Aquarius Man As A Father: What Will He Be Like?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re are curious about his skills as a father for your potential future children, read on to find out what an Aquarius man as a father will be like.

If you’re considering marrying an Aquarius man and are curious about his skills as a father for your potential future children, this may be a lucrative article for you to absorb. Read on to find out what an Aquarius man as a father will be like.

Aquarius Man as a Father Is Well Rounded

The Aquarius father is typically very sensible. He will be a doting father who will adore his children very much. He’ll be happy to be with them and teach them valuable lessons for life.

He’s a very candid person so he will hold nothing back when he wants to tell his child something of importance. He’ll also be honest about himself and his own life so they understand better who he is.

This helps respect form between child and father. Trust will be there and this will help the children understand that they can turn to dad if they need to talk about something crucial in their lives.

This may apply more to the boys than it will the girls. Girls tend to gravitate toward their mother figure. However, this could go either way depending on how active you are also in their lives.

Aquarius men may be hard to tie down into a lifelong commitment but once he does and decides to have children, he’ll be “all in”. Children are important to him and he’ll not likely slack as a parent.

He Is Teaching Independence and Honor

Aquarius Man As A Father

The Aquarius was born to understand what it’s like to be independent and has learned what it means to have integrity. He will want to pass this onto his children so that they also can mold their own lives to reflect such qualities.

When he spends time with them, he will genuinely enjoy himself. The children will know it and feel it. He’s also a fun guy for the kids to play with or do activities with.

However, he’ll also spend time apart from them to not only get his own personal freedom but to teach them that it’s alright to spend some time without each other as well. He wants them to understand it’s healthy.

They’ll grow to adopt this concept and be less dependent on their future mates when they are adults. This is a very valuable thing for them to know.

As far as the honor, he’ll want them to learn that they should never promise to do something that they cannot or will not actually go through with. Don’t make promises you cannot keep is his motto.

He’ll teach them to be forthright and true to themselves as well as those they form a loyal bond with.

He Might Have Problems with Emotions

Aquarius man may not be the most sensitive parent to turn to when the kids are feeling emotional things. He is logical and not swayed by tears. This can sometimes make him seem hard.

Aquarius men sometimes have a hard time expressing their own emotions and so he may not be able to easily tell his kids how he feels and why exactly he feels that way. This can create a rift if not careful.

The last thing that a child wants is to not be able to open up with their father because he doesn’t understand their feelings nor do they understand his. Communication will have to be worked on.

If one of the children should ever become depressed or have anxiety problems, the Aquarius father will need a bit of work on himself to show more empathy for his offspring.

It’s important for both parents to be engaged when a little one really needs it so that they can grow up knowing that they are not alone. As a mom, you may be able to get through to your guy and explain the logic in it to him.

Aquarius Man Is an Unconventional Father

Aquarius Man As A Father


Aquarius men are good at being very different from the norm. As such, he’ll show his children that it’s totally alright to be different. It’s not only acceptable but it’s fun!

He will teach them to be their own person, have their own style, and to be unique instead of being like everyone else. Aquarius is probably one of the better fathers as far as dealing with issues such as bullying.

His showing his kids how awesome it is to be different will make them feel more secure thus not giving way to any bullies trying to give them a hard time about what they’re wearing or how they look.

The children will learn to stand their ground and probably intellectually deal with any bully type quite well. Their wit and savvy will come through and cause the said bully to decide to walk away.

He Has No Filter and It Might Be a Problem

The thing about Aquarius man is that he often has no filter when he talks. He says what is on his mind and sometimes it’s not appropriate. The children could also learn this behavior.

You will need to step in and teach them that it’s not always wise to blurt things out. There is a time and a place for this. It’s good to say what is on your mind but to do so in a tactful manner.

The last thing you want is for Suzie to tell grandma “wow that is one heck of a mole on your face!” That would be embarrassing for everyone around. It’s equally as shocking when it’s to people out in public.

Start at an early age and show them what tact is and how to use it. Aquarius may have learned some through trial and error but it’s best to catch the kids when they’re young.

They may one-day call dad on his lack of tact. When that happens, that could potentially be a battle between them. However, they may accept daddy is who he is and they let it be.

Naturally, when you’re raising a child with an Aquarius man, it’s a good idea to get to know HIM as much as possible beforehand. That way you know what you’re dealing with and what you can both offer your future offspring.


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