Aquarius Man With Gemini Rising: Who Is He Really?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you fallen for charming Aqua who seems to have multiple personalities?If he's an Aquarius man with Gemini rising, he may have 3 different sides to him

Have you fallen for a charming Aqua who seems to have multiple personalities? If he is an Aquarius man with Gemini rising, he may very well have three different sides to him. Here are some things you may want to know.

Outgoing and Social Type of Guy

Both Aquarius and Gemini are both really social. That means this guy will thrive in getting out there and spending time with lots of other people in settings that allow him to enjoy life.

He probably thrives on having people around him much of the time. His Aquarius side will enjoy the play and banter with others. Gemini rising will enjoy the attention he can gain for himself.

This mix is a little more self-centered. Aquarius is already quite confident and doesn’t need others to validate who he is. Gemini rising, however, changes things a bit and makes him want to be the center of attention.

This man does well at parties or settings where he can let his personality charm everyone around. He’ll want to talk about himself as much as possible and since his sun sign is Aquarius, he’ll likely have lots of adventurous stories to share.

The combination probably works quite well. Where he may run into problems will be when the Gemini becomes a bit flaky and causes the Aquarius side to re-evaluate what he’s doing.

This can cause some confusion for sure. Aquarius likes spending independent time but Gemini wants even more. This guy will be hard to nail down in a relationship for sure.

They both are already slow movers. Gemini wants to make sure he’s choosing a woman who will actually give him personal time and will pursue her own goals in life. Aquarius will also want a woman who is intellectual as well as beautiful.

This makes him very picky and until he feels he’s found “the one”, he’ll continue to play as much as he can.

Romantically Speaking


Aquarius man with Gemini rising will be a force to reckon with. Aquarius can become jealous in certain situations where Gemini rising isn’t at all. Gemini may help Aquarius to be a bit calmer.

Since Aquarius is already adventurous, Gemini will easily be able to bring in the swinger side of this man. That’s right ladies, this is the guy that has no problem having an “open” relationship.

The thing is, he’ll want it on his terms. Aquarius doesn’t always like to share even though Gemini doesn’t mind. He may say it’s alright for you to sleep with other people but only when he’s around.

Either way, he’s kinky and open-minded when it comes to intimacy. Relationship wise, it’s a bit trickier to get him to commit. He’s another one that you’ll need to be careful to define what you want up front.

If you do not, we’ll assume that you’re perfectly fine with having a situation where you’re friends who occasionally get freaky together. If you don’t mind that, then go ahead and go for it.

In the case you do mind, however, you’ll get your heart broken by thinking he’s going to commit to you because he’s having sex with you and treating you sweetly. Don’t ever assume with the Aquarius man with Gemini rising.

Flaky Behavior

Because Aquarius has Gemini rising, he could sometimes come across as being flaky. Aquarius likes to be on time and do what he says he’s going to. Gemini rising will cause him to slip and not be quite as timely or reliable.

Gemini will make Aquarius feel as though what he wants to do far outweighs anyone else’s desires or needs. This is where he can get himself into trouble if he cannot keep his act straight.

Aquarius man will need to remember who he is at the core and know that being flaky isn’t acceptable behavior nor is it right. If he can stop himself before he does something dumb, he’ll get back on the path.

If you happen to experience this flaky behavior, tell him that he’s being this way. He may not even be aware. Once you do, his Aquarius side will kick in and realize that you’re right.

He will likely improve his behavior if he really cares for you. He may only reserve his true intentions with someone he’s committed to or getting connected with. Otherwise, the Gemini rising may have him feeling little to no regret.

Restless and Wants Variety

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This guy is the lonesome cowboy but only by his choosing. He wants a hot variety to choose from which is why he’s not quick to settle down. He will though if he finds a partner who is willing to share him with others.

Otherwise, he’s a bit greedy and wants to experience as much as women will give to him. It all depends on how much he can get away with. Settling down isn’t a priority for him until later in life.

He will take as long as he feels is necessary to get to know the woman who possibly has his attention. The right woman may make him less restless if she’s adventurous enough.

If it’s variety he seeks, the right woman could offer him a variety with her alone. That means giving various toys, positions, and fantasies a whirl. Excitement is what this man craves.

When he gets the excitement he seeks, he’ll forever be in the right woman’s hands. As long as you know what you’re getting yourself into and feel you can handle the Aquarius man with Gemini rising, then you’ll be just fine.

Otherwise, it may be really smart to take your time getting to know him. Don’t hop in the sack with him right away. Give it some time and up your standards. Make him work for it.

If you’re interesting enough to him, he’ll have no problem working for it and earning your respect as well as love.


Are you in a relationship with an Aquarius man with Gemini rising? What’s he like?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

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