Aquarius Man Predictions For August 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly August predictions for your Aquarius man. How is August going to treat him?

Hello Sweethearts, I am happy to bring to you the August 2023 guide for Aquarius Guy, this should help you to develop more confidence and power in your relationship with him by understanding this month’s planetary trends and energies.

It’s an especially important month for Aquarius Guy because we have Venus retrograde in Leo, now Leo symbolizes his seventh solar house of marriage and long-term relationships, so Venus retrograde will have a bearing on that, and he will be seeking to deepen relationships and gain more understanding of what you want. This can be a good thing because it encourages him to listen, to question, to debate and it’s a good time for a more rewarding sense of understanding.

The New Moon is also in Leo and it is conjunct Venus retrograde so that supercharges the whole relationships sphere of his life, making this a fantastic time for landmark decisions, new starts and improving existing relationships through an injection of deeper connection and commitments.

Mercury goes retrograde at the end of the month and during the month it will be reaching a station in Virgo, this indicates that the sphere of finances, loans mortgages and passive income are an area where activity will grind to a halt, or any negotiations will become more difficult. So it’s important for you to take any money decisions early in the month as they will only get more difficult or could or even dissolve as the month goes on.

Venus retrograde in Leo – All month

The Venus retrograde in Leo means he needs more reassurance, it also indicates a great need for trust, respect, and boundaries. It’s important for Aquarius Guy to articulate his desires, particularly when it comes to physical affections, so you should definitely have chats about what is helpful or unhelpful to increase his sexual confidence.

It’s really important time to compliment him and to make him feel safe, relationships need to be a sanctuary right now for Aquarius Guy, so the more he can feel that when he comes home to you he has a confidant, a supporter, and an advisor, the more he’ll feel at home in the relationship. One thing that’s really important right now is to give him the benefit of your wisdom, he values your feminine intuition and it’s really important to give him the benefit of your advice, and so allow him to talk things through.

Relationships should be a forum for adult discussion about serious and emotional issues, so it’s really important for you guys to have space – when the kids aren’t listening – to have important adult discussions which can be about his concerns at work, concerns about the family finances and also honest discussion about your sex life.

What’s vital for your department right now, is to be there as a mentor and a supporter, someone who is diplomatic, but firm. There’s an element this month of tough love, you shouldn’t just be superficial and tell him what he wants to hear, you should be honest, but that doesn’t mean you have to be too harsh.

In terms of new relationships, he may need a little bit of time out of the dating game to get his thoughts together. This is definitely a time when, in new love, he may feel just a little bit uneasy and these fears usually stem from within himself.

It’s important not to take anything he does right now personally, often he is just not feeling as confident in his own decision-making, and therefore he’s more likely to have a lot of ambivalence. It’s not a good time to push for a decision on any relationship matter, and while the relationship can grow deeper if you show him support and develop trust, there should be no pressure.

New Moon in Leo – 16th August

Now sometimes Aquarius guy is a little bit aloof, he’s often up in his head, he can be vague and he doesn’t always express his emotions in a way that’s particularly transparent, however, he is quite needy this month, he’s more likely to want to commit simply because he wants the stability and emotional satisfaction that a long-term relationship brings.

Therefore it’s a very good month to have an ongoing communication about where your relationship is going, any changes you need to make, or what you can both do to get more out of the relationship and feel more fulfilled. It’s always important to remember that relationships are a work in progress, there’s always a necessity to reach a new understanding, to assess, to have a period of pause and to make adjustments.

Relationships are not just like a one-way train track where the train just wizzes through, they are a long and winding road where sometimes things are more clear, sometimes you may reach a fork in the road, and there are other times when you are free wheeling – so it’s up to you and Aquarius Guy to decide what stage of the relationship you’re at and what sort of behavior is appropriate for that stage.

New agreements need to be reached, some of your existing relationship rituals or agreements may need to cease, as it’s all about adjusting now and gearing up your life for what’s next rather than living on the basis of what’s going before.

Mars in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces – 23rd August

This aspect once again indicates the need for caution in financial matters, not all is what it seems and it’s important to take off the rose colored glasses and not be led down the garden path. If you are in a very new sexual relationship, or have just begun dating Aquarius Guy, this is a very tricky time intimately. He’s more shy, he’s more sensitive, there’s actually a lot going on at a deep psychological level.

Remember with Aquarius Guy, this is often a time where he’s quite fearful, he’s very uncertain and he just needs reassurance. So again, the theme of talking things through and reassuring him, will show your commitment. Be understanding, but also encourage him to look in the right places for the information he needs, rather than taking shortcuts or making wrong assumptions.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo – 24th August

After the Mercury retrograde on the 24th, you guys need to be quite cautious about finances that affect both of you, so in terms of joint financial decisions there needs to be a lot more analysis and research.

You don’t know as much as you think you know and it’s important not to reach any conclusions prematurely as all is still left to play for. So what’s important now in terms of money, is being flexible, remaining open to new information or data, and also to think things through.

It’s important to understand the domino effect of anything you can do, so take a pause and ask yourselves, “Is this what we really want?” or “Do we really understand it,” and also ask if you have the correct advice.

