The Secret Way To Awaken Aquarius man’s Eternal Love

These profound insights will enable you to easily seize constant and    never-failing power over Aquarius’s love for you!

Interested in a happily ever after with your Aquarius guy?

I don’t want to discourage you by saying “good luck” even though you might need it.

I’ll explain why that is so.

There are only 2 kinds of women in the world that an Aquarius stays with.

One is naturally endowed by amazing powers of intuition and she’s Aquarian-friendly so to speak… so they are a perfect fit.

But even then, if that woman slips and makes an Aquarius mistake, it’s often the end for the two of them.

The other kind of woman who can make it work with Aquarians is someone who knows them better than they know themselves.

The truth is that both kinds of women are really rare and it happens once in a blue moon that Aquarians find their happily ever after.

It’s really difficult for Aquarian men to find their soul mates because they are so unique.

Them refusing to settle for anything less than a soul mate doesn’t make it any easier either.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a very special person, he might be interested in you too…

Starting a relationship with an Aquarian is not that difficult because they’re naturally curious and adventurous, but keeping the motion of the ocean going… that’s what takes some true mastery.

When you are new to each other, everything works on its own…

Things may be off to a good start and everything might look promising now, but be warned…

Aquarian men are quick to change their minds and lose interest.

The real challenge for your relationship starts the very second the last bit of novelty wears off.

I’ve seen it happen a thousand times before.

Women get bewildered by their wits and they could just drown in the dreamy eyes of an Aquarius… fantasizing about the wonderful depths behind those eyes and all the beautiful sights that they can show you…

And they will show you…

And right when you get touched so deep that you start feeling like this is finally it… right when you’ve found your heaven in the starlight of his inner world… and when you never want to leave his loving embrace…

He just disconnects.

It feels like he slammed the door in your face. You’re left alone outside still unable to realize why and what just happened.

When you eventually do realize… it hurts.

You were sure that the place was built for you… but you’re no longer welcome there…

And you have nowhere else to turn to… all the ways are shut and you’re alone in the dark.

That’s how it felt and what happened to countless women I’ve seen dating Aquarians.

The truth is that….

… Aquarian men fall in love quickly and fall out of it even faster.

Actually, falling in love is not the best way to describe what happens to Aquarian’s minds.

Yeah, I’ve said minds instead of hearts, and you’ll find out why in only a few minutes.

The beginning of a relationship with Aquarius is a blast, but you know how they are - complex and willful.

The sharp blade of their criticism can cut through anything and they quickly grow out of awe for a woman…

Unless that woman knows these sneaky secrets that I’m about to share with you below.

If a girl gains this hidden knowledge of how to constantly amaze and hook an Aquarius guy… he’ll become addicted to her presence and the almost-impossible will happen.

The ever-elusive Aquarian man will think of her as The One.

Yes, Aquarian men have this vague unconscious preconception of The One… The woman that they’re waiting for…

That’s why getting them to commit to a long-term relationship is almost impossible.

It’s one thing to hook up with them… but staying with them long enough is what really takes mastery.

Even when they do commit and everything works perfectly for months… or even years… they often just get up one morning and leave.

Sometimes it happens with no explanation because they can’t even explain it themselves.

Unless a woman fits their unique projection of a perfect counterpart… relationships with them may come to a premature end.

You shouldn’t blame them or yourselves for such outcomes.

I know it sounds dreadful, but it’s not their fault. That’s just how they are… They are simply following their sign’s instincts.

On the other hand, it’s certainly not your fault because only a handful of women in the world ever gain a true understanding of the Aquarian mind’s inner workings.

Well for some of you that’s about to change.

What I will tell you here will revolutionize the way you see your Aquarian partner…

And if you only apply what I have to teach you…

You’ll fundamentally change the way he perceives you too.

The secret is in seizing control over his internal monologue.

You do that by changing his narrative and getting his inner voice to say that that you’re the One.

