Aquarius Man Predictions For May 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
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Hello Sweethearts, and welcome to the reading for Aquarius Man in May.

I really hope you have been enjoying these horoscopes and a reminder that we also have a yearly guide so that you can see what to expect from Aquarius Man ahead of time.

Now April was an action-packed month, we had the eclipse, and the planets were very busy, likewise, May is set to be a really exciting and action-packed month with a lot of romance, particularly for Aquarius Guy.

So if you thought April was busy, May will be another very exciting month astrologically speaking, because we have Jupiter entering Taurus, we have Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus, and Mercury goes direct, which is always good news.

Venus enters Cancer Trine Saturn (8th May)

May is an ideal time for Aquarius Guy to be improving his relationship with colleagues; it’s also a good time for him to recruit and employ more staff or to outsource in order to save time and money.

If you and Aquarius Guy work together, this is a particularly favorable time for your relationship because you are both likely to be feeling more secure and will enjoy better conditions in your workplace, and this can ease the stress on your relationship.

If you and Aquarius Guy are dating, but you also work together, this can also really enhance your relationship as there may be more work socials that you can utilize to cement your relationship and enjoy more time together even when you’re at the office supposedly working.

Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus (9th May)

Uranus is his ruling planet, and when Sun is conjunct Uranus, this is the perfect combination for marriage and relationship milestones. Thus if you and Aquarius Guy are getting married in May, congratulations, this is an excellent time to begin your life together. Likewise, this is a very good time for you guys to take your relationship to the next level or to start activities that involve a lot of teamwork.

Now because this is also an excellent month for property, this may be a fantastic time to move in together, buy property together or agree on a major new project regarding home or family events that you can work on together and which will help improve your lives and inject a lot of positivity into your life.

Mercury direct Sextile Saturn (15th May)

Mercury going direct is always a positive sign because it indicates that issues to do with money, property, pensions and insurance can now be resolved. So if there was anything pending, or problematic, in those particular fields, now is the time when you can start working through them logically, ironing them out and achieving a bit of progress.

This month is an excellent time for you and Aquarius Guy to sit down and maybe have discussions about your long-term future, and this could be in regard to pension planning, tax planning and possible changes to the ownership of your property.

May is an important time for you and Aquarius Guy to discuss priorities, it’s important that you get on the same page when it comes to priorities, especially regarding the family and children, and it may be quite good to do a to-do list or a pro and con list so that you can maybe start discussions about things that are potential minefields, but that if tackled in a systematic or methodical way, over a long period, can certainly be achieved.

This is definitely a time when you and Aquarius Guy shouldn’t shy away from anything just because it’s difficult or complicated, right now is the best time to start tackling those more complex issues regarding the longer-term future of your relationship.

Jupiter enters Taurus (17th May)

This is a fantastic transit that represents a great opportunity for healing on an emotional level and also a chance for Aquarius Guy to achieve more contentment. Often Aquarius guy is conflicted, he can be highly strung and quite restless, but as Jupiter enters Taurus, he’s a lot more satisfied at a deep level.

What’s excellent about this particular transit is that it means that Aquarius Guy is more willing to set down roots. Often people struggle with their Aquarius man because he can be quite hard to figure out, and he’s very keen on his independence, but this particular transit is bringing out a more family-orientated side to him.

He’s keen to develop attachments in the local community, to improve his home and to strengthen bonds with his own family and your collective families. This is really a good transit because it promotes a feeling of well-being and calm radiates outwards.

It’s frequently the case that people feel superficially happy, and that can fill a gap, but when Jupiter enters his solar fourth house, as it is for Aquarius man, there’s often a more fulfilling and lasting sense of happiness that he begins to experience, and this can give him a lot of strength and fortitude, as well as bringing him the ability to stay calm and be more composed in stressful situations.

There’s also the opportunity for any friction or problems within the family arena to be ironed out, so if there has been any tension or aggravation between him and his folks, or between the two of you and both of your folks or the children, this is a time to extend olive branches, to encourage forgiveness and to bring everyone to the table in a tolerant atmosphere where all is forgiven and forgotten.

Remember that a key theme of this month is closure and achieving a sense of emotional detachment from everything that was upsetting and painful about the past. He’s now able to move on, and he knows in his heart that there’s only one direction he can go in life, and that’s forward, but it’s hard to move forward if he keeps looking back.

Just as a runner will never win a race if he’s looking over his shoulder, we can’t adequately have a successful future if we’re always filled with regret about the past, so the message for this month is – onwards and upwards.

Mars in Leo Square Jupiter (21st May)

During this phase it’s important for you to be quite assertive. Aquarius guy enjoys it when you are proactive and when you make the first move, and he quite likes it when you come on strong. It’s important to be quite playful and vivacious, he enjoys it when you show a high level of energy and generate ideas.

