15 Gift Ideas For An Aquarius Man – How To Get Him The Right Gift

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When it comes to choosing the right gift, we have to pay attention to that one special person's wishes. Here's the list of perfect gifts for Aquarius man.

Oh, ladies! Aquarius men are so desirable! These guys are seriously one of a kind and they know it! They thrive off being unique and like no one else in the world. They need to stand out, which is amazing, but this makes buying the perfect gift for an Aquarius man nearly impossible.

It has to be something super special and out of this world to really connect with your Aquarius man. I am sorry to say, but socks aren’t going to cut it. Getting the right gift for your Aquarius man needs to be just right.

You might be feeling totally confused about what gift to get your Aquarius man that will be absolutely perfect. This is why I have comprised this list of things that’ll be just right for your Aquarius man. Keep on reading.

Getting Your Aquarius Man a Gift – Things To Have in Mind

When it comes to getting your Aquarius man a gift there are a couple of things that would be good to keep in mind. Aquarius men are independent, highly intelligent, and very free-spirited. 

The most important thing in their life is to be unique and unlike anyone else in the world. This is a man who rates his freedom above everything else. He likes to be weird and different. 

He isn’t very materialistic, but, he does like things that are very good quality and might help him in his life in some way. The best kind of gift will appeal to his intellectual side and get his brain working. This is a man who loves a challenge. 

However, he is also a lover of a good time. An Aquarius man likes to have a lot of fun and let his hair down. If your gift can awaken his inner child, then you are definitely on the right track!

Do Aquarius Men Like Getting Gifts?

As I mentioned before, Aquarius men aren’t very materialistic, but they also don’t mind gifts. I would say that the best gift for an Aquarius man would definitely be an experience above something he can physically hold. 

It would be good for you to remember that he can be quite aloof and detached at times, so don’t expect him to make a big fuss about the gifts you got him. He’ll be very pleased with them, but he might have a hard time showing his appreciation. 

One thing to note is that sometimes Aquarius men can freak out when things feel too serious too soon. So please just buy a gift according to where the two of you are in your relationship. Don’t buy him something that shows him how serious you are about him if the two of you are just casually dating.

So in short, Aquarius men do appreciate gifts, but they’re more inclined to like gifts that give them an experience like a weekend away or tickets to a festival. 

5 Best Gifts To Get Him For His Birthday

1. Technological Gadget

It’s no secret that Aquarius men love gadgets a lot! Despite how “cool” he may appear and act, every Aquarius guy is really just a five-year-old eager to fiddle, fidget, and understand everything.

No matter what gadget you choose, whether it’s an outdoor one or a technological one, he’ll appreciate your creative thinking. Consider Fitbits, wireless earbuds, a Nintendo Switch, or cool accessories for his smartphone. There is no end to the list!

It’s always a good idea to look for the very latest technology. New technology gets your Aquarius man more excited! There is a good chance that he has been drooling over it already, so he will practically bounce when he realizes it is his.

Gifts that are unusual, innovative, or novel are ideal for Aquarius men. Anything that takes a fresh approach to an old problem or applies a new design will appeal to him.

His smile will even be brightened by a mop with a revolutionary new head! But maybe wait a few years before you get him a home cleaning device…

2. Laptop Accessories

When asked what he would rescue in a fire, an Aquarian would undoubtedly say his laptop. It’s here that he learns about the world and understands what’s cutting-edge.

A laptop with all kinds of strange and difficult-to-understand specs is common among Aquarius men. He will have a powerful graphics card, for example, if he is a gamer. If he’s more of a web coder, he will have the latest web coding software package.

Take note of what he usually does with his computer. Then do some research (call IT stores for example) and find out what could compliment his usage. Maybe he could use new speakers, a memory card, an eternal hard drive, or more cloud storage.

As boring as you may thing this is, it’s not at all dull for your tech-savvy Aquarius fella. He’s practically one with his computer, and the more you can do for it, the happier he will be! Plus, you’ll get to learn a whole lot about computers in the process!

3. A Subscription To An App

Aquarius men love apps. Apps really excite him, and he probably has a long list of those he wants to get. There’s no way he can have all the apps he wants since most of them are really expensive!

