Mind Hack That Makes Aquarius Text You First

If an Aquarius man has caught your eye, you may find yourself texting frantically, trying to get his attention throughout the day. While this is absolutely understandable- the energy of new love is enticing- it can also spell trouble in your relationship with an Aquarius man in the long run.

Aquarius men are enthusiastic and play off your own zeal and excitement. But you want to be careful to let him take charge. Though he may not show it at first, your Aquarius man wants to take the lead. His sign is one of a natural born leader.

If he feels overwhelmed because you’re always initiating conversation, he may start to step back and eventually shut down. You want to avoid this at all costs.

But how do you make sure your Aquarius man is taking initiative?

There are a few ways to set the stage for your Aquarius man to be the first to text you or to follow up after you’ve seen him in person.

One method you can use occasionally is to ask him a question that seems important to you when you see him in person. It could be a detail about a book or movie he recommends or his favorite method for solving a specific problem you’re having.

The idea is to ask him a specific question that he is unlikely to be able to answer on the spot, but which he can answer if he looks the information up at home or going through his files. This requires him to follow up with a text at another time which will usually encourage him to start a whole new conversation, as Aquariuss can be chatty.

But there’s also an even more effective way to make sure your Aquarius man texts you first.

Use this psychological hack when you need to send the message that he needs to step up to the plate - without actually saying those words.

The best way to make an Aquarius man text you first is to not completely finish an ongoing conversation right away.

For instance, let’s say he sends you a text. You respond, then add a question or something that warrants a response. He responds to you. You respond. He responds.

Then, assuming his text doesn’t require an immediate answer to a question, you step away from the conversation.

Leave the text thread dangling.

If he doesn’t text you first later that day or the next day, let it go at first. Within a day or less, he will likely reach out to you with a new line of communication.

This is a powerful tactic, but I should warn you, use it sparingly.

If you do this too frequently or too many times in a row, your Aquarius man will misunderstand you and think you’re not interested in him. This can bring unnecessary drama, so don’t overdo it.

Just use this technique from time to time to trigger his chasing instinct and remind him that he needs to take the lead and initiate conversation more often than not.

Do you have the patience and endurance to hack an Aquarius man’s psychology and get him to chase you?

I bet you do, it may just take some adjustments from what you expect him to do.

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You now understand the best psychological hacks to help you tap into your Aquarius man’s subconscious and get him to be the one to text you. Make a promise to yourself that you refuse to chase him.

In most circumstances, these tricks work like a charm. He'll respond back and he will again seem more interested in the conversation. 

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