Once they start perceiving you in that light, the rest plays out on its own and a diamond ring is just behind the corner.

… But first things first.

What I have to teach you here is not mind tricks (although they work just as effectively).

You won’t in any way meddle with his free will and the ability to make choices for himself, but…

He might act as if he had a sip of a love potion… or sometimes as if he drank the bottle bottoms up.

The trick is in understanding his unconscious under-tone narrative and the principles by which his subconscious mind is governed.

Once you get a deep understanding of the clockwork mechanism of his brilliant mind, you’ll just need to play your part the way I’ll teach you here…

You’ll have to constantly renew his interest in you because, for a larger part, their emotions depend on what amuses them.

But don’t worry, once you understand what truly floats their boat, you’ll see that it’s much easier than it sounds.

Once you understand his Sign you’ll automatically act in such a way that will make him infatuated with you more and more… with every single day that passes.

You won’t even have to try hard.

I’ll be as if your relationship stumbled upon the fountain of youth.

While I can’t really make you or him younger on the outside, I can promise you that your love will rejuvenate you from the inside and grow stronger with every second that passes.

The first thing that you have to understand is what being an Aquarian means. 

What being an Aquarius means?!

Aquarian man is marked by a certain ineffable duality in the depth of his being. .

It often appears to other people that he’s a bit split… like there are two people inside of him,

They often might appear as an ancient Greek and Roman ideal of puer et senex – a wise old soul in a young and healthy body. 

His intelligence is unparalleled, and yet he’s still so much like a little kid. His emotional intelligence still has miles to go.

And that’s where you step in.

It’s your job to help him interpret himself because so much of what happens inside of him is still a mystery to him.

He’s often disconnected from his feelings and there are only a few ways in which he can get in touch with his heart again.

But that’s just one aspect of it. There’s so much more that you need to learn if you want to make him fall for you.

You’ll have to know how to perceive both sides of the coin and understand the dark side of the moon so to speak.

For example, some women struggle with the fact that Aquarius men can say one thing and mean the other. Most women ascribe that trait to hypocrisy.

That’s one way to completely miss the mark and ruin your odds of ever understanding who he is.

Actually, it’s a sure way to completely blow it with him.

The truth is he’s not a hypocrite. He’s complex and layered… and unless you have the patience for understanding the subtleties of his psyche, don’t bother reading further.

The hardest part of long-term bonding with him is understanding his Spiritus Movens

In other words, if you want to have him commit to a long term relationship with you, you will have to gain a special understanding of what moves him.

If you’re still reading this, that means you’ve decided to do engage in a deep understanding of an Aquarius man and all the ways you can make him tick.

I’ve taken as much legwork as I could for you.

All you have to do is read and apply...

But you’ll have to read carefully and really focus on understanding everything that I have to reveal to you here.

Once you do that… he’s all yours… and you’ll be all his.

What I have to teach you exceeds the limits of a mere letter, but fret not.

My unique knowledge is condensed in a book that will teach you all about his mysterious sign.

This book is the only one of its kind in the world as there has never been a book that so thoroughly analyzed Aquarians… ever…

And the best part is…

You can read it in a day or two.  

I give you:

Forever love with Aquarius man: Secret Ways to Keep an Aquarian Interested & Excited – for a lifetime.

DISCLAIMER: “Forever Love With An Aquarius Man” is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

This one of its kind Aquarius guide blends the secrets of 4,000-year-old science of relationship astrology with the finest psychological insights I’d gained over the years.

I’ve consulted thousands of women like you and I’ve helped hundreds of them live their happily ever after with Aquarius guys.

The best thing is, many of these women were not even in the prime of their youth...  some of them weren’t photo models either… but it still worked flawlessly!

If they could do it why couldn’t you?