In all financial matters, it’s always good to get a second opinion.

This is a time in your sexual life where you can’t take things for granted, you may need to go over some old ground and disgust issues you both had in previous relationships just to be sure that any scars or triggers are not being exacerbated. It’s also important in your terms of your sex life to be open to different ways of doing things, it may be time to expand your sexual education and also to be aware of how health issues affect sex. So when it comes to sex, it’s about more information and being more informed and maybe even getting advice from a professional, beit medical or dietary.

Theme of the month – The themes this month are romantic communication but that doesn’t mean communication about romance, it means that you need to be his go-to person when he needs advice and he wants someone he can trust to pour his heart out to. So it’s very important for you to set aside time and to be a good listener, and it’s also important for you to be careful with the advice you give him because he’s relying on it, so don’t be flippant, casual and don’t act like you really don’t care. The more you show that you are concerned about what he’s concerned about and want to help, the better the relationship.

Magic Phrase – “A problem shared is a problem halved.”

Magic Text – “I’m your personal cheerleader, always right behind you in all you do.”

Do – The new moon phase extends from the 16th of August to the 30th of August this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

An excellent month for new roles at work or recruitment of staff as well as traveling to attend a course. This is a successful time for him trying a new diet, innovative health initiatives and anything more strict or restrictive in terms of diet. A good time for your guys to join a gym or begin a new fitness regime. Training staff is successful. A favorable time to open a business connected to animals, manufacturing, or medicine.

An excellent time for real estate business and property deals. Good for house hunting and renovation. Working from home is favored. Great for family events and celebrating. Reunions and reviving the past are helpful. Good for businesses involving hospitality, catering, care, and the environment. Great for achieving resolution on past issues.

Avoid – The waxing phase is not ideal for loans, mortgages or taking on more debt. Managing large sums of money is not advisable. Not a suitable time for tax and accounting changes. New sexual relationships aren’t favored. New research and development projects are not successful.

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Week 1 – Private Dancer

Week one is really an excellent time for family togetherness and private time, so it’s a great time for you guys to go away alone, or just with your children, and it’s ideal if you can go somewhere that is not particularly hectic and where you get time to do traditional family activities that are healthy, enjoyable and bring you all together.

Alternatively, this is also a perfect time for a staycation where you and Aquarius Guy muck in and do something to enhance everyone’s lives, like building something in the garden, renovating a game room or something like that. What’s vital right now in the family arena is teamwork, fun, and being able to relax together as a family, once again creating for him that safe space.

Privacy is vital to intimacy, so when you become intimate with Aquarius Guy that needs to be something that you keep between you. He doesn’t want to feel violated by knowing that you are maybe comparing him to other people, or thinking about other things while you are supposed to be enjoying intimacy. It’s best not to be talking about your sex life with other people, even if it’s only your family, so try and make like it’s your special secret, and that brings out the animal in him.

Week 2 – Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

This can be a very good time to get married, engaged or set a new relationship goal. It’s also quite an exciting time for couples who work together and who are perhaps planning a career move or a new business strategy because as we’ve seen with the energies this month, couples who can work together constructively are much stronger. Couples who already work together in business have an advantage because you are already kind of doing that.

Whatever the stage of relationship you are in with Aquarius Guy, it’s important to be a team player and it’s also important to complement his skills. So you don’t necessarily always have to be on board, or always have to agree, but you need to bring something new to the mix, something that inspires him, educates him or gives him a better of perspective.

So it’s vital to throw in your penny’s worth, but remember, it’s always better to be future-orientated, this is not a time to be looking back.

Week 3 –  Pure and Simple

Aquarius Guy tends to be quite stressed out, often things at work are proving quite confusing and bewildering for him at times he can make mountains out of molehills, so the key in romance and love is to keep it simple and also to keep your emotional life uncluttered.

It’s ideal for you guys to detach from any people or activities who tend to make your life more chaotic, so if there are friends or family members who are always coming to you with their problems, or who are not necessarily helpful influences, you really want to keep them out of your life right now. Just focus on yourselves and look after yourselves, charity started home.

Week 4 – Money and Promises

This really is a week where you have to be careful when it comes to financial matters, it’s important that you guys show faith in the relationship by keeping to any budgets and not hiding any expenses from each other.

Sometimes he has a sneaking suspicion that maybe you’ve been making little purchases on the credit card or such like, so try not to invite trouble by spending without consulting him (if you’ve already made an agreement obviously).

It’s also an important time to keep promises, right now it’s vital to show him that you respect the relationship by respecting agreements and promises, or if you didn’t really want to agree in the first place, it’s very important to state that now.

This month when it comes to money, slow down, be cautious as it’s a time to be conservative. You don’t want to do anything flashy or potentially risky.

With Mars going into Libra this is a really good time for him to enter any training or further his education, so do encourage him in that.

In Closing

This month the most important things are trust and finances. In terms of money, he needs to be cautious, alert and a little bit conservative, but at the same time he needs to keep an open mind. He should be looking for clues and tips but and then waiting to see how those leads develop.

In terms of love, it’s also time to be fairly conservative, to work on traditional values and bonding, you can build solid foundation in love by being his confidant.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Aquarius Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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