What An Aquarius Man Likes In A Woman - It’s Not What You Think

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What An Aquarius Man Likes In A Woman – It’s Not What You Think

Aquarius men are probably the most difficult to pin down or understand when it comes to romance. This intelligent, creative, freedom-loving, rule-breaker is worth pursuing, but if you are looking for a serious relationship, then you may need to forget everything you thought you knew about love. Here is a complete list of what an Aquarius man likes in a woman, so keep reading.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign which makes them difficult to change, and if you do want to reach them, then intellectual communication is the only way to go. Ruled by the planet of change and transformation, an Aquarius man rarely leaves you the same as you were when you met this fascinating creature.

Your Aquarius man is a bundle of contradictions. Although progressive and liberal, he is attached to his opinions and doesn’t like to be challenged. When asked to compromise in any way, the Avant Aquarius man shows his legendary obstinacy and will dig his heels in to defend his ideas and ideals as if they were written in stone.

Unconventional Thinking

Mr. Aquarius is highly unconventional and unpredictable, and he loves anyone who is able to think originally and be themselves.

If you try to tell him what you think he wants to hear he’ll catch you out and leave you in a flash, so be yourself around this man and be brave enough to express those thoughts that you thought were too outlandish to share with anyone else.

He is a big fan of logic and science and new technology but not so crazy about emotions and esoteric subjects like astrology, so keep your wits about you if you enter an intellectual exchange with an Aquarius man.

In thoughts as well as in romance, he is easily bored, and you shouldn’t take this personally or get all upset. Instead ask him how you too can become more detached and free like him, as he will find that a huge turn-on.


What An Aquarius Man Likes In A Woman

Aquarius is a great defender of truth, and you may find it unsettling that this man doesn’t lie or ever try to misrepresent himself. Ask him how he feels about you, and he will give you the most honest answer that he can find. Ask him the next day or a few hours later, and the answer may change, so be careful and only ask what you really want to know.

In a partner, the Aquarian man needs a level of refreshing and surprising honesty to be freely expressed. If you try to manipulate him or make him jealous or pretend that you are not really interested, he will take you at your word and move on.


An Aquarius man is less concerned with romance than he is with building lifelong friendships. He will rarely commit to anyone who hasn’t proven that they can be a trustworthy, honest, and reliable friend. If you decide that he is the one for you, then a slow and patient approach is advised, as he hates being pushed into a commitment, he doesn’t feel ready for.

Mr. Aquarius prizes his freedom, and if he suspects you have a hidden agenda, he may resist your seduction attempts at all costs. If you are someone who needs declarations of intent and commitment early on in a relationship, then the water bearer isn’t for you.

If you are self-assured enough to let your bond with him develop naturally as friendship without imposing rules, he may very well stick around.


What An Aquarius Man Likes In A Woman

Aquarians really appreciate anyone who stands out from the crowd, and he will love a woman who is able to be who she is without caring what other people think. Don’t be tempted to be someone that you are not, as honesty and authenticity are very important to the Aquarius man.

He loves a relationship in which both of you are free to pursue your own interests and friendships. If you start making emotional demands or get jealous and insecure, he will move on quickly. Be yourself, and appreciate that with the Aquarius man, the parts of you that you might normally hide, will be loved and adored.

Creative Intelligence

Innovative, unconventional, and eccentric Aquarians often have to defend their opinions against a narrow-minded opposition, so you need to have a quick and open mind to keep this man at your side. His first contact with most women will be intellectual rather than physical, and it’s very rare he will want to kiss someone he cannot talk to.

The key to seducing an Aquarius man is by stimulating his mind. He gets turned on by new approaches, and he will love your most creative expressions of thought and ideas. He loves exchanging ideas and discovering new information but beware of arguing against his pet theories as then you will get to see him dig in his heels and often if faced with too much opposition, he will simply move on.

What turns him off

What An Aquarius Man Likes In A Woman

Mr. Aquarius cannot stand emotional drama, neediness, and insecurity, and any attempt to deceive or manipulate him will never go down well. Tantrums, demands, and unreasonable challenges will have him running for the door.

Do not push this man for a commitment. He needs his freedom and will resist any attempt to tame him or hold him down. That doesn’t mean he can’t be loyal; he just wants to do that in his own natural way, not because you insist on what he can and cannot do.


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