Aquarius Man Horoscope For December 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly October predictions for your Aquarius man. Things to know about your Aquarius man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello sweethearts and a warm welcome to this festive seasonal prediction for Aquarius Man.

Step into the enchanting realm of December festivities with open hearts. ‘Tis the season of merriment and celebration, where the world seems to slow down, inviting us to unwind and revel in joy. Amidst the twinkling lights and the warmth of crackling fires, the spotlight turns to relationships.

With more time spent with our partners, expectations soar. For those flying solo, the potential for loneliness exists, yet it’s also a splendid opportunity to encounter new souls. Picture the mistletoe as a symbol of magic, ready to weave spells of good cheer, aromatic delights, and snug affection into our lives this December.

This festive season, it’s very important for him to focus on teamwork and building camaraderie in the office, and it may also may be necessary to attend work socials or hold parties to celebrate achievements for the workgroup.

His creative potential is really enhanced this month, so if he’s been itching to express himself artistically this is certainly the time.

Mercury enters Capricorn – 2nd December

This is a really fulfilling period for you and Aquarius Man if you guys enjoy pursuing spiritual or religious quests, alternatively if you are a new couple, the relationship can grow quickly if you have similar interests in terms social or community projects.

Often there is quite a strong passion that draws him deeper into a relationship and he may feel like you guys are kindred spirits and are quite connected, simply because you share this passion or idealism for a cause.

He’s less likely to be judgmental about people and he’s also less particular in his choices. This does not mean that he’s indiscriminate, just that he’s generally more willing to lower barriers, which have previously prevented closeness.

With a clearer sense of what he really needs at a deeper level, he’s more likely to know what he wants in a relationship, making him authentic and emotionally more open.

He has a greater attunement to what makes each of you happy and that relationship intuition can bring more awareness of what’s truly important and how to achieve greater harmony.

This is a rather conflict-avoiding placement that favors compassion and understanding.

Venus enters Scorpio – 5th December

This placement is excellent for planning leisure and entertainment events connected to his business. There may be more of an emphasis on entertaining clients, holding parties, launchers or organizing motivational events for staff members.

So any business aimed at entertaining people, lifting their spirits or lifting them up is definitely successful.

In his public life, he’s very competitive, he likes to be first, but doesn’t always think of the consequences, so in terms of finances he may take some risks. Thus he should be more careful with business investment and promotional activities, but in terms of using creativity and self-expression, it’s actually a very good idea that he’s taking
risks, because he can have some remarkable successes and he tends to get great feedback from the public.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn – 13th December

In love relationships, he needs a certain amount of time alone just to think and figure things out. As his partner, this is not a good time to give ultimatums, to be demanding, to fall foul of TMI or to exhibit a superficial approach to life.

Activities like meditation, retreats, yoga etc. can all be very exciting for him, but he mustn’t get immersed with the group, as these things can often involve other people and he must be careful not to be swayed off his mission by what other people in the group are doing. He should never forget that deeper understanding can only come from within, and he will certainly change his priorities as a result.

This is definitely a time when he can get angry with a partner who is very distracting or who tries to drag him into things that he no longer feels are truly connected to his purpose, and what he wants to abandon. So there can be some arguments as he sets some new boundaries or makes it clear that he needs a certain amount of time for himself.

New Moon in Sagittarius – 13th December

With this New Moon, you guys need to focus on establishing a firm friendship, good communication, fun and banter in your relationship. Humor and tolerance are very important, as is meeting new people and having a vibrant social life.

Regular communication both verbally, via text message or messenger, is really important but this should focus on light subjects! The worst thing you guys can do right now is allow yourselves to be drawn into conversations about commitment and emotional matters.

Relationships work best when they are fun and free flowing, the more you try to introduce a lot of confrontation or interrogation the more he is inclined to want his freedom or walk away.

If you guys are generally compatible and there’s a great deal of harmony between you, this can be a time when you both put a lot more energy at working at new goals, possibly working at a new business opportunity or doing a big project in your home.

Themes: As there’s a lot of energy, you guys can’t let it go to waste, so even if you don’t have any immediate problems that are bothering you guys, you should set yourselves some challenges and objectives whether it be a community project, charity event, a trip, working towards a business idea or entertaining your home.

He’s more intuitive and his emotional intelligence and ability to reflect and see a bigger picture is enhanced leading to opportunities for better understanding and renewed closeness at a deeper level.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 12th of December to the 26th of December this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals and being proactive.

