Aquarius Man Horoscope For November 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly October predictions for your Aquarius man. Things to know about your Aquarius man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts,

Once again I’m excited to be chatting about the coming month in terms of Aquarius Man. Now this is set to be quite an energy-intensive month because the planets are supercharged, and for fixed signs particularly, there is quite a lot of energy available. Aquarius Man is certainly going to be more driven, focused, and possibly ambitious, but this is also a great time for you as a couple to set a new tone and to think more about what you really want.

Every month I delve into the behavior of the planets and I perceive the effects that they will have on your life with Aquarius Man. I advise you on how to deal with his desires and your relationship with him. This is not one of the most romantic months but it’s a high-energy month, so there should be a feeling of achievement and as if progress has been made, and that in itself can be quite inspiring.

Now it’s time for me to let you know that shortly will be releasing the yearly series for Aquarius Man in 2024, which has a very detailed yearly overview describing all the areas of life and how the cosmic themes are likely to develop. These guides also include monthly reports broken down into various categories to provide focus to the predictions, but without any further ado, I think we should get cracking with this month, November!

Mercury enters Sagittarius – 11th November

This is a great time if you are a dating Sagittarius Man, as it’s ideal for attending festivals, large events, and concerts together, however, sometimes you may feel you’re having to share him with his friends, because of his shorter attention span and he tends to spread himself quite thin around a number of different activities that are vying for his attention.

New Moon in Scorpio – 13th Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio along with the conjunction of Sun-Mars both suggest brand new career directions or invigorating your life with ideas about how to take it forward in different ways, and for a refreshment of purpose. This can be achieved as a couple by being present and not allowing your life just to go through the motions.

It’s a time for saying, “Stop, where we are we headed, why are we going this way and is it what we really want!” This is also a time when you should be a little bit selfish as a couple, do what pleases you and stop hanging out with friends, relatives or doing whatever it may be that doesn’t really add value now.

During this phase, he can be very sensitive to criticism, he’s more worried about his public image, he wants to present well and so this is certainly not a time when you want to upstage or embarrass him in public, or do anything that could hurt his image in terms of business. Do be careful what you post or say on social media in case it reflects badly on him.

Sun conjunct Mars in Scorpio – 18th November

This is a high-energy, supercharged conjunction that can bring a great deal of energy to his relationships and it also fires up his ambition. So first off the bat, it’s a great month for leadership, for him challenging himself and being more assertive about his career goals.

It’s also a great time to encourage him to do new things, to go for that promotion or to set his sights a little bit higher. It’s also a great time to show him your support by maybe hosting colleagues, helping him prepare for interviews or bolstering his self-esteem.

In relationships, this is a time of added passion and excitement, so this is definitely not a time to be passive about the relationship direction.

So whether you’ve been together for years, or only just dating, it’s vital that you are an active partner, so that means taking an interest in what he wants from life, encouraging discussions, motivating him, devising plans and setting the agenda for yourselves as a couple. So the key for this transit, is set the agenda and remember, time waits for no man.

Mars enters Sagittarius – 25th November

This position of Mars is rather good for his confidence and his ability to achieve, so once again it indicates that he has a lot of different avenues that he wants to explore, it’s almost like he is really keen to jump into every opportunity, but at times he can become overstretched.

It’s very important for you to be a slight handbrake on some of his ideas because he can get carried away with himself and he sometimes opens up a lot of different avenues but can’t really pursue things properly, so maybe you could be the voice that helps him to narrow down his options and find the best way to use his energy.

He can become quite competitive, in that if you have a lot of close male friends this may arouse his jealous side, so it’s probably a good time to spend less time with your friends, especially your male friends, because he may see that as a little bit of a threat.

Theme of the Month

This is a wonderful month for generating new ideas, in an existing relationship, and becoming a power couple, a couple that seizes the moment, lives life to the full and supports each other.

In terms of new relationships jump right in, don’t waste time, get the relationship moving through the bases. Why wait? The whole theme right now is like an action movie rather than a long soap opera

It’s also essential right now to isolate what is important and to focus on those central issues.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 13th of November to the 27th of November this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

This period favors dealing decisively with financial matters. He may get more responsibility organizing and investing funds for others. An important time to improve sex life or address problems in sex life. Research and development and also renovation is successful. It’s an excellent time for new business in investment management and accounting or audit.