Here’s just a speck of what you’ll learn inside:

  • The 2 most important steps you need to take in order to have a thriving relationship with an Aquarius man,
  • 5 little known secrets of getting him to settle down and commit to a long-term relationship with you,
  • The 3 most dangerous bumps on the road that you’ll face with an Aquarian and how to easily and quickly neutralize those threats,
  • Key ingredients you can use to mix up that love potion that will make him see you and only you as the perfect woman that should stay by his side,
  • The safest way to build your relationship on firm ground and avoid the traps and the deadly Aquarius pitfalls that ruin relationships for naïve women…
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  • Sneaky ways to make him think that you’re the only one who can fully understand him and satisfy his deep yearnings. This will really increase the levels of your intimacy…
  • Keys to opening the doors to hidden desires, passion and inner motivation of every Aquarian man out there,
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  • What makes Aquarius different from all the other men you knew and how you can use this knowledge to gain an important advantage over other women who might interest him,
  • 2 things that women usually do with Aquarius men. One makes them put up walls and the other melts their hearts… I’ll teach you which is which,  
  • Exactly how to make him think that you know him better than he knows himself and far better than any other woman ever knew him
  • The key things you can do to increase your compatibility with him and not go against the grain (this will equip you with a special understanding of his deep motivations),
  • What attracts him and what repels him. What makes him fall in love with you all over again and what makes him shut down and start to look elsewhere,
  • 3 steps you need to take to reel him in and constantly rejuvenate your relationship so as to feel like you two are falling in love all over again… this will make both of your lives sweet in more ways than one,
  • #1 wrong assumption you have about him that will cause your relationship to fall apart if you don’t fix it ASAP,
  • Have you seen him talking to other women? Fret not. I’ll teach you exactly what to do and what not to do if he is talking to other women,
  • 3 unique ways he experiences love,
  • Mysterious ways his Sun sign influences the inner workings of his mind, his desires, and his motivations… learn what attracts him and what repels him so that you can stay safe in his embrace forever,
  • 5 ways you can add juicy and eclectic new energy to your routines to make sure your relationship is monogamous but not monotonous,
  • The one thing that he finds irresistible in women that makes him view women in a completely new and different light – easily transform the way he sees you by changing this one simple thing in your behavior,
  • What to experiment with and how to keep him invigorated so that he can’t wait to bathe in your refreshing aura,
  • A sure - foolproof way to win back his attention and spark his interest in you even if you lost it years ago,
  • His #1 addiction and craving that you can easily satisfy just by knowing these sneaky secrets,

