Aquarius Man Horoscope For February 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly February predictions for your Aquarius man. Things to know about your Aquarius man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts, Happy New Year, and a warm welcome to the February horoscope for an Aquarius man.

2024 is set to be a really exciting year for all star signs, full of potential, opportunity, new ventures, and sudden events that’ll take life in a different direction.

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But without further ado, let’s have a look at February, which is an action-packed month with all the planets changing signs, including Pluto.

Keep reading for an Aquarius man’s February monthly horoscope:

Here’s what the stars have in store for an Aquarius Man this February…

Now we have a really interesting planetary alignment happening, and that is the stellium in Aquarius. So this month we have all the personal planners in Aquarius along with a New Moon in Aquarius, and these planets will all be triggering Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus.

Now this gives rise to a really rebellious energy, so expect some surprises because the signs of Taurus and Aquarius are both fixed signs, and both are connected with society and Taurus with money, it’s definitely a time of opportunity but also surprise events financially.

So what is key to know this month is to be aware of anything on the periphery, keep an open mind, adopt an expansive attitude as this is an awesome time for you and Aquarius Man to grab opportunities, to think big, and review your life with a new perspective.

The energy is all about creative change, new ideas to create and promote prosperity, and also exciting ways to renew passion and reinvigorate the affectionate side of your relationship.

Mercury enters Aquarius – 6th February

Since Mercury is conjunct Pluto, which has also just entered Aquarius, this is an incredibly dynamic phase for Aquarius Man. This is simply a time of new ideas, new perspectives, problem solving and quite a lot of anticipation, but it can also be a period where he’s a little bit nervy or perhaps anxious.

Whatever’s going on there’s an awful lot to talk about, you guys need to know the ins and outs and the details.

There needs to be an awful lot of focus and a methodical sorting through issues, so right now it’s all about attention to detail, clarity and more focused communication within the relationship. Sometimes he’s a little preoccupied, so you won’t always have his full attention because there’s a lot of his mind.

Mars enters Aquarius – 14th February

This is a very assertive time for Aquarius Man and he also has heightened sexual passion, so there are two elements to this transit. It’s a strong stimulus to any of his ambitions, but sometimes the energy is rather uncontrolled and explosive which could lead to arguments.

So think of him like dynamite, handle with care. This is a time where he can be a bit of a power hungry freak, he often likes to take control of the situation and he can be quite extreme, so this is a great time for him tackling problems and doing any kind of hard physical work, but the same time it’s also a time we can become very frustrated.

It’s ideal now if he’s got a big project to get his teeth into, if he’s doing a lot of exercise, or alternatively if you guys are young and recently dating and you are having a lot of sex, because he’s certainly excited about that avenue. If he’s not really showing a lot of eagerness in the sexual arena then maybe the relationship isn’t really gelling.

Venus enters Aquarius – 17th February

Now as Venus enters Aquarius, it’s conjunct Pluto, bringing about unusual yet tense love experiences. This is a time when fate has a large role to play in love and a recently formed relationship with Aquarius Man can become really deep very quickly and he often tries to find escape from everyday life through love.

However this is also stimulates his desire for change and evolution, so he’s not as willing to accept things as they are. If he’s a bit insecure or he feels the relationship is stuck in a rut, he’s more likely to push for changes and this can create misunderstandings and that’s why it’s really important to be having open communications and to be very adaptable in this relationship, so that you can grab the opportunities and not stagnate as a couple.

Beware that the jealous side of him (some Aquarians are very jealous) rears its head and he can be a little bit controlling, so watch out for that sneaking in.

Sun enters Pisces – 20th February

During this period it’s important to be a cognizant of your financial position, particularly if you’re in a committed relationship. Sometimes there are things to deal with in terms of money, and in general this is a good time to cut back, be a bit more frugal and cautious. This tends to stimulate a more conservative side of his nature and therefore don’t push his boundaries or encourage any spending, and be careful with initiating large purchases, because this can make him a little bit edgy.

During this phase, a lot of focus is needed to keep things going, so even the good things in your life cannot be taken for granted and you have to be aware of things on the horizon too, and that’s why you need to be really conscious right now.

In terms of dating, he is definitely eager for commitment early on in a relationship and is very sensitive to any signs of flirting or infidelity.

Mercury enters Pisces – 24th February

Now this is another good phase for communicating, particularly with respect to aligning yourselves in terms of values. In good relationships, where there is generally a high level of compatibility, this is a phase where you can come to some pretty good decisions and feel on a sure footing. However, in newer relationships, or relationships where you have vastly different outlooks on life, there’s an awful lot of debate and horse trading to do.

So it’s so important right now that you guys compromise and come to the table to keep an ongoing discussion happening. Be aware of each other’s point of view and be prepared to meet each other halfway.

