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7 Ways To Turn A Summer Flirt With An Aquarius Man Into A Strong Relationship

Looking for a way to go from being just a summer flirt with your Aquarius crush to something more? Do you want to take your flirting to the next level and create a solid relationship? Getting this free-spirited sign to settle down is not as hard as you may think! Here are my top tips to make him all yours: 

Most people are under the impression that Aquarius men don’t settle down easily. However, that’s simply not the truth. As a fixed sign, Aquarius men are actually looking for something more solid and secure. 

But on one condition: you can’t cramp their freedom. 

Keeping this one rule in mind will probably be the most important thing you can possibly do to turn your summer flirt with him into a strong relationship! Aquarius men value their space, most of all, and they also value a woman they can talk to and someone who is their best friend

These are some other ways you can make this connection into something that lasts: 

7 Ways To Turn A Summer Flirt With An Aquarius Man Into A Strong Relationship

1. Keep Things Friendly – But Also Flirty

Keeping Things Friendly But Also Flirty With An Aquarius Man 

Aquarius men will always settle down with the woman who makes them feel like they have their best friend at their side. They’re not like many other guys – the physical side of the relationship is important, but not as important as whether or not you get along like buddies

So, if you want to turn this into something more, then be that girl. Be that friend he can “hang out” with. The person he laughs with and has fun with, relaxes with. The person who he feels comfortable around and not pressured by

Of course, you definitely should still flirt with him. You don’t want to risk being friend-zoned after all, right? Dress to kill, be sexy and just be feminine – he will realize that you are more than just a friend to him! 

2. Develop Amazing Communication

As an air sign, Aquarius deeply values communication. It’s up there with freedom and friendship as the most desirable qualities in a relationship. 

Aquarius men need to be able to talk to the person they have committed to, or else they will get bored. They’ll enjoy a fling with that person, and walk away without a look back. 

If you want to go from a flirt into something more, work hard on that part of your bond. Talk, often. Tell him your most amazing ideas wishes, hopes, and ideals for yourself and the world. Talk about the future. Talk about aliens and Astrology, about science and technology. 

Show him how smart you are and make him laugh. He will practically be banging your door down by the time the Summer ends and begging you to be his girl! Well, not quite, but you get the picture! 

3. Experiment Together

Ways To Turn Summer Flirt With An Aquarius Into A Relationship

Aquarius men love anything unique and different. They are born to experiment, and are extremely open minded. They love new adventures and taking a bit of a risk! In fact, this is a sign that can be quite a rebel, which makes having a relationship with him quite exciting. 

So, during your Summer flirtation, make loads of room for experimentation, for trying new things, whether in terms of your dates, or your bedroom adventures! 

The weirder you are, the more he’ll like it – believe it or not. He doesn’t want to date a mainstream kind of girl. You have to stand out and be memorable in some way to him! 

4. Make It Clear You’ll Never Take His Independence Away

Moving from a flirtation to a strong relationship means letting the Aquarius man know that you’ll never ever take his freedom away from him. You’ll never suffocate him, or make him feel like you’re dependent on him. 

Making it clear that you have your own life, your own friends, your own hobbies, interests, and passions will make him want you the much more. Aquarius men love a woman who can stand on her own two feet and won’t freak out when he’s with his mates, travelling, or in need of some alone time. 

The way you can do this is by dropping hints about the things you do in your own life, the plans you have for yourself in the future, and by sometimes saying no to getting together with him because you have your own plans. 

He will love your sense of independence, and this will make him seriously consider committing to you! 

5. Have “The Talk”

From Summer Flirt To A Strong Relationship With An Aquarius Man

If you’re not really getting anywhere with any of the above, and your time is drawing to a close, just have the talk. Women get scared that this seems pushy or demanding, but the truth is, most people respect someone who knows what they want. 

Plus, he may be relieved that he doesn’t have the be the one who is vulnerable first. So, maybe write down what you’d like to say and meet up over a drink about it. 

Let him know that you think he would be an amazing boyfriend. That you’d love to be more of a part of his life. That you won’t cramp his style and that you’ll always give him space. That you’d like this to go somewhere. 

You’ll be surprised at what he comes back with. But, give him a few days to think about it – don’t ask him for an answer just yet. He’ll appreciate that. 

6. Don’t Get Too Emotional About It

As women, we are naturally more emotional creatures. We tend to develop feelings quicker than men in most cases, and attachment comes fast for us. 

This all can make us seem quite a lot more “feely” than the “heady” and analytical Aquarius fella. And, if you come at him with lots of emotions or tears, he will detach and draw away. He just doesn’t know how to handle emotions, you see. 

For him, a long-term relationship needs to make rational sense before he just follows his heart. That’s why following point five above will usually be the winner, more than a teary talk, vague messages, or hint-dropping. 

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7. Allow Things To Develop Naturally, Without Pressure

Most of the time, all us ladies need to do is allow relationships to develop naturally without trying to force anything. When we try and force it before its time, we can stunt the flow of the relationship and make it feel inauthentic. 

It’s a fine line to walk, however because at what stage do we set some boundaries and let our Aquarius crush know just what we are feeling? How do we stop ourselves from being hurt? 

We set a time limit. 

Summer is three months long, most of the time. Make a promise to let those three months flow with no pressure to make it into anything more. Use my tips above to get him to start thinking of having more of you in his life, get him to think of having a strong relationship with you, in other words! 

Then, you can have a chat, or just wait for him to come to you. if he wants you, he will pursue you. Trust in that! 

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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