Aquarius Man Predictions For July 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly June predictions for your Aquarius man. How is June going to treat him?

Hello Sweethearts, and welcome to this month’s reading for your Aquarius man.

I hope you are enjoying the monthly reports we send out for your man’s Star Sign, we aim to help you improve your relationship with Aquarius guy with some advice on dating, romance and marriage. Remember, we also do a yearly book on all the male star signs, which is very detailed with lots of interesting advice and insight.

July is a very important month for the Aquarius man because Venus, the planet of love, is retrograde in his house of love, the seventh house, and therefore relationships are an important sphere for understanding and cooperation.

Mercury is also in his seventh house of love, and while this is great for conversation – both light-hearted and in-depth – it can also mean a little bit of indecisiveness creeps in, and that can affect your relationship with him, especially if you are dating or recently in a romance, as he may be a little bit more detached and ambivalent.

One of the themes this month is his ability to work with people. Now Aquarius guy is an independent spirit, he gets on with everyone, and yet he doesn’t like to pigeon-hole himself into one particular group or clique. While he loves communicating and exchanging ideas with people, he often feels a little bit trapped when he has to work in teams or work very closely with other people, so one of the issues for him this month is balancing his own needs, desires and temperament with the temperaments of his colleagues and family members.

This month can be frustrating for him, because in some cases, he feels held back by people, on the other hand, it’s stimulating because he always enjoys meeting new people and having an intellectual camaraderie. So this month is definitely a busy one for all his relationships; however, at times he can be a little bit irritable and almost overwhelmed because he feels that he has to be all things to all people. At the same time, in his typically consciousness style, he doesn’t want to let anyone down, which is quite a difficult balance for him to strike.

Mars enters Virgo on the 11th

This represents quite a passionate and sexually charged time for Aquarius Guy, but on the other hand, because he’s feeling quite independent, he may be less likely to act on these impulses. So there’s a lot of sexual frustration right now, as he holds back rather than acting it out. He feels quite self-controlled and it’s highly likely he will channel his passion at a very specific goal. So this month is ideal if he has something to do which requires a lot of courage, analysis and focus, because his energy is like a laser beam. This is not such a great month for new relationships, because he’s often clumsy in terms of intimacy.

Money can be a contentious issue, so while it may be important for you guys to discuss the joint bank account, financial priorities and spending plans, you may not come to any agreement, in fact, he is actually quite touchy over issues involving money.

Boundaries and the associated emotional attachment to material tends to create tension. It’s very important right now to respect his boundaries because if there’s one thing that really gets on his nerves, is when you pry into his secrets or ask questions that are sore points, so no rubbing salt into his wounds.

This is an important month for you guys to get grips with any tax affairs, loan agreements or debt that you want to pay down, and it’s important not to be impulsive about money. You need a clear strategy about how you’re going to pay down debt or finance certain important purchases. If you in Aquarius Guy, have very different priorities in life, there’ll be more flash points because he can be extremely stubborn and set in his ways.

There are certain issues on which he doesn’t want to budge, that’s why you have to be very diplomatic and take a strategic view in terms of conversations with him. So don’t expect to get agreement from one conversation, it’s a case of drip drip drip, of having numerous conversations, making suggestions, but being quite subtle. This is not a time to get confrontational with him.

Mercury enters Leo on the 12th of July

Mercury is the planet of communication, and Leo represents his solar seventh house of relationships, so effective and stimulating communication is vital. Remember, all Aquarians feel that the most important element of relationships is dialogue and intellectual compatibility, so this gives you the opportunity to improve communication, but you should focus on fun, lighthearted, playful communication, with a little bit of humor.

As the month goes on, you may also want to introduce more serious discussion points. This is a good time to start negotiating with him, but you have to do it quite diplomatically. Thus if there’s anything on your mind, it’s a great month to reintroduce conversation; you may even want to set aside a night where you guys can thrash out some issues and maybe come up with some game plans.

New moon on the 17th of July

The New Moon is an awesome time for him to be starting a new job or to be entering a different phase in terms of his current employment. He has a fresh sense of excitement about his job, and if he’s been feeling a little bit jaded or bored, this is a time when he can begin to enjoy working with colleagues again or when there are possibly new colleagues and new challenges at work which really pique his interest and help him to feel excited about his career.

However, the people he’s working with i.e. his colleagues and his clients, can be more demanding, in fact work may take up more of his time simply because he is more emotionally involved with either colleagues or clients, and he wants to give of his best. It’s important for him to keep a work-life balance; he needs to manage his stress levels. So another key element right now, is health!

This is a very good month for him to begin a new diet or fitness regime, so although work and other people are very demanding, and while he’s juggling a lot of priorities in terms of his employment, romantic and work relationships, it’s vital for him to think about himself. He must know when enough is enough and when to switch off.