A great time to travel internationally or create new import, export deals. An energetic period for advertising, promotion and publicity. New academic goals and publishing can be pursued. Social or community projects are sources of excitement.

A good waxing period for making new friends and being more social. Good time to gather with others to brainstorm. Attending trade fairs and professional events is favored.

Dealing with law and foreign trade is successful. Publishing, advertising and promotional activities are favored. Self-improvement and sporting or competitive goals are successful. Good for higher educational goals and enrolling on a course.

Working at and attending large events is favored. It’s a suitable time for joining new groups or organizations for either business or pleasure. Political activities are advisable. A good time to travel with friends.

Great for using intuition, understanding dreams or working alone on writing and research goals. Good for writing romantic love letters.

A good waxing phase for family events, having family to stay and making changes to property. Real estate deals are successful. Good for new business in catering, hospitality and tourism. Excellent for harmony and forgiveness in the family circle.

Avoid: The waxing phase is not great for negotiations, meetings and discussions about money can be fruitless. Getting married or engaged is not favored. This is also not a good time to recruit staff, delegate or outsource. New diets and joining a gym is not favored.

Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn meaning this is not a good time for dealing with large corporate entities and government bureaucracy. Charitable and humanitarian affairs are less favored. This is also a not a great time for retreats, being alone or introspection. Spiritual matters are less successful.

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Week 1 – Stirring the pot of passion

He tends to exaggerate everything and the emotions which he doesn’t usually express can come to the surface quite unexpectedly. He may want to introduce topics that you haven’t talked about for a while, or in some cases he might actually spar with you in order to get a bit of a debate going.

At a deep subconscious level, there’s something he wants to get off his chest, but he’s not quite sure how to do so without the added intensity of a heated debate. Thus try to see any confrontation as him trying to broach things that are very difficult for him to do in a calm way or in the regular course of conversation.

Week 2 – Land Called Fantasy

This week his internal growth and increased wisdom are very important. He needs to be philosophical about whatever he’s doing, nothing should be done purely for monetary gain, as the greatest satisfaction he gets right now, is the contribution he makes to others in terms of being generous, creating joy and creating fun.

He tends to want to escape into a fantasy world, so if you want to reach him you’ve got to do it when he’s feeling relaxed. The best way to communicate with him is to put on the kind of music or movies that lift his spirits, and get him into a tranquil frame of mind, otherwise it can be a little bit difficult to get on a level with him because he’s just a little bit vague, evasive and he may give off an air of aloofness.

If necessary just give him space, no pressure, no interrogations just leave him be and offer to talk when he’s ready.

Week 3 – Man in the Mirror

This is a perfect time for him to connect to his true Aquarius spirit, he needs to understand where he has scattered his energies and wasted time on activities or people while not being true to himself.

His need for answers and to understand things at a higher level is stimulating, he doesn’t just want to look at the surface, he really wants to understand why his life or life itself is the way it is, and that’s why some of his consciousness will turn inward as he sees that the truth and understanding he seeks is within and not just in distractions and outside world.

On a spiritual level, this month is excellent for reflection and taking time to medicate on what your needs and priorities as a couple are at a fundamental level. You need to get back in touch with who you are and you shouldn’t forget where you came from.

Week 4 – Setting the stage for success

He has a lot less impulse control right now and he wants to enjoy the fine things of life. So if you guys have a bit of extra cash and if you are feeling fancy-free, this can be a wonderful time to get romance and excitement back into your marriage.

Enjoy going on date nights and feeling young again. It’s a wonderful time to surprise him and be spontaneous, Aquarius Man doesn’t always necessarily like surprises, but he certainly does now. He wants to feel alive again and so anything you can do to reintroduce the spark.

The importance of this week shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of its relevance in terms of setting the stage for a positive path forward. His emotional and internal attitudes really need reevaluating right now.

For Aquarius guy, it’s not about talking the talk or walking the walk, it’s not about saying the right thing to others, he has to say it and he has to mean it.

So don’t let him cop out, it’s no good doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, you guys have to come to terms with what you really want, and what actually makes sense for your family at a core level. Then you must both follow that path, once you have discarded the negative emotions which lead you down dead-end streets.

In Closing

While this is a busy year, there’s lots of exciting things going on and work is quite demanding, as is his family life, he needs to find time for introspection and where he can adjust his attention inwards and seek for the answers.

This could be a breakthrough month for you as a couple, where you both start seeing yourselves and your goals with a lot more clarity. Don’t dither, start taking steps that can really get your life moving again, especially if you have felt that you were in the doldrums.

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