If you are only recently dating Aquarius Guy, this is certainly a time when you can be quite opinionated and you can wow him with all your knowledge and ideas.

Theme of the month –  It’s very important in relationships with Aquarius Man to have a sense of fun about you, he’s looking for adventure with a partner, and the more you can show him that you are the key to unlocking his wild side, the more relationships are successful.

Magic Phrase – “It’s not where you live, it’s the people who surround you that make you feel at home.”

Magic Text – “I want to love you like there’s no tomorrow!”

Do – This is a very good time for planning events, so if you are getting married, this is an ideal time to do the final prep. Alternatively, maybe there’s a big birthday coming up for someone in the family later in the year, making this is an excellent time to get all the invitations, the catering or the hospitality organized.

Avoid – This month it’s important to be alert to what’s really going on in your relationship, so when you are arguing about money, you are really arguing about values, and that’s what you need to hone in on. So, avoid arguing, try, and learn more about each other’s key values and priorities in life, as this can help the relationship. Remember, it’s not really about money; that’s only a surface issue, there’s always a deeper issue to uncover.

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Week One – Getting on the Launchpad

If Aquarius Guy has been feeling a little bit on the black back foot or little bit passive, this is a fantastic and energizing week that can help him regain motivation and increase his energy levels. Thus it’s really good to encourage him to pick up projects that he may have neglected or to be a little bit more assertive in pushing for that promotion.

You could even spur him on to make the step of starting his own business. He may be slightly self-critical at the get-go, but as the energy is increasing with Jupiter coming into Taurus, this is a time when you can really encourage him, particularly to start building something from scratch in his life.

This can be a great time to encourage him to do mindfulness or meditation; there is a spiritual element to this month where he needs to do some self-care, in order to feel nourished emotionally.

It’s important to give him a lot of emotional support and to allow him a certain amount of space and time to do some thinking. It may be the case that he needs to mull over things just so he’s sure that he’s understood everything and can now consign it to history.

Week Two – Light at the end of the Tunnel

No matter what has gone before, this is a week where things are on the up, and the wheel is about to turn. Things are about to change, so I would encourage Aquarius guy to wipe the slate clean, to achieve closure on what’s gone on in the past and to establish a fresh new mindset with an optimistic attitude because there’s no need for him to repeat the past.

Even if he starts at a very low base, it’s very important to start new things now because these can snowball, and it can begin to gather a lot of momentum and confidence quite quickly.

So the message is that there’s every reason for optimism, and you guys should be confident that your life is growing again and moving forward.

This is also an excellent time to make any changes to do with your home, to do clear outs, alterations or renovations, particularly to help you feel less encumbered. It’s very important for Aquarius Guy to feel that he is not held back by the past, and so in many ways achieving closure or purging yourselves of old things from your past, whether it be in the bedroom, in the house, or in the loft, can help you to feel a lot lighter and more able to move forward.

Week Three – Frankly speaking

There are likely to be some strong feelings aroused right now, and there may be some disagreements about some of your plans regarding business ventures or home life, but any disagreement or arguments are generally quite creative rather than creating animosity.

So even if you do have an argument, you will find that the heightened feeling generates a new direction and some new inspiration rather than creating emotional upsets. It’s quite likely that you and Aquarius Guy will have fairly robust egos in May, and you will be able to have a frank exchange without taking things personally.

This is quite a lucky time for Aquarius Guy regarding money, he’s also feeling a lot more generous, and he may be more likely to spoil you. It’s also a time when he’s less selfish and more thoughtful, so the good news is that you may benefit more from receiving gifts, love letters or poetry. He’s more receptive to your needs and more open to spoiling you.

Week Four – On the Money

Now this can be a time when romance with Aquarius Guy runs into some problems, especially when it comes to money and sharing of payments. So it’s particularly important to learn to understand how each of you think about money.

If you’ve recently begun dating Aquarius Guy and you don’t yet know whether he’s mean, spendthrift or cautious with money risk-averse, or riske it’s now time for you to work those things out, as money can be a key issue in relationships because it’s linked to so many other priorities and boundaries and values and this is a week where you are going to learn about Aquarius guys values and how compatible they are with your own.

In Closing

This is certainly a time when you can surprise Aquarius Man, and you can generate a great deal of excitement in the relationship. A relationship can become deeper, and you can make a whole new impression on him.

He is ready for the taking as he is interested in relationships and romance, he wants the fun factor back in his life, and he’s quite happy for his partner to take the lead in creating a brand new tornado of excitement in relationships.

This is also really a satisfying time for home and family life; it’s an excellent opportunity for having family to stay, entertaining or improving your property. It may even be a good time for a staycation and relaxing around the home, with some exciting projects to make your home your castle.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Aquarius Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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