If you really want to make him happy, think about what he loves most (Reading? Music? Games? Trackers?) and go get a subscription for him – or purchase an app outright.

The moment he realizes how well you know him, he’s sure to smile!

4. A Fun Experience

A gift of an experience will appeal to Aquarius since they aren’t materialistic. If you’re adventurous, maybe you want to dive with seals or experience bungee jumping. Visiting a local wildlife sanctuary or visiting a vineyard with friends might be on the agenda.

Aquarius men are fascinated by unfamiliar places and unexplored worlds. Take him on a ballooning adventure or a scuba diving adventure away from the ordinary world.

To excite or entertain him, you don’t need to spend a lot of money as long as you are innovative or surprise him with something original.

The high-minded nature of his ideals prevents him from enjoying old-fashioned outings and holidays. Aquarians enjoy creating social memories and having fun. Best of all, this is a gift you can share with him, so you both benefit. You’re winning!

5. A Course or Workshop

It is common for Aquarius people to be natural-born teachers and lifelong learners. The “water bearer” symbol comes from their ability to take in knowledge and pour it back out. They give mankind the waters of knowledge!

Some sort of workshop or course in what he’s passionate about will make his day! He might be passionate about yoga, or he might be interested in the latest developments in Google Technology. Maybe he’s always been interested in counseling, or maybe he wants to brush up on his coding skills.

It’s never a bad idea to take a course – give it a shot!

5 Best Gifts To Get Your Aquarius Boyfriend/Husband For Valentine’s/Anniversary

1. Tickets to a Festival With You

The sign of Aquarius is known for its love of festivals. Whether it’s Burning Man to techno-fests, watching live bands, or participating in an adventurous three-day outdoor festival, he enjoys being part of the music scene!

Does he have a festival he’s always wanted to attend? Is there a group he’s always wanted to see? Get him a ticket to just that, and watch how excited he gets – plus, you get to share the experience with him and your friends!

2. A “New Age” Gift

Many Aquarius men are right at the forefront of the “new age” movement. He may be totally into Reiki, Crystals, Tarot Cards and very often, Astrology too!

Getting him a voucher for an energy healing session, booking an astrology chart reading or purchasing a cool deck of Tarot Cards could be the perfect things to spoil him!

He doesn’t like it too airy-fairy, so make sure that too have some sort of rational back-up for the gift you get him (for example, Astrology being an ancient mathematic and scientific practice).

You can also get him accessories, such as a Salt Lamp or oil diffuser, too. The options are endless!

3. Something to Help Him Change the World

Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams, so more than anything, the Aquarius man wants a better world.

He would be thrilled by a donation made in his name to a worthy cause or anything in support of an issue he feels strongly about.

If he is concerned about the environment, buy some trees to be planted or help protect the rainforest in his name.

He loves the idea of using technology to make the world a better, healthier and safer place, so a subscription to an organic produce delivery box would thrill him and give him a supply of healthy food.

Plus, any of these gifts will give you a feel-good boost, too!

4. Bedroom Toys

A man born under the sign of Aquarius is a man who is always up for adventure and is always up for trying something new, especially if it has the potential of taking his sex life to the next level.

With the right toys for the two of you, you can spice up your sex life in countless ways. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to stay “tame” with fluffy handcuffs, or explore the BDSM sites. You can count on your Aquarius man to take on anything.

Any of it will be appreciated by your Aquarius man. When it comes to bedroom play, these men don’t have many boundaries, and they have more tricks up their sleeves than you can imagine! There’s no way he’ll turn you down, so go ahead.

You can choose what you like from some excellent (and discreet) online sites and have it delivered to your door, no questions asked. You can enjoy this kind of gift over and over again! A Aquarius man loves experiences, as I mentioned previously.

5. A Sexy Game

The Aquarius man loves sex and has fun with it, so you might try giving them a sexy gift. Consider buying him sexy dice so that you can play the game together. For those special anniversaries, there are many options available online. 

