How to Seduce an Aquarius Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You won't just learn how to seduce an Aquarius man psychologically, but also on a sexual and emotional level by reading this article and my book.

Unlike any Sun sign in the Zodiac, Aquarius men do not revolve their world around sex. If you are looking for how to seduce an Aquarius man, here are some tips for you.

Expect the Unexpected

These lovers are very unusual about what turns them on and what they want in a romantic relationship. They love anything that is off the beaten path. Take him on the roof for sex, on an airplane or even in the neighbor’s backyard. The more unconventional, the better.

His sexual enthusiasm thrives on the element of surprise. If you know anything about this constellation, you’ll know that the planet Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is the planet of sudden change. Expect the unexpected and know that his erratic behavior is like lightning.

No one knows much about the origin of lightning, like where or when it will strike. He is mostly in awe of electricity, so if you want to seduce and arouse his interest in you, learn something about the latest electronic gadgets, this is a soft spot in his heart and what feeds his seductive appetite.

Seduce Him with Your Mind

How to Seduce an Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are very cerebral by nature. They are thinkers and are intrigued by the mystery and solving puzzles. It would be wise always to keep an ace up your sleeve.  Know about current events in the news, and read about the latest technology in computers and what’s happening on the internet.

This is the age of Aquarius that has been transiting for us for the past 50 years now, and finally into our cosmic calendar. This is the era when high-tech global communication became available and changed the entire world of technology. This is very exciting for your Aquarian boyfriend.

This is one of the reasons why Aquarian men are not the easiest guys to seduce. Their priority is Global Communication and not so one-on-one love affairs.  If you can think on his level, then you have a great chance in the game of seduction with this Aquarian man. Just when you think he’s not interested in you is when he will surprise you with affection and interest.

These guys are fascinated with digging into your mind to figure out what makes you tick. Forget about figuring him out; you’ll never get to know him completely. Aquarian men think that being intelligent and caring for humanity is a very sexy attribute.

Give Him Freedom

The more freedom you give him, the more he’ll want to be around you. He hates the idea of feeling closed in and checked up on. If you want the fairytale prince, don’t waste your time with this guy. But, if you can put away your dreams of finding your knight in shining armor and are still bent on getting him in your bed, then trust him.

Once you break the ice with him and get on his level of thinking, he will be very sweet, fun and romantic with you. This sun-sign is never looking for a nurturing mother-type, or a high priced call girl, he loves his sex-partner to be ready for any situation that he throws upon her. He is turned on with the adventurous cerebral thinker.

Are You Up for the Mental Challenge?

How to Seduce an Aquarius Man

Aquarius men can be very good-looking and able to attract many women with their good looks, but that’s not what he’s interested in. He wants a lover that can keep up with his level of conversation. He wants to know if you are up for the mental challenge and play the love game on his terms.

He will surprise you with sexual adventures you could never imagine. He’s into kinky sex, so get ready for the fifty shades of the Aquarian man. Sex toys and games are right up his alley.

Do expect the unexpected in the realm of seduction with your Aquarian lover. He may seem aloof at times, but he can’t help that.  It’s in his nature to be out in the ethers. Don’t take it personally, it’s not because of you, it’s just because he is engrossed with many ideas that are buzzing around in his brain.

If you understand what excites an Aquarian man, then you deserve a medal of sexual perseverance and are on the right path to romance with this good-looking and eccentric individual.


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