Aquarius Man Predictions For April 2023

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Aquarius Man Predictions For April 2023

Hello Sweethearts, are you looking for insight into your Aquarius guy’s moods and motivations this April? I’m here to help guide you.

It’s an action-packed April where the sky is the limit, as Aquarius guy has a very positive attitude this month, he is exploding with ideas and simply can’t wait to get implementing and working on these plans.

It’s good to know that he has a very buoyant attitude when it comes to the potential of his love relationships, whether he’s married or in a long-term relationship, he’s more aware of what you and he have. He is more likely to be forgiving and open-minded and the stage is set for a new chapter in your relationship that is more positive and more fulfilling.

Solar Eclipse in Aries – 20th April

This is an enlightening month when he will receive important information. It’s time for seeking out facts, analyzing and understanding the finer points. Encourage him not to make assumptions or paint with a broad brush, he must pay attention to details.

Aquarius man naturally pursues truth and fairness, over and above emotional attachment and allegiance, and this month is a case in point. However, intuition is also important and so you need to remind him not dismiss what his spidey senses are telling him, and then you can both look for evidence to support what he is feeling, even if it leads you guys into a surprising direction.

The information he uncovers, or alternatively the information he’s able to teach or convey to others will have significant long-term effects. His words have power and so encourage him to be wise and chose his words carefully, and also to be a good listener.

Don’t let him browbeat you, he needs to hear your point of view or else he can get a little extreme. He’ll resist feedback but he desperately needs it.

All information should be two way, while he puts his thoughts out there, he needs to gauge the reaction and then take that on board.

Impartiality is important, so don’t feel bad if you fence sit, as you don’t want to follow him down all his rabbit holes.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Aries – 12th April

This is an excellent month to have fun and take off for weekends away. You may enjoy discovering literature together if you and Aquarius guy are that way inclined.

Reconnect with extended family and family friends, and use the better weather to get out in the community and enjoy local pleasure resorts. A month of spontaneous conversations and kindness from strangers. Chance meetings while you guys take routine trips can change your immediate future.

He can succeed as a mediator or in any role that demands him to act as a go-between, as he has the clarity of mind to see and to acknowledge all sides to a story. However he’s a little over opinionated and so if you don’t want his opinion, don’t ask.

He enjoys giving advice, and as a partner he’s very proactive in helping support and encourage you, as his spouse or lover.

However, you have to be a little careful as he can appear callous or unsympathetic, as while he’s ready to listen and eager to understand you, he tends to believe that things can be solved overnight and the more complex, longer term emotional issues you have may frustrate him.

He may gloss over things that don’t suit him, everything must be seen holistically, but that’s not his inclination in April.

Mercury retrograde on the 21st in April

During the mercury retrograde phase, it’s not ideal to host large family events or have family over to stay.

This period is also not a great time for investing in property, moving home or doing renovations because this is likely to be unnecessary complicated and fraught with delays and problems.

During the retrograde phase, his moods and feelings fluctuate and he is more likely to retreat and want privacy, which is why he’s not likely to want visitors in your home or excessive entertaining.

It’s not an ideal time for family decisions because it is more difficult for him to be clear about his intentions and he may inadvertently muddy the waters.

He is more sensitive to the opinions of his parents, and their behavior or perhaps the lack of positive emotional reinforcement from them can upset him, but encourage him to use this period to become more emotionally independent. Validate what he feels and what his instincts tell him, persuade him so not to look for outside approval.

During the retrograde avoid long winded conversations and confrontation within the family arena, because he’s simply not in the right frame of mind to deal with this.

Venus in Gemini Square Saturn – 14th April

This month he’s motivated by sensual pleasure, he tends to seek out people and things that gratify him. In romance, he is more likely to pursue traditional romantic activities as he finds these reassuring.

While this is a good month for dating and you can be very successful in terms of starting a relationship with Aquarius guy, he’s quite cautious in love and more likely to pump the breaks and ignore texts or make excuses if things get intense too quickly.