Themes for an Aquarius Man this February

This month represents a high energy, dynamic phase where good communication is absolutely vital. He can feel anxious and overwhelmed, there’s a sense that there’s plenty developing and lots to do and therefore you guys need a proactive approach. This is certainly a time to keep your eye on the ball, there will be important developments in your relationship, whether it’s new or committed, and you don’t want to end up making a hash of things.

This is also a time when he can be a little bit jealous and controlling, he’s very strong willed and so be careful he doesn’t steamroll you.

Magic Motto“We are at our best when life is dynamic, let’s embrace the whirlwind.”

Magic Text“My love isn’t going anywhere, I’m ready for our adventure.”


The moon waxes from the 9th to the 24th making this the best time for brand new activities, taking risks, being proactive on relationship goals, date nights and romance. Post the 24th is better for assessment and a consolidation period where you take a step back and he understands what’s going on, rather than diving in.

Career progression and changes or job interviews are favored. PR is favored as is public speaking.

International travel is favored, as is taking a honeymoon. Long distance travel successful whether it’s for business or pleasure. When it comes to his business, promoting heavily and advertising yield results. A good time for his study goals.

This is probably the best waxing period to start going for new ventures and looking to open doors and opportunities. It’s time for him to fire off job applications, attend auditions or to basically publicize himself and promote his products. So this is also an excellent month for publicity, PR and advertising and so money spent in this vein can generate revenue, Goodwill and income.

The waxing phase a successful time for new business ventures, business investment or assets purchases. A major sales push should yield excellent results. This is a good time to buy previous metals, crypto, assets or trade in.


He should be careful of neglecting details. He needs to fact check everything and cross reference all information as it’s very easy to be misled.

Right now it’s highly likely that the crucial information is a needle in the proverbial haystack and therefore he needs to be quite intrepid in terms of understanding what decisions to make in his career.

Aquarius Man February 2024 Horoscope

Week 1: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

The great thing about this week is he’s concerned about relationships and love and he takes everything rather seriously, so it’s very important not to be flippant or casual. This is your opportunity to show how much you love him and how important the relationship is for you.

So this is a really opportune time to express your concern for him, show a very cooperative and compromising approach and be a good listener.

In new relationships, things can be quite overwhelming because he comes on strong but as long as you take a really cautious approach and pay him a lot of respect things will be good.

Remember respect is the key word here as well as tolerance.

Week 2: A bridge too far

Now this week you as his partner may feel a little bit restless, sometimes you need a short break from the relationship simply to have a little respite from his demands, because he is quite intense and can be rather intimidating.

Right now he’s got a high level of energy and that could mean you need your own space just to reboot. It’s important for you not to lose control right now, yes, some compromise is necessary but you should remember that there’s always a bridge too far, thus you need strong boundaries too.

It’s important right now to focus on where your boundaries are as strong boundaries make you a better partner, so don’t be afraid of them.

Week 3: Laser Beam Energy

Now this week you may encounter Aquarius Man’s more difficult side, he is likely to be argumentative and he can sometimes be a little bit hard to handle. He tends to get an idea in his head and he’s very stubborn once he’s made up his mind.

It’s important for him to acknowledge how to create positive change in his life and if he’s not aware of constructive ways to use the huge amount of energy has right now it can end up being an explosive time where he is a little bit volatile, but don’t let him to project it on you.

It really is a time when he needs to do deal with his issues, as his problems are not your own. If he has a strong focus, he can be extremely determined and if you as a couple have set a goal for this particular month you will definitely exceed your expectations.

Week 4: On the Way to Success

Now this is a good week for family events and also doing improvements around the home, it may be a good time for you guys to go shopping, to be looking at catalogues or thinking about any major purchases you need to make.

During this phase he is feeling quite ambitious and sometimes the way he expresses that is through the purchases he makes or the kind of lifestyle choices you are making as a couple. He’s more interested in improving his status so this is quite an ego driven time and in that way it can be a little bit superficial, but sometimes he needs to do what he needs to do to feel good about himself.

So make sure you give him some compliments, bolster his ego and help him to feel good about, not only himself, but his talents and his prospects, because career is also on his mind.


This month can be a powerful one for intimacy and passion, there’s plenty of grist for the mill in terms of your relationship, however it will be a good test of how compatible you truly are and whether, when push comes to shove, you can unite on core issues and work as a team.

Your abilities to compromise, but remain true to yourself and keep your boundaries are tested, because he can be extremely assertive, strong-willed and a little bit overpowering. So this really is a month where he wants to get things done and make things happen, the way he goes about it however is sometimes a little bit stressful and not always that constructive, so try and keep a level head.

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