Rolling these dice will tell you what you can do to your partner, such as kissing or licking, and the other dice will tell you where. It sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? It’s like playing truth or dare on steroids!

He loves to play and if you’re already dating him then this may very well bring you two closer in an intimate way. If you are already with your Aquarius partner, I totally support this option. It’s important to keep this guy stimulated because he gets bored very easily.

I wouldn’t suggest this unless you were seeing him since he’d probably take it to mean that you were OK with being friends with benefits. Unless you’re down with that, it’s not a good idea to go down that road. You should only get this for him if you are committed to him.

5 Best Gift Ideas To Get Your Aquarius Man For Christmas

1. A Piece Of Art

These guys love to preserve and honor their icons – they always have some person they look up to who inspires them. They usually adore one or more iconic figures in private. 

Artwork depicting this character, historical figure, deity, or representative will make him feel closer to you. You’ll feel like you’re in on his secret and he’s sharing it with you and make him understand how well you know him. Remember he likes to be aloof and doesn’t always want people to know everything about him.

It is important to remember that they are eager to make their mark and look up to those who have already done so. Power, strength, and prestige are attractive to them. His creative side will be satisfied and he will feel that you care about what he values.

If you can manage to find out who his favorite artists are, you can try to find him something by them. Your efforts to find his favourite items would amaze him.

It is also possible to find something that will fit right in his home if you know what style he has. Remember, his tastes are unique and he’ll want to stand out from everything else.

2. A Unique Piece Of Clothing

There is usually a bold, colourful character associated with Aquarius men. There is no doubt that he likes to stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of everyone. It is nothing better than giving a really unique piece of clothing to a man who is an Aquarius as a gift. 

It is possible to indulge the wild and wacky side of your man by getting him a cool top that has a funky print or a piece of jewelry that is unlike anything else you have ever seen before. It’s guaranteed that every time he wears it, he will think of you all the time.

It is very important that you make this as personal to him as possible. Show him that you understand him in a way that no one else can. You should try to think outside the box so that you can come up with something that will really stand out to him.

3. Music Tech

As a gift, you can also get your guy things that facilitate his love of music, like the latest noise-cancelling headphones, airpods, or other earphones that he can use on the go or at home.

It might be a good idea to get him some new speakers. He would definitely appreciate and enjoy an upgrade to his sound system! To determine if he needs them, do some research on your own. 

He will also appreciate a portable speaker he can take with him on trips. It’s awesome and very popular to have Bluetooth speakers, especially if they’re waterproof so he can take them camping or when he is hanging out with his friends!

4. A New Board Game

An Aquarius man is really analytical and logical. He is an amazing problem solver and this is why one of the most perfect gifts for an Aquarius man for Christmas is a board game. 

Especially if the particular game has a lot of strategies and analytical thinking involved. An Aquarius man loves to think deeper and see the patterns in the world. He also loves to be challenged and have his mind ticking.

So if you want to see your Aquarius man light up and be his most passionate self, then getting him a new board game is just the way to do it. You’ll get to see his mind at work first-hand.

5. Membership To A Museum

Discovery is essential to the happiness of an Aquarius man. These guys just love exploring and understanding new concepts about the world. They also enjoy learning about the past so that they can understand how to create a new future. 

One of the best gifts you can get an Aquarius man for Christmas is a membership to a museum. He’ll have access all year to see all kinds of exhibitions that’ll get his wheels turning. 

This gift will make him feel really seen and understood by you. Hopefully, he’ll drag you along on one of these trips to the museum so the two of you can discover new things together.

Conclusion To Aquarius Man Gifts

The appeal is to let your Aquarius guy feel as though he’s really important to you. Gifts are a sweet way of showing your heart to him.

Keep your man’s desires and passions in mind when you’re trying to find unique gifts for a Aquarius man. Get to know him and what he really loves and you should be able to do quite well.

I hope that this has helped you get a better idea of what types of gifts you can get for your Aquarius man who has won your heart. He deserves the good that he gives and you’re the perfect woman to show him.  

Did your Aquarius man fall head over heels for you for getting a gift he loved? What did you get him and how did you approach it? Tell me all about it!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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