He needs stronger boundaries with work colleagues, so there’s not the best month for relationships with people whom he works with, simply because it’s just too much work – he’s inevitably taking work home because you’re in the same career as him. So if you guys are in the same career, it’s more important for you both to be spending time at the gym, chilling with friends, or just enjoying cooking healthful meals together as a way of detaching from the work arena.

Focusing on your health is important because, with a New Moon in Cancer, it’s a fantastic time of year for him to be increasing his vitality and rebooting himself holistically through getting rest, enough exercise and good food.

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Venus goes retrograde in Leo on the 23rd

Venus is in Leo for a long time this year, and therefore there is ample time for relationships with Aquarius Guy to deepen and to become committed. So while July is not necessarily an easy time for relationships; because Venus goes retrograde, it’s a wonderful time to iron out problems. Every relationship needs to go through hoops, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, and it’s very important for you guys to be able to keep the problematic areas of your life in perspective and to work on them patiently.

Theme of the month – In July, the resolution of conflicts or disputes through a fair and balanced approach is a theme. Good communication and strong boundaries serve to increase respect and security, and harmony can be achieved through understanding and negotiation.

Magic Phrase“Our strength is in our honesty.”

Magic Text “We always bounce back stronger!”

Do – The new moon phase extends from the 17th of July to the 30th of July this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, and being proactive.

The waxing phase is great for new career directions, business management, leadership, PR and public engagement. Pioneering action, reputational improvement and being head -hunted is possible.

Avoid – The waxing phase is not ideal for marriage and engagement. New business partnerships are not successful. This is not a great period for getting advice from experts.

Retreats and spiritual pursuits like mindfulness and meditation are less successful. This may not be a great time to do charitable work. Dealing with government agencies and large corporations is very tricky.

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Week One – Clarification

This is a great time for couples who want to clarify things in a relationship, however, if you have just met Aquarius Guy or are in the early dating phase, he may be keeping his options open. Thus he may not want to commit, and he’s less likely to be available.

He’s got a lot on his plate, so he probably won’t be answering the phone as much or texting as frequently. He could seem a little bit more distant, so it’s important not to crowd him, and when you do chat to him, focus on the friendship side of the relationship, and keep building on that friendship, with less emphasis on affection in romance.

Week Two – Insecurity & Double standards

One of the problems with Aquarius Guy right now is he has double standards. He can be quite stringent in terms of what he expects of you, and sometimes he’s a little bit judgmental, but he can be extremely possessive, and sometimes he’s a little bit suspicious too. Thus while he wants to keep his secrets and he doesn’t want his red lines crossed, he kind of wants to nudge you and see how far he can push you.

Now there’s something that always turns Aquarius guys on, and that’s passion! Sometimes he knows how to push your buttons just to test you, or to understand the depth of your feeling, and he may do this in July. However, what you have to understand with Aquarius Guy, is that this is just his way of gauging your feelings.

He tends to be quite insecure about a partner’s level of sexual attraction towards him, but when you get a little bit angry or a little bit animated, then he tends to feel sexually validated and more certain that you care. So for Aquarius Guy, anger means you care, and that’s why he pushes your buttons and he might try this in July.

Week Three – Stubbornness

This is probably the toughest week to deal with Aquarius man as he is quite stubborn, he can be fairly obtuse, and he has moments of being quite closed and mysterious and then other moments where he is actually quite aggressive. So he’s actually suffering a great deal of inner stress right now, he’s being very hard on himself, he’s very self-critical, and he’s really struggling with a lot of deeply personal issues and dilemmas.

So it’s important not to put stress on him right now; he needs gentle affection and support, so you don’t necessarily have to say anything; just let him know that you are attentive and that you acknowledge his needs and you respect him. This is a time when he’s really keen on boundaries, so build trust by showing that you acknowledge his limits.

Week Four – Understanding Your Relationship

Aquarius guy does best in chalk-and-cheese relationships, so he’s usually happiest with partners who are very different to him, because he’s very curious, he likes to constantly be surprised and he loves a complex partner who is evolving.

Therefore sometimes the difficulties in relationships make the love affair that much sweeter – in a similar way, the Japanese repair broken vases and put them on display, almost revering the unique cracks and flaws as a source of character and beauty.

So Venus going retrograde is a great time for more understanding in your relationship, but that means taking a step back, putting ego aside and considering all things in the round.

It’s very important not to let flash points set the agenda. It’s essential for you guys to understand what’s most important to you both and to focus on that rather than getting distracted by the other things which may rub you up the wrong way.

In Closing

In marriage and long-term relationships, this is definitely a time when he needs to feel that he can totally trust you. The more he trusts and respects you, the more he’ll open up, and in relationships where he’s very comfortable and secure, he enjoys sex, and he can be very passionate in the bedroom.

So if everything in your relationship is fairly stable, expect a lot more sex; feel free to WOW him. Be spontaneous in the bedroom, remember he loves a grand theme, so it’s great to be a little bit flamboyant and a tease in the bedroom; give him something isn’t expecting.

After July, you can emerge stronger, more self-aware, and emotionally empowered as a couple.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Aquarius Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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