  • What ultimately jacks up his sense of intimacy and romance and how to leverage it to bond with him anytime you want,
  • The #1 biggest Aquarian arousal factor and an absolute MUST in long-term relationships with a Aquarius man
  • How to stimulate his central erogenous zone to awaken his sense of excitement for life and remind him that with you, there is a whole new world waiting to be explored.
  • 2 things you need to feed, 1 thing that you need to indulge, 1 thing that you have to share, and 1 thing never to rule out… if you want him to consider you the embodiment of everything that he really loves, 
  • 2 secret practices that will do wonders for your love life and that will make him open up to you like he never did before with other women,
  • What he really wants, needs and expects his perfect woman to be and how to be it (this will reel him in even if you don’t have the looks)
  • Exactly what to do to keep his passion blazing if the novelty wears off between you two,
  • How to avoid the most dangerous pitfalls that ruin even the best relationships and a sure way to preserve the solid ground your love is built on,
  • The secrets to speaking directly to the soul and heart of your Aquarius man and keeping his focus solely on you,
  • You’ll learn the secrets to his deepest desires and inner motivations and he’ll know that you—and only you can unlock his deepest yearnings,
  • You’ll learn what nobody told you before - a crucial and the most overlooked factors of a successful relationship with an Aquarian,
  • You’ll discover practical, actionable, and sensual ways to keep him coming back for more again and again and forever and ever, 
  • Powerful, proven strategies that will get him to want longer-lasting commitment no matter where your relationship is now,
  • Find out more about what he’s secretly looking for in his relationship with you,
  • You’ll learn what makes him different from any other man you’ve known before and how to speak his language and instantly trigger his devotion, 
  • What melts his heart and what makes him put up walls, 
  • A secret that will make the difference between whether your relationship stands the test of time or crumbles and burns,
  • 15 traits that make your Aquarius man so unique, (page 4)
  • What does his ruler planet (Uranus) reveal about him and how can you use it to your advantage and get to him in a way that no one else can, (page 4)
  • Aquarius man is like a mystifying, tantalizing puzzle, do you know how to make the pieces fit in such a way that all his roads always lead back to you? (page 4)
  • Ten steps to ignite your relationship so that he fall in love with you over and over again in ever-blossoming intimacy and romance, (page 5)
  • 3 aspects of Aquarius man’s calling and what’s the part that you as a woman must play and help him,
  • How to amp up your attraction energy by taping into your own talents and strengths instead of trying to change for him, 
  • 7 perks that (will) make him think that you’re perfect for him (page 6),
  • The story of how my friend Becca lost and then reclaimed her man’s affection, intimacy and blazing passion. This will reveal you what works with Aquarius and what doesn’t (page 6)…
  • The #1 secret he’s highly sensitive to and the one corresponding thing that you need to reassure him of from time to time if you want to become his one and only (page 7),
  • 4 things you can do to INSTANTLY prove his voice of inner doubt wrong,
  • Even if he loves you, you’ll need to know the one thing that he really CRAVES for. Give him that and you’ll have him eating out of your hand in no time,
  • 5 Ways to Feed His Intense Curiosity and ever-growing excitement for you (page 8-9),
  • 4 most common misinterpretations of Aquarian wacky behavior and how you should interpret it instead and bypass unnecessary fights,
  • 4 most SECRET INGREDIENTS to an Aquarius Man’s Definition of Intimacy and 4 most secret ingredients to the “love potion” you’ll have him drink (page 10),
  • 3 breakthroughs and biggest trust triggers that will break down all barriers to intimacy (page 11),
  • His one true erogenous zone and how to add oxygen to the flame of passion and puss all the right buttons (page 12),
  • 4 surprises he’ll like and 4 specific surprises to ABSOLUTELY avoid if you know what’s good for you (page 15),
  • Which crusades you’ll have to join him in if you don’t want him to slowly disconnect from you over the course of time.
  • 2 paradoxes of his being that he can’t figure out himself, but you can. Explain this to him and he’ll feel that you know him better than any women ever knew him,
  • 5 steps you need to take to crack his emotion code and how you can help him reconnect to his feelings (page 20),
  • 1 thing to NEVER pressure him to do. This is the biggest trap in a relationship with Aquarius,
  • How to develop a magnetism that will always draw him to you and transform your relationship from OK to AMAZING,
  • All this and much more

If you are serious about this relationship, you’ll find this practical guide invaluable.

It’s your little roadmap to paving the way to a diamond ring… and trust me, you’ll thank me your whole life for it because Aquarius… well, let’s just say that they’re a prize.

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The way I see it, there are dreamers and doers and you’ll have to decide for yourself which one are you.

You can either ignore this amazing opportunity to understand your Aquarius better than any woman ever has understood him ever before…

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You don’t have anything to lose… except for the chance for a happily ever after…

Anyway, I believe you have what it takes to reel him in your loving embrace because I don’t think you have read this far by mere coincidence… but ultimately it’s your choice, of course.

So which one are you? A dreamer or a doer?

See you inside,

Your sister and Relationship Astrologer, 

P. S. Even though Aquarius guys are so elusive, they, like all other people, have their weak spots.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about keeping Aquarian men by your side.

There’s has never been a book that broke down a sign’s personality and psychology so accurately so don’t misuse it.

Use these secrets only if you are ready, willing, and able to commit to long-term relationship and eventually marriage with him.

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