Avoid: The waxing phase is not great for strenuous physical exercise or work. This is not a good time for risky ventures and doing things suddenly in which he has little experience. Competitive events, debate and aggressive activities are not favored. Not a great time for radical image changes.

This is not a suitable time for a new job or role at work. This is not a suitable waxing phase for new diets, joining a gym or a radical change in diet. Balance and moderation is needed in health and he should be more concerned about health matters, although he should do thorough research before deciding on a path.

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Week 1 – He who dares wins

This is actually a wonderful week for celebrations, it may be family events, family birthdays or big occasions, but this is a wonderful time to have get togethers, to entertain in your home or to go out with family. It’s very important to work hard on your future-oriented goals, and also to pay attention to the most important relationships and nurture those.

Jupiter opposite Sun indicates your Aquarius Man will enjoy great deal of positivity, it increases his energy levels, he feels more confident, pioneering and proactive. So this is an excellent week for new activities, for his self-development and for being quite ambitious.

So if you as a couple have had anything on the back burner that you’ve been wanting to do, this is the time to grab the initiative and take advantage of the positive energy and make things happen. There is a great deal of fortune and luck on his side, and if you have a spirit of who dares wins, it’s amazing what can be achieved.

New relationships are often less emotional this week, while established relationships can become more meaningful.

Week 2 – Battle weary

Mars opposite Uranus brings out a stubborn streak in Aquarius Man, he’s less deterred by criticism and he’s more emotionally driven and displays a great determination, and when he believes in something there’s almost nothing that can stop him.

It’s very important for him to be conscious of his drives and energies. If he is very out of touch with what he needs and wants in life, and has fallen into a rut, then he may not be able to take full advantage of this, or initially it can cause him a lot more frustration and anger, before he understands that what is happening is that the planets are providing energy for a great deal of renewal of purpose.

Another way that energy can erupt, is in anger or dealing with angry people. You could feel he’s quite combative, so give him space when you see he’s getting revved up. He’s less likely to express anger towards you, but if he’s angry with other people, he’s often hard to reach.

Therefore, you may need to help him relax or engage in activities in which he can immerse himself thoroughly and feel totally spent afterwards.

He’s sexually very excitable and even demanding and so an interesting week for your sex life, even if he’s not especially sensitive or romantic.

Week 3 – Love is a rollercoaster you just got to ride it

This week is definitely a test of the respect you have and the trust you have for each other, and if you do push the boundaries of the relationship and try and push the relationship in a direction that it hasn’t gone in before, you may be quite surprised at some of the outcomes.

You may see sides to him that are a little bit disconcerting, and which startle you. New relationships are quite often like a rollercoaster with little clear idea of what’s going to happen.

This may be the week when you realise that there are some things about your Aquarius Man you never knew, or never properly understood, or maybe he is developing in a way that is a little bit surprising.

So this creates some challenges to the relationship, but remember all relationships are dynamic, they don’t stay the same and that’s why you need to be open minded and adaptable in relationships so that you can grow together rather than holding each other back.

Week 4 – Hold tight

This week the energies are intense and more oppressive, it’s definitely a time to be cautious with money and also with respecting each other’s trust.

This is a week to review any communication patterns which may have actually become impediments to harmony, as you may face the fact that certain assumptions about your relationship are not a good basis for understanding right now. So it’s definitely a time, especially in committed relationships, where you have to think long and hard about how to approach each other especially in regards important issues as emotions are more delicate.

He is more likely to question your relationship, especially if you have only known each other a short time and it’s now the perfect time to demonstrate your reliability.

It’s important for you to take your relationship seriously and work to improve your understanding especially so that trust and the amount you both can depend on each other increases.

In Closing

It’s always important to recognize where a relationship is and to adjust your approach so the relationship stays fresh and doesn’t become jaded. So enhancing love magic this month it’s all about reinvigorating an enthusiasm or belief in the potential of relationship.

This is also a time when you need to be a confidant and to be there to discuss matters that are a little bit delicate as what he needs is wise guidance and this is certainly a time where he wants a women’s intuition and the benefit of the female perceptiveness in his life. So even if he doesn’t always thank you for your advice, he probably needs and wants it.

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