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What To Do When Your Aquarius Man Is Being Jealous (For No Obvious Reason)

It’s not very common for an Aquarius man to be jealous, so it’s even more difficult to imagine him acting this way for no real reason. Aquarius normally thinks things through. However, there are always exceptions…

Dating an Aquarius man can sometimes be complicated. He’s hard to understand and he’s a slow mover. What happens when your Aquarius man is being jealous? What do you do? Keep reading to find out some solutions!

Signs That The Aquarius Man Is Jealous

When you’re not entirely sure if he’s just being distant or if he’s upset about something, it might be wise to know what the signs are of him being jealous, so you don’t mistake it with something else.

A jealous Aquarius man has a few different things to look for. One is that he may be come rather distant or withdrawn. If there was an incident where jealousy was possible, what was it?

1. If he got jealous over someone else or something that happened, he may not want you to see that he is jealous, and so he just removes himself for a bit so he can work it out in his own head.

Naturally, the easiest thing for Aquarius man to do is to pull back and take some time to himself so that he can figure out what is going on with himself and if he wants to continue forward with you. 

This is a pretty normal reaction for the Aquarius man. He is likely to not talk much around you if he is in your presence if he hasn’t physically pulled back. He may act somewhat normal without talking much. 

He doesn’t want to say the wrong thing or have you think of him as being weak due to his inability to accept what is. When you ask him what is wrong, he won’t want to talk about it.

You likely won’t be able to pry the information out of him what he was upset about or why. Eventually he’ll open up and tell you, but there is nothing you can say or do that will make him tell you when he’s not ready.

2. His ability to be somewhat possessive might emerge where it didn’t before. Suddenly, he wants to know where you are and who you are with, when before he was alright not knowing.

He may also want you to text him when you arrive home, to work, etc. He needs the security in knowing that you’re not visiting some other guy on your own time.

3. Another disturbing possibility is that you notice him talking to other women. Whether that is in person or online, he seems to want to keep his options open or is trying to make YOU jealous.

This isn’t a common thing for him to do, but it is possible, so watch out for this. You never really know how any man may react when they become jealous and it does really depend on what it was or who. 

How To Temper Your Jealous Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man Being Jealous For No Obvious Reason

Now that you know how he may react when he’s feeling jealous, it’s important you know what to do about it. There are a few things that are crucial in keeping your guy and also managing his jealous ways. 

Something you need to realize is that his level of jealousy will really depend on you and who you are. If you are a big flirt, then he may not dig that too much. If you’re a pretty dedicated woman, then he may not worry so much.

He is an independent man who loves being with a woman who is much the same. Spending time together is amazing as is spending some time apart from time to time.

He needs that release to do his own thing. He will totally appreciate it if you do your own thing as well. This is something that is healthy and wonderful for a relationship with an Aquarius man. 

Dating an Aquarius man isn’t the easiest, but if you know what he’s like, you’ll be able to figure out what to do and what not to do. Jealousy isn’t something that comes up in him easily.

His independence teaches him that to be with a partner and still have a certain amount of freedom, there has to be trust between them. If there is no trust, there is no way to rely on each other.

Always be honest and true with your Aquarius man. Tell him like it is, tell him where you’re going and who you are going with. He will love you offering that information up.

This allows him to trust in you and not have to worry. Ask him to do the same as it’s fair for you both to do it not just one of you. If you live together, you can keep up a dry erase board to remind each other of your plans.

Make lots of plans together so that you two can bond and enjoy your time. The more you two do this, the more trust can build. Aquarius isn’t normally insecure but they can be if they are with someone they aren’t confident in.

Introduce him to your friends so he knows who they are. He shouldn’t ever question where you are and who you are spending time with. He also shouldn’t freak out if a friend gives you a big ole hug in front of him.

If a male friend flirts with you, he has to feel confident that you don’t feel anything for that guy other than friendship. He’s also partial to women with respectable jobs or careers.

Keep this in mind… If you are a jealous person, he will be jealous with you as well. That won’t work for your benefit; it will harm your relationship. A trusting loving partner will make him be a trusting and loving partner.

Always show him respect and love. He will do the same for you and will be less insecure about you relationship. 

Comfort Him

Comforting A Jealous Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man in love wants to feel comfortable and secure. Try giving him lots of affection and loving attention. He’ll appreciate how much effort you put into being with him!

Let him have his time to himself when he needs it and always be open with him. If you hid anything or try to keep secrets, he will know it and he will likely bust you with it.

Don’t give him any reason to be jealous. If you think that he’s not paying enough attention to you, it’s not wise to do something that which would make him feel jealous.

Once you do that, he may think you’re not worth the effort anymore and he may drop you. Be very careful with how you treat him. It’s often better to tell him you need more of his attention and time than to try to hurt him.

Jealousy will feel like a head game to him and he will not want to play that game. He will want to move on and be with someone who will not do this sort of thing. 

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Final Thoughts

I truly hope that everything I’ve shared with you today helps you to pick up on when he may be jealous, what causes it, what you can do, and how to avoid it all together. 

Aquarius me don’t often show jealousy and it actually takes something particular to make him feel that way. When he feels trust, he will not act like this and yet, trust takes time.

This is why Aquarius men like to take things slowly. He wants to be sure that you are who you say you are and that he will not get hurt by you. There is never a guarantee for anyone, but he does his best to be cautious.

Jealousy comes from fear and insecurity. When you can take charge and not allow those feelings to come up, you’re able to push forward in an optimistic rhythm. 

To keep an Aquarius man’s love, be yourself, be independent, and always be forthright with him. Staying honest will make him feel there is no reason for him to worry. 

When he doesn’t worry, he allows you to have all the freedom you may want. He will understand your time alone or with friends. You just always have to make sure you include him in your heart and life.

It’s a two-way street and it takes you both to be open with each other so that there are no misunderstandings and communication is excellent. That helps you two build your love!

Before I wrap it up, I wanted to share something interesting with you. Did you know that adorable actor Elijah Woods is an Aquarius man? Yep, he sure is! No wonder he’s so easy to be attracted to. 

Have you a dated a jealous Aquarius man? How did you deal with it? What happened? Please tell me.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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