next decade, by tying up loose ends and making sure that he leaves certain things in the past. This represents a maturing phase, so if you are dating and you find that he is a little bit immature or a little bit unrealistic, he’s about to go through a major maturing phase which is often music to many woman’s ears.

Mars enters Scorpio – 13th October

This is an excellent time for achievement, now Aquarius Men often quite modest and unambitious, however if you can encourage him to just push a little bit harder in his career he really should see results. But it’s not just about results, it’s about taking your destiny into your own hands as a couple, you shouldn’t be fatalistic, you should look for options, explore them fully and don’t leave anything to chance.

This is a time when you can certainly be take your life in a new direction through effort and initiative, so what you don’t want to do now is let this opportunity pass you by. It’s a great time for brainstorming, for showing courage and for simply jumping into new directions and using that as a way to renew impetus for the relationship.

This is an excellent time for those of you dating to meet Aquarius Man in very competitive fields, so if you both have a big interest in sports training and or indeed some sort of career activity, uniting on that will help your relationship grow. If you’re not in the same field as Aquarius Man, encourage him and with his career and show that you believe in him and admire him as this is a great way to pave the way for a relationship.

New Moon in Libra – 14th October

The New Moon brings about a strong urge for him to get away from the daily routine, he has itchy feet, he likes to take road trips, to travel, to talk about travel or to generally just get into new spaces.

Often he doesn’t know what he wants, there’s a kind of burning desire within him to have a little bit more of adventure and excitement in his life, but he can be directionless at the same time, and this can make him a little bit irritable. So he’s hard to pin down right now, if you’re dating him, he may be more evasive and many contradictory elements are going on with his energies. He’s definitely a confusing character right now, but at the same time you shouldn’t be disconcerted by that, take him as you find him.

This is an excellent time for couples who are taking a mini break away. If he’s traveling for work, it can be quite a profitable time to explore new options and to travel for things like interviews, courses, training or networking events.

Mercury enters Scorpio – 23rd of October

This position of Mercury indicates that he’s eager to talk about plans, therefore if he wants to speak about these particular subjects, take an interest, engage with him and show some enthusiasm and this will definitely help the relationship. If you are dating Aquarius Man, it really helps if you are in some way more knowledgeable about a certain subject or have more experience about an issue, as he loves to learn and he respects your opinion and your knowledge, so don’t be afraid to show off a little bit and to display your knowledge or opinions about certain subjects.

This is a busy time for him at work, there’s a lot of bureaucracy, red tape and he has to get things right because he might be assessed or judged by his superiors, so it’s important to respect work commitments he has and to know when a passion and love need to be put on the back burner.

Theme of the month – The theme this month is opening the doors and allowing the fresh air of opportunity to blow through. So it’s vital to establish positive mind-sets together, it’s important in relationships to give each other space to grow and to support each other’s individuality.

Communication is also a big element of this month, but it should be about the higher ideals, almost developing a mission statement as a couple and having a sense that your relationship has meaning and it’s not just a place to be secure and to avoid loneliness, it has a greater meaning for yourselves and others.

Do – The new moon phase extends from the 14th of October to the 28th of October this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

In the waxing phase leadership, innovation, enterprise and new activities are favored. Good for artistic inspiration, performance and activities that require confidence. Suitable for competitive activities. A good time for physical therapy like osteotherapy, physiotherapy or occupational therapy. New technology to improve health is helpful.

Avoid – He should be cautious in delegating, employing people, or starting a new job. Getting a pet or activities with pets are not favored. This is not a good waxing period for fad diets.

He needs to be careful of mixing medications. He should be careful in striking or union activism.

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Week 1 – Cozy up

The first week is fantastic for romance and it’s good for traditional romance and that can include gifting, giving each other massages, becoming more physically close and being affectionate with each other. This is one of the best times to have date nights and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed environment, but you want to be avoiding anything hectic. It’s good to have one on one time where you are focused on each other and not distracted by phones, friends and other activities.

If you are newly dating Aquarius Man, this is the best time of the month because he is quite free spirited and ready to have fun, on the other hand, remember he is a restless, so dates have to have a fair amount of stimulating conversation.

This is a bad time to open a joint bank account and generally you have to proceed very carefully with finances, try to be totally transparent, aim for good record keeping and just be fairly conservative with money. If you are newly dating, just split the bill, keep it simple.

Week 2 –  Let It Be

During this week, Aquarius Man is quite a dark horse, he’s an unknown quantity, more likely to be secretive, a little bit evasive and he seeks out his own space. If you’re dating, you may find him less available, maybe he doesn’t respond immediately to your messages or he’s not as eager to engage in conversation or go on dates. It’s important right now to just give him his space.

He’s more likely to be anxious, worried and sometimes he can be letting his own issues get on top of him, so it’s best for you to be empathetic but not to crowd him. If you are married, this is a hard time for conversations, because he lacks focus and concentration, but you probably know that he does get into these moods occasionally, sometimes he wants to talk and sometimes he just wants to go off and have his own space, so let him be.

Week 3 – Ball in your court

This is a much better week for communication, but by the same token, he’s not really interested in details and you may find that he is looking to pass the buck, so sometimes a key phrase for yourself is, if you want a job done properly just do it yourself.

Don’t wait around for him, don’t rely on him and don’t expect to for him to come up to any firm decisions, because right now he’s in a very expansive frame of mind he’s toying with different options, but at the same he’s not very practical. So this is a time where you have to be the pragmatic one in relationships.

This is a really good week if you’re involved in either a long distance relationship or the kind of relationship where you text him a lot but you don’t see it other in person, because things should be going great as that’s sort of relationship which suits him down to the ground.

Week 4 – Count to Ten

This is one of the most stressful weeks as we have Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus, which means for all star signs across the board everyone’s feeling a lot of tension and frustration. There’s a call to action and things are moving quite quickly, it may be the case that things in the wider world – political, social or economic – are topsy-turvy and this is creating a lot of uncertainty.

What’s important for you and Aquarius Man is to remain flexible and to know when to take a step back. Things can easily get heated and it’s easier to feel fraught, so it’s important to exercise self-control, to stop, think, count to ten. So anything you can do to relieve stress and to remind yourselves not to act in haste is important.

The motto right now is, don’t act in haste then repent at leisure.

In Closing

All in all, it’s an interesting time with Aquarius Man, but you have to work hard to gain his attention and maintain his attention. It’s definitely a time when as a couple you can open doors, try new things and experiment, so there’s a lot of potential for fun and for growth in the relationship, but the sticking points are dealing with routine and responsibility which are not his strong points.

Sometimes you may feel that you’re holding the fort, so it’s important for you to be confident in yourself and to maintain your own sense of independence and balance, and not be too reliant on him while he is in this changeable, yet also positive and proactive mood.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Aquarius Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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