He prefers his romances to be friendly and fun, but he doesn’t necessarily want to talk about moving in together, or the future and he can be very evasive in this regard.

Theme of the Month – Spontaneity and Ideas: He’s radiating a positive vibe and that’s really great for his relationships, as he has a playful sense of humor and a desire to embrace life wholeheartedly.

They key to his happiness this month is great communication, variety and being able the articulate his thoughts fearlessly. He’s occasionally frivolous and flirtatious abs it’s hard for him to be serious and grounded.

Magic Phrase : “Your ideas and feelings have value and I love it when you speak your

Text Magic : “Let’s enjoy the moment and let the future take care of itself.”

Do: Take spontaneous trips and get out of your usual locale to meet new people and do different activities together.

He’s more restless during this period and he will need physical activity to release his nervous energy and achieve proper relaxation, or else he can be quite highly strung and irritable.

Avoid: Don’t encourage him to throw in his pennies worth when it’s not wanted. Make sure he respects your boundaries.

Don’t feel bad if he keeps you a little at arm’s length. This is an excellent month for wining and dining and enjoying the good things in life, but you certainly want to avoid red flag topics like money, politics, religion and commitment with Aquarius guy.

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Week One – Money

Aquarius guy needs to be cautious when it comes to money, investment and the stock market.

The key message to give him is not to put all his eggs in one basket, be diversified and ready for anything. As a couple pay attention to the news and watch for big moves on the market.
This is a great time to travel and explore new places together, however even if you can’t physically travel, you guys should explore intellectually through literature or opening your mind to new information or even learning a new skill together.

He loves to learn this week and the best way for him to do that is through variety of experience and so road trips and days out together are important, even if you can’t go very far.

Week Two – Your marriage, your motivation

Co-operation and teamwork are essential in marriage, you must honestly pursue ways to agree and come together, as conflict of any kind is detrimental at an emotional level for him

April is an excellent time to contemplate novel ways of evaluating what is important in your marriage, and if you have felt that things were not really clicking in certain areas, you are now able to improve communication and cooperation.

The key in love is having no fear and allowing yourselves to be total honest, which is the only way to clear the way for progress.

There’s a slight tendency to passively accept the status quo, but that’s a lost opportunity to really take your marriage into a fertile new territory.

They say that if you don’t know where you are going any road will get you nowhere, so it’s time to get the direction back into your marriage.

Week Three – Dating

With Uranus Conjunct Mercury in Taurus this is a great time for him expanding his hobbies and reintroducing the fun factor in life, especially as an avenue to romance.

New love relationships must have sparkle, if a new relationship feels very heavy and controlling, he’ll walk away.

It’s important to experiment in terms of your romantic life, don’t be too quick to commit or obsess about one particular route forward.

It’s important to have some detachment in romance, have fun, be fancy free but don’t allow yourself to be backed into a corner as he’s occasionally very bossy and domineering.

Week Four – Getting noticed

He has an outstanding ability to influence people this week and he can do that through social media, teaching and writing. So, when he’s on board with these activities, he’s not wasting time.

Within his work his communication with other people is more significant and he’s effective at selling products or ideas as he tends to stimulate other people’s imagination. This month is an ideal time for him to initiate intellectual projects is taking a class or doing research.

If he has recently been wronged, this is a week when he’s hell bent on setting the record straight and proving his point.

This is also the week for olive branches and reconciliation with people that he, or you as a couple have had differences with. Bury the hatchet.

The last week of April is a great time for him to organize people or launch a business. This is an excellent time to streamline activities and become more efficient. Compliment him on his people skills as he’s really adept at interviewing or interrogating other people, or initiating new team or educational projects.

So, how does that all sound my Darlings. Remember, I’m always here to guide and support you.

April is an excellent month for truth and clarity. It’s a month when he can’t run away from himself and may require some quiet time for contemplating his next move.

It’s important to tell him to trust himself and have confidence in his ideas.

It’s an excellent month for love and romance, but it’s important to avoid conflict and intensity. Success in love is all about friendship and seeing the bigger picture.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